Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 34 My grandma taught me

The window gap gradually became bigger, allowing the small ghost’s thin body to wiggle back and forth.

Ning Meng listened to the creaking noises and quivered, however, she also felt curious. Covering herself with the quilt, she looked askance, exposing half of her eyes to secretly take a peek.

The little ghost’s body was especially small, not even reaching the length of her arm. It was also quite flat. If it didn’t look three-dimensional, she would’ve treated it as a paper doll.

She asked the system, “What does it want to do? Did it come to eat me?”

The system thought for a moment and responded, “It’s probably only curious and came over to take a look.”

Ning Meng was flummoxed by its response. What was there to be curious about? She wasn’t some weird person, what was there to see?

Amidst their conversation, the little ghost finally managed to squeeze itself into the room.

Ning Meng saw that it appeared to have smiled, looking like an old ugly doll, the gaudy clothes it wore was a bit too striking for the eyes.

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How could she have expected that at the next moment, the little ghost suddenly turned to stare at her.

Hiding at the door site, Ning Meng did not dare move a muscle. Each step the little ghost took towards her made her legs go weak, nearly causing her to slump down the floor.

The little ghost reached out a little arm to push her.

Ning Meng gulped, allowing it to do as it wanted, nearly letting it lift up her night dress. However, in the end, she couldn’t manage to hold herself, and used a finger to poke it.

Perhaps due to being poked, the little ghost suddenly stopped moving, its apple cheeks deflated, making her think it looked uglier.

The system suddenly popped out, “You scared him.”

Ning Meng: “….” I’m the one who wants to cry from fright.

The little ghost was actually a little pervert. Ptooey, if it already wants to take a peek at what was underneath the clothes when it was young, who knows how it would turn out when it got older.

She didn’t expect, however, that the stunned little ghost would suddenly wrinkle its red lips and run away from her, hiding behind the back of the bed and secretly eyeing her.

Ning Meng, who was being watched attentively, felt it a little cute.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, the little ghost finally walked out, climbing the windows once again. It deflated all the air in its body, to squeeze through the window gap, disappearing into the night.

Ning Meng heaved a breath of relief.

Which family’s little ghost came to visit her? If she didn’t have enough courage, she would have been frightened to death by such a trifling thing. Fortunately, the little ghost didn’t scare people.

She pinched her limp legs and shut the window tightly before pulling the curtains, heading to sleep with a tired face and quivering body.

She was definitely going to doze off in class tomorrow.

The little ghost fell down the ground from the window.

But it got back on its feet as if nothing had happened. After blanking out for a while, it patted its bum and slowly departed on its way.

Though the sky was dark, if anyone were walking on the road, they would see a little child who was only half a meter tall walking on the empty road, wearing gaudy clothing.

The moonlight shone on the road, lighting its path.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The window of the cottage opened.

The lamp on the tabletop shone, illuminating the face that appeared on the window sill. It had bright red cheeks, red lips as well as pale skin.

The little ghost struggled to climb up the window sill and dropped down to the ground on its bum. It didn’t react for a long time, sitting in place in a daze.

A pair of hands pulled it up and the little ghost happily rubbed against his palm yet also felt a little dissatisfied at the same time. If only it could take off the glove he was wearing.

Shi Qi allowed it to rub its face on his hands and asked in a low voice, “What did you see?”

Hearing this, the little ghost immediately opened his mouth and moved back and forth. Not a single sound came out of it but the person who was listening, revealed a contemplating look.

The weasel came out of its nest, turning circles around the little ghost.

The little ghost maintained the same expression, narrating the things that the odd person had done to it, the shape of its mouth undergoing a transformation.

Shi Qi’s insipid expression became profound and he sat at the bedside, saying. “Thank you for your hard work. You can go back and take a rest now.”

The little ghost rubbed its hands, reluctantly squeezing through the seams of the door.

Shi Qi tightened his gloves before bending down to stroke the weasel. Its fur had already grown long and only upon taking a closer look can one see traces left behind in the beginning.

As if to remind someone of something that had happened.

“Little Yellow, do you want to see her?” It was unknown what Shi Qi was thinking but he carried the weasel in his arms and kneaded its tail.

The weasel didn’t know what he was talking about and leapt down from its embrace, walking back to its nest and going back to sleep.

Shi Qi took off his gloves and took out a book from the bedside cabinet. After familiarly flipping through a certain page, a slip of paper was revealed.

On it, eight words were written: Seventeen, Study hard and make progress every day.

If any ordinary person were to see this, they would probably laugh their head off. Such a slip of paper carrying such kinds of contents had become a testament.

Naturally, now it wasn’t considered one.

Shi Qi read it out loud, recalling the events that had happened during the day as well as the reaction the little ghost had described, and the corner of his mouth hooked up slightly.

He stood up and took a piece of paper and pen, placing it at the most conspicuous place to bring tomorrow to school.

Concealed secrets would soon be divulged.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

On the second day of school, Ning Meng sported two dark bags under her eyes.

Liang Fengmei assumed that she must’ve stayed up all night playing games and gave her a good nagging, nearly pulling her ear, “School’s already started and you still stayed up all night. What are you going to do if you start dozing off in class? I already warned you but you still didn’t listen…”

Ning Meng smoothly finished her congee and took her school bag, evading her and running outside.

On the road, she met several students heading to school. Some were alone, and some were gathered in threes and twos. There were also snack shops at the entrance selling all kinds of pastries.

By the time she arrived at class, everyone was almost present.

In truth, a majority of the people were very conscientious. They would head to school early for self-revision and early reading, unlike her who had almost overslept in the morning.

Her deskmate Shi Qi had also arrived early, and he appeared to be writing something on a paper.

Ning Meng took a furtive peek at him while she sat down and saw a portrait of a person drawn brightly. It didn’t look out of place, rather, it was breathtaking.

Wowowow. She didn’t think that her great grandson actually had such artistic skills.

However, when she recalled that he had started learning how to draw talismans at a young age and was now learning how to draw pictures, she didn’t think it weird. Moreover, this was another point that appealed to young ladies.

While morning reading still hadn’t started, she took out the poster that she hadn’t finished painting last night and prepared to write big characters on it, making use of every minute she could spare.

Shi Qi suddenly paused his pen and tilted his head, seeing her zealously writing down something, he asked, ”What‘s this for?”

Ning Meng’s attention was pulled and she secretly took a look at the godly craftworks underneath his hand.

Lowering her head to look at hers, she could deeply feel the disparity between their skills, but she still answered in a matter-of-fact tone, “It’s a poster.”

Then, she heard her deskmate say, “….Oh I couldn’t tell.”

Ning Meng, “………”

Was it that hard to recognize? She clearly had great drawing skills.

Shi Qi’s eyes curved as he asked, “Were you unable to sleep well last night?”

Hearing this question, Ning Meng recalled the peasant looking chubby ghost she had seen last night and covered her eyes, “Are my dark circles that obvious?”

She couldn’t let him know that she was frightened by a little ghost. Otherwise, it would affect their deskmate camaraderie and he was a ghost catcher too.

Ning Meng thought for a moment before stiffening her neck and saying, “It’s from drawing the poster.”

The air suddenly turned quiet and only after a long time had passed did Shi Qi reply, “Oh, is that so?”

“That’s right. That’s right.” Ning Meng nodded before changing the topic, “…..Deskmate, you draw so well. Can you help me with my poster?”

If she could ask him for help, the result would definitely look a lot better then her own work. Moreover, if she were to inscript ‘Shi Qi’ on it, the little ladies would definitely buy snacks upon seeing his affiliation.

And soon, their family finances would skyrocket…..

Once she started having this idea, Ning Meng’s unfettered imagination went wild. Her saliva nearly leaked out and all she could hear were the sounds of money being raked in.

It was as though Shi Qi could see countless gold coins brimming in Ning Meng’s eyes.

He responded, “Alright.”

His response sounded like heaven’s bells in Ning Meng’s ears, a smile blooming wide on her face as her eyes turned into crescents, “For real? Thank you so much, Shi Qi!”

Shi Qi was stupefied.

It was the same pitch of voice, and the same name, but why did it feel different coming out of her mouth? Li Xia had told him before that his grandma had always thought that his name was Seventeen and didn’t know it was actually Shi Qi.

He was taciturn for a while, shifting his line of sight away before saying, “En.”

Just as his voice fell, the class bell had rung. The English teacher stepped inside the classroom and the students’ voices soon filled the classroom.

Ning Meng once again asked cunningly, “Can I inscribe your name on it?”

Shi Qi asked, “What are you planning?”

Ning Meng gave a brief explanation on what she wanted to do. Thinking about it, it was a little embarrassing because she was using the good looks of her deskmate to attract customers…

An incomprehensible look flashed across Shi Qi’s eyes. He stared at her, saying, “If you want to use my name to earn money, I want a share of it.”

Ning Meng’s eyes grew slightly wide.

Why did this brat want a share? His family was already rich enough. Even though it was natural for him to have a piece of the pie..he wouldn’t ask for a big piece, would he?

She ruminated this for a moment before replying, “Alright alright, I’ll give you a share. If you don’t mind, let’s make your name a little bigger.”

If she could also stick on his picture, the effects would be even better. It’s a pity that wasn’t allowed.

Ning Meng propped her face and muttered to herself while surrounded by the classroom noise. “Why is the brat so short tempered? Who taught him to be like that?”

The sun outside had already risen, but it wasn’t the least bit scalding at all. Instead, passing through the windows, it felt a little warm.

The gorgeous light rays fell on Shi Qi’s face, making a clear distinction between light and dark and casting a shadow and highlighting his deep features and tall nose bridge.

Even though she used a small voice, the person beside her heard each and every word clearly.

Shi Qi paused for a moment, the corner of his mouth hooking up slightly as handsomeness spread forth from the corner of his eyes and he said unhurriedly. “My grandma taught me.”

His voice was slightly louder than hers.

Ning Meng who was eavesdropping, “……”

It seemed as though she had told him about this before….wasn’t this considered reaping what you had sown?


I’m very obedient.

Especially to your words.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: I definitely won’t admit to saying these words before!

17: You can’t say something and do the opposite!

What’s written on the testament was randomly written hahahah. Ning Meng is determined to set 17 on the right path, there isn’t anything wrong with this kind of content

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