CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 51-52

Chapter 51. Small assistant

Bao Er sat still on the chair. She became less tense after receiving a warm welcome by Liang Qing Qing.

“Listen, you don’t need to be so tense at my place. As long as you finish the task I assign to you in the given time, then you can spend your time however you like.” Liang Qing Qing said while sitting opposite Bao Er.

“Okay, Qing Qing Jie.” Bao Er nodded.

“Wu, you look blank and clueless. So cute.” Liang Qing Qing’s eyes were shining brightly. The way she looked at Bao Er seemed to be quite… interested. It was just that she spoke too quietly so she couldn’t hear her well.


Bao Er leaned backwards subconsciously, because she thought that her eyes looked… too passionate, as if she was a diamond that attracted her.

She was being so friendly, could it be that she liked her body? Because she was a lesbian?

Bao Er was shocked by her own thoughts. Reading novels had enriched her mind to a certain extent.

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Also, she had a better general understanding about her own job. Hence, she was now a small assistant.


One day passed by quickly. When she got off work, Mo Xiaoyi was already waiting for her.

“How is it? Did your superior push you around?” After Bao Er came out, Mo Xiaoyi couldn’t wait to ask.

Bao Er shook her head with a face full of confusion. “No, she’s very warm, like a very nice person.” But she was over-passionate.

Mo Xiaoyi nodded in relief after she heard that, “Then that’s great!”

“What about you?”

Mo Xiaoyi gave her a shady smile, “Do you think anyone dares to bully me?”

Hmph, she was Mo Xiaoyi. It was always her bullying people, not the other way around. That person would know what she was made of!

Bao Er thought that the fierce Mo Xiaoyi was right. Moreover, Mo Xiaoyi looked quite spirited right now, so she felt less worried.

After they left the company, they headed in different directions. Mo Xiaoyi had a house nearby, while Bao Er told her that her cousin was living nearby so she would go and stay there. Mo Xiaoyi didn’t think too much about it.

Bao Er couldn’t decipher if her heart felt burdened or something else. Mo Xiaoyi treated her like a sister, but she was acting this way, thinking of ways to trick her. Who knew how Mo Xiaoyi would see her one day when she found out about her secret!

Chapter 52. One month apart feels like three autumns had passed

When she went back home, it was still early. No one stayed in the house for a month but it was still cleaned periodically and devoid of dust. This was naturally the credit of the cleaner auntie that Tan Jingmo hired.


For this entire month, Bao Er had been staying at her school and didn’t dare to go back to her “golden nest”. It was because she was afraid of raising Mo Xiaoyi’s suspicions. The innocent Bao Er had always been busy with part-time jobs and had no time to focus on anything else other than making money. It was also because of her brilliant way of life that made Bao Er receive a lot of restrictions. While the biggest victim to this restriction was Tan Jingmo.

Only minutes after Bao Er came back, a sound of door opening came from outside.

Tan Jingmo was in a formal suit, looking lean and handsome with tiny sweats on his face. At closer look, there seemed to be some panting sounds but if listened closely, those panting sounds disappeared again. His eyes were fixed at Bao Er. They were no longer that plain black eyes, they were illuminated with a strange flash that made them look like pearls in the deep ocean. They looked beautiful and nice.

Looking at the person that he hadn’t seen for a month, Tan Jingmo actually missed her so much. That face was certainly not pretty enough but it had enough attractiveness to make him miss it everyday.

“Bao Bao, long time no see.” Tan Jingmo said these few words as he walked towards her at a normal pace. The deep sounds of footsteps seemed to be able to calm a person’s heart.

Bao Er’s initial look of anticipation gradually became an eye roll after she heard him say “Bao Bao”. The atmosphere changed, the initial deep feelings of staring at each other turned into her single-handedly speechlessness.

“Tan Jingmo, I told you that I’m not Bao Bao, please take note of that next time, OK?” No one would like to be called Bao Bao1TN: Bao Bao(宝宝) is also used to call a baby when they were already twenty years old, and she was no exception.

Tan Jingmo selectively ignored Bao Er’s words and stopped beside her before he pulled Bao Er into his strong embrace.

“Little brat, haven’t you heard the saying ‘one month apart feels like three autumns had passed’? Now you dare complain about how to address you? You have more guts now?” He lightly pinched Bao Er’s ass, but there was no lust or any sign of teasing in his actions.

“Shouldn’t it be ‘one day apart feels like three autumns had passed’?” Bao Er was speechless. Was he dozing off when he was reading books?

Tan Jingmo hugged Bao Er and went to sit down on a sofa. Because of that big movement, it made a few creases in his expensive-looking formal suit.

“Is there any difference?” Tan Jingmo asked.


“……” Alright, whatever you say.

“How about your internship? Have you found one? Do you want me to help you find one?” Tan Jingmo asked. He realized that he didn’t need to worry much about raising someone like Bao Er. She was an honest child. She would report to him in advance if she had things to do, for example, going back to school for a month. She had told him clearly beforehand.

Because the way Bao Er explained it to him sounded very flattering and logical, Tan Jingmo agreed to her request after thinking for a while. But after hearing her say that she couldn’t even come over during weekends, he was quite dissatisfied.

So, the heartless Bao Er didn’t have much emotions in this one month, but Tan Jingmo found that he missed her so much instead.

“No need, I found it and started working. I just came back from the company.” Bao Er was quite happy to talk about this. Although entering “VK” was an accident, she was able to achieve the feat despite the fact that she didn’t intend to. Such an internship experience was enough for her to not worry about jobs after she graduated. She didn’t need to worry that no corporation would not want someone who had worked in “VK” before.

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