Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 23 I’m fvcked

Lin Yujing watched Shen Juan leave the school gates by himself and slowly walked towards Meng Weiguo’s direction.

Meng Weiguo lowered his head with a frown on his face. He looked impatiently at his watch before taking out his phone and putting it beside his ear.

Lin Yujing knew he was going to call her but her phone was inside her school bag. She had turned it off before the exam and still had yet to turn it on.

Shen Juan crossed the road and just as he reached Meng Weiguo, the man had put down his phone, raising his head with an annoyed look. He cast the boy a casual glance before lowering his head to look at his phone again.

The two people brushed shoulders as Shen Juan walked towards the direction of the street lined with restaurants.


Lin Yujing let out a sigh of relief and turned back to walk towards the dorm.

Meng Weiguo’s arrival was completely unexpected and she didn’t need to think to know the reason why he returned. After discovering that Lin Yujing disobeyed his words and secretly moved out to live on campus, he couldn’t hold back his anger and came to find her in an attempt to solidify his power as her father.

Whatever happens will happen, but Lin Yujing didn’t want to get into a fight with him at the school gates in front of everyone and furthermore, she didn’t want Shen Juan to know that he was her father.

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“Today’s my monthly exam. Teachers asked us to turn them off during the exam.” Lin Yujing said.


Meng Weiguo probably hadn’t left, the static noises on his side audible. He lowered his voice, sounding quite calm.

Mr. Meng had always been like this, proficient at maintaining his mature and gentlemanly image in public.

Said gentleman was quiet for a few seconds before asking, “How was your exam?”

“It should probably be fine. The questions weren’t hard.” Lin Yujing casually responded.

The sound of a door slamming came from Meng Weiguo’s sound before the static noise cut off, probably due to having gotten in a car. “I’m at the school entrance. Come out. No, wait. Lin Yujing, you sure have grown. Did I ever consent to you living on campus? Do you think of your dad’s words as air?”

Lin Yujing twisted her head and looked out the window. There was a bit of distance between the school dorm and the gates which were covered by greenery, the library and the arts and sports building, helping block off the bustling noise. “No. School is too far away from home and my classmates are living on campus.”

“Come out.” Meng Weiguo’s desire to establish his position face to face was very firm.

“I’m helping our homeroom teacher handle the test papers.” Lin Yujing looked at the leaves of a tree outside the window and randomly pulled out an excuse, “We just finished our morning exams and he wants me to help organize it.”

“Fine.” Meng Weiguo tapped on the steering wheel. “I’ll ask Old Li to come fetch you tonight. You are coming back home, and explaining to me how you were able to live on campus. What in the world were you thinking? Did you really not understand what I told you? When your brother was in senior high, he also attended this school but he didn’t live on campus and his studies weren’t affected. Why are you being so problematic? And what’s with this school? Just because you got someone to sign, they actually dared allow you to live on campus? Your class teacher–”

“Brother agreed.” Lin Yujing’s head started to palpitate, and throb in pain. She massaged her temple with her fingers and interrupted Meng Weiguo, “Brother agreed to let me live on campus and signed the slip for me.”

Meng Weiguo didn’t ask. “What brother?”

Lin Yujing thought Meng Weiguo couldn’t get any stupider. He couldn’t even keep up a good façade.


One moment he was mentioning about her brother as if she and Fu Mingixu were a pair of biological siblings who had lost touch for several years but now, he sounded speechless.

Lin Yujing chuckled while asking, “How many more brothers do I have?”

As if sensing how ridiculous he sounded, Meng Weiguo coughed and cleared his throat. “In any case, you’re coming home today. Let me tell you, Lin Yujing. Don’t try to play any games of revolt. Even if your surname isn’t Meng, you’re still my daughter and I am your father. You are to listen to me.”

Meng Weiguo then hung up.

Lin Yujing held her phone in hand and looked expressionlessly outside the window. She stood there for half a minute and somewhat felt waves of fatigue washing over her.

She let out a long sigh and placed her phone on the tabletop, rubbing her eyes as she laid on top of it, letting her forehead hit the tabletop and making a dull sound.

After a blissful month, she was so beside herself she had forgotten about his existence.

Shen Juan walked into a restaurant, ordered stir-fried flat rice noodles and finally came back to his senses.

This was the only street near Eighth High that was lined with restaurants and the small area was brimming with Eighth High students in the afternoon. Shen Juan would occasionally come here with He Songnan to eat and he would see Lin Yujing eating all by herself.

Later on, she got to know Yu Ruyi and Shen Juan assumed that she finally had someone to eat lunch with. In the end, when he came across her in the afternoon once again, she was still eating by herself.

Shen Juan wasn’t one to stick his nose into other people’s matters. Practically 90% of matters could be summed up in 4 words for him – none of my business.


Moreover, he actually didn’t think it was a big deal. He also liked being alone and eating alone. He Songnan and the others were so noisy it was really annoying.

But girls didn’t seem to be like this. They liked forming cliques and doing everything together, even taking a trip to the bathroom together which Shen Juan always found odd.

That day, they were sitting upstairs while Lin Yujing was downstairs so she didn’t see them. Shen Juan leaned on the railings of the second floor, watching for a while. He found her sitting quietly on the corner eating stir-fried flat rice noodles, occasionally checking her phone quietly.

Three girls sat at the table beside her, chatting while eating and at times, laughing as a group, appearing like they got along really well.

Shen Juan watched them and suddenly felt a slight irritation.

Other girls had always had lunch together with their friends.

Why did his desk mate eat alone?

As his, Shen Juan’s, desk mate, why was she eating all by herself quietly in a corner, like a kitty that had been abandoned?

Shen Juan pulled out the remaining sympathy he had from the corner of his heart and decided to accompany his desk mate for lunch.

To tell the truth, he did think that what he was doing was odd. He could see Lin Yujing’s unwillingness to go ahead with their original plan, probably because she was suddenly reminded of something or had seen something. In any case, at that time, she really didn’t want to be seen standing together with him and was urgently trying to separate from him as soon as possible.

If it were the usual, Shen Juan probably would’ve left without even asking any questions.

However, Lin Yujing didn’t even look the least bit sorry, instead, the sudden appearance of ‘get lost’ written on her face made Shen Juan sink into a bad mood.


The more she tried to hide something, the more he grew unhappier. Rather, he wanted to see what she was going to do.

Are you out of your mind, Shen Juan?

If the girl doesn’t want to tell you about it, keeping it to herself, it’s normal. It’s just how it’s supposed to go. Why are you so down in the dumps?

Shen Juan, have you finally lost your mind?

He looked at the plate of stir-fried flat rice noodles in front of him and suddenly recalled the moment the young girl pulled him down by the neck, looking at him with her dark fox-like eyes. The distance between them was so close he could feel her faint breath and that slight hint of floral mixed milk scent.

Her actions were rash and hurried yet her words were soft and sounded coquettish.

The string in Shen Juan’s body turned taut in an instant, the picture lingering in his head fixed on the girl’s quivering lashes and her very close red lips.

“Fvck,” Shen Juan gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, “I’m fvcked..”

After the call, Lin Yujing didn’t even have the slightest appetite, and simply decided not to eat. She set an alarm and decided to take an afternoon nap.

She got to the exam venue 20 minutes earlier and found that Shen Juan had already arrived. Lin Yujing had finally managed to get her emotions in order after a nap and felt a bit apologetic towards the boy.

Her reaction earlier was certainly a bit overboard.

Lin Yujing sighed and took her seat. She secretly cast Shen Juan a glance and took a pencil out of her bag before shooting him another glance.

The big boss looked very calm and nothing was out of place. Probably sensing her secretive glances, he turned his head to look at her.

Lin Yujing exchanged eye contact with him for a few seconds before licking her lips and breaking the air, “That…”

She had slept for the entire afternoon so her voice had turned husky from not speaking, taking herself by surprise. She cleared her throat before continuing, “Please trust me when I say I’m not going back on my word. I’ll treat you on another day.”

Shen Juan didn’t respond, suddenly bringing up a question as he stared at her, “What did you have for lunch?”

Lin Yujing blinked. “Hm?”

Shen Juan narrowed his eyes, “You still haven’t eaten?”

“Ah…I forgot,” Lin Yujing sincerely replied, “I was too engrossed in revising.”

Shen Juan clicked his tongue and turned his head, no longer speaking.

He didn’t have any expression on his face like usual but the air around seemed colder and gloomier than usual. His lips were pressed in a straight line and he looked very displeased.

But he didn’t say anything.

Lin Yujing turned her head back around and pulled out her chemistry book from her bag to casually flip through.

In a classroom where Shen Juan was present, the students were quite disciplined. Not a sound rang out in the classroom which perhaps could be attributed to everyone using up the last few minutes to make cheat sheets.

After being quiet for about 3 minutes, Shen Juan suddenly stood up.

The metal legs of the chair scraped against the floor tiles of the classroom, letting out an ear-piercing and long creak in the quiet exam room. Everybody turned to look at him.

Lin Yujing included.

Shen Juan didn’t even spare her a glance, standing up and walking out of the back doors.

Once he disappeared, the people in the room burst into discussions. There were several people from Class 10 in the room so everybody expressed their confusion mixed with fear and excitement.

The big boss’s face turned cold and he went off with an overbearing aura as though he was going to get involved in a fight.

“He might have received a message saying that someone bullied one of his people.” The guy in the leather jacket in front took out his phone and typed, “At the entrance of the barbecue shop on Heng Ping road, there were 8 people—or something like that. As soon as the big brother received the news, he immediately dashed out. What a brother!”


He even said it so excitedly, “At that very moment, just when Wang Second Dog was about to be beaten, dark clouds covered the sky and the sounds of thunder rolled, big boss appeared in a flash right beside Wang Dog…”

Lin Yujing: “….”

This brother narrated the sequence of events for about 5 minutes, not stopping for breath, garnering Lin Yujing’s admiration. Cheng Yi and Li Lin probably weren’t as glib as him.

He had a lot of friends, a group of guys gathering around him and discussing. There was even someone who interjected him in the middle, asking “Are you going to copy for physics or not”, “Copy what, just pick a random choice for multiple choice questions and leave the rest to fate”, the silence in the exam venue finally disappearing.

Then the next instant, he turned around and the smile on his friend’s face froze.

The exam venue once again turned silent.

Leather jacket’s back was against the door as he continued to ramble, “Big boss brings out his ultimate moves, beating the opponents to a pulp. Second Dog Wang cries to the boss, ‘It’s no wonder you’re the ultimate king, passerby Wang—Shen—”

His friend gave him a look of despair.

Leather jacket realized that something wasn’t right and stopped talking, turning his head back. He saw that the big boss he was talking about, had arrived through the rear doors.

Leather Jacket: “……”

Leather Jacket’s face turned white, watching the big boss hold a plastic bag and enter the room expressionlessly. He walked ahead and didn’t even spare him a glance, reaching the table at the end near the wall, putting down the bag on it.

The bigshot opened up the plastic bag and took out a carton of milk from the inside.

And then took out a packet of bread.

Two bars of chocolate.

A walnut-flavored jelly.

And even a bag of spicy peanuts.

Lin Yujing lowered her head and watched as Shen Juan took out the exact same thing he had just eaten like magic, placing it on her desk.

In the end, he took out a bottle of mineral spring water, twisted its cap and placed it on the corner of her desk. He then crumpled the empty plastic into a ball and stuffed it into his pocket before resting a hand on her desk and bending down.

“Lin Yujing,” Shen Juan bent down and lowered his eyes, looking intently at her. His voice was very husky, as though he was holding back his anger, “From now on, if there’s things you don’t want to tell me, just say so. This daddy won’t ask. Stop always trying to concoct some lie that even idiots can figure out to convince me otherwise.”

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