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Chapter 58: The Sixth Prince Was G*ng-R*ped by the Iron Cavalry Camp

Throughout the night, various rods kept going into his two little holes. However, they didn’t thoroughly fvck him, but only ground every bit of tender flesh inside. None of them sucked his nipp!es, but two meat rods slathered something onto his huge chest. It felt cool at first but developed into a sore and tingling sensation later on.

Eventually, his member, which was standing up and leaking juices despite not being touched, was put into someone’s mouth. That person serviced him with his mouth— licking, sucking, and kissing— as he even used his calloused fingers to play with it. Nonetheless, just when he was about to come, his little shaft was pinched, and a smooth golden hairpin was inserted into his ur*thra. A ring was then placed around his shaft root, not allowing him to ejavulate.

The sixth prince was used to having his jade stem tied and not allowed to shoot, so that the pleasure could last longer. This unreleased pleasure would cause his two holes to violently spasm and contract, providing unparalleled comfort to whoever was inside him. That was how his imperial brother and the generals liked to play with him.

Being sucked and tightened around so comfortably, they would fvck him even more roughly until he climaxed. But since he couldn’t shoot, his meaty cave would contract even more frequently, sucking and squirting out large amounts of warm, silky liquid that drenched his imperial brother’s dragon. This process would repeat until he was fvcked to incontinence. Only when the two were covered in sweat, would his imperial brother be done.

When his bottom was fvcked to a complete mess, his imperial brother would then thrust into his little mouth, fvcking his delicate and tight throat, making him swallow all the come into his mouth.


The sixth prince was slathered with aphrodisiacs with more than a dozen of huge rods in his slit one after another, and even his massive melons were not spared. Ultimately, the sixth prince’s fair body was dyed in thin red and covered with sweat. His legs clamped as he twisted unbearably. His dazed eyes were half-closed and out of focus…

When the sixth prince woke up, he was in a dark room underground. There were torches lit around him. This was the place where his imperial brother had imprisoned him.

He was only clothed in a silk robe that just covered till his bvttocks. His hands were tied with iron chains, his nipp!es were tied into a lewd, wide posture, and nipp!e clamps were clipped on his obscene bulging mountains. Moreover, his jade stem was inserted with a golden hairpin while its root was locked with a metal ring.

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“Ungh… Ah… Ha… Mngh, ah…”


The sixth prince, who was tormented by aphrodisiacs, only had lust in his mind. He was carried by the man and held by his tender bvttocks, he was subjected to merciless thrusts one after another…

His elastic, tender hole that was soaked in strong aphrodisiac all night was now being hammered hard by a colossal phallvs, sparking the fire of lust that immediately ignited their passion.

The man gripped the prince’s waist, and the muscles on his cr0tch apparently rippled and tensed as he pounded deeply and cruelly!

With each stroke, the large gl@ns that was swollen to its limit penetrated the lascivious womb, grinding at the tender flesh that sucked on his gl@ns. The cave inside seemed inexhaustible — still soft and tender despite the relentless thrusts — and drew the man to pound it sadistically again and again!

“Oh… Your pvssy is so good at sucking… So tender… So tight… It flows with more juices the harder it was fvcked…”

The place where the two intersected, as the man’s cr0tch slammed against the sixth prince’s body, produced the decadent sounds of sex. Occasionally, the insertions were fast. When the rod came out of the hole due to inertia, it made a bang, and the tight pvssy continually secreted carnal fluids and sucked the man’s member, bringing unparalleled pleasure to the both of them.

“Ha… Ah!… Ah, ah!… Inside… my womb… Fvck harder… It’s so itchy inside… Mnh, ah — ah — ah, ah!… So fiercely… My womb… Ah… You fvck till my womb again…”

The iron chain tied to the sixth prince allowed him to do a certain amount of movement, which facilitated the iron cavalry’s lustful conquest.

“My lustful heart… Ah!… It’s going to be ground up… So big… Oh… Ah… So good… Harder… Ha… Fvck me harder…”

As the man’s power burst forth, the two sank in a sea of prurience.

Soaked in aphrodisiacs all night, the prince was unusually sensitive. In addition, the shafts of iron calvary camp’s soldiers were also extraordinarily harder and hotter. The men’s scorching hot hard rod, one by one, cruelly pounded the prince’s two small holes, enjoying the most captivating flesh in this world.

There seemed to be a living organism in his depths that sucked the rods. The tight and slippery tender holes siphoned them deeper into them, while also refusing their further intrusion and hindering the advancement of the tremendous c0ck heads.


The iron cavalry camp was accustomed to conquering and encountering obstacles. Previously, they utilized all means to solve them, and it was the case now. With their beastly desire at its peak, it was hindered by the resisting flesh. Therefore, they focused all their strength on their cr0tches and launched fierce attacks.

With their members, they nailed the tight canal and went straight to the lustful hearts on each hole, which caused the prince’s fvcked caves to enthusiastically massage their swollen giants.

The sixth prince’s eyes were out of focus, his body tinged with scarlet was veiled with thin sweat, and his bountiful mounds shook along with the men’s hammering. His milk accumulated, but his melons were caught by the men thus unable to flow out. No one even comforted his ample mounds.

It was too slow if they came one by one. Moreover, everyone wanted to fvck him for a longer time. They were helpless against the prince’s soul-stirring holes, and the meaty cave inside his uterus sucked their shafts so good and didn’t want to let them good. The men penetrated him one by one, and each hammered him for half an hour. They couldn’t help but let out a sigh of satisfaction and shot wildly in the prince’s alluring caves with boiling hot come, and he was even irrigated in his wide-open mouth, rendering him unable to scream.

His body shuddered, and his holes spasmed. As he was held in men’s bosoms, he parted his soft lips in disorientation. He was fvcked to the point of org@sm, but he couldn’t ejacvlate through his little jade stem. A large stream of sensual water spurted out of his tender pvssy during his climax. It drenched the man’s immense rodas it simultaneously spurted come. His flesh cave massaged the man’s column in squirming layers, contracting as if to thoroughly suck the man’s heavy dark sacs and swallow all the stored scalding come.

The man narrowed his eyes, gasped for breath, and cruelly grabbed the sixth prince’s as$ that was shuddering in constant org@sm. His manhood penetrated his depths and intruded into his spasming womb, irrigating it with all his might…

“So good…”

Being able to fvck this beauty once, even if they were to die now, was absolutely worth it.

The one who had just finished cvmming pulled out. When he withdrew his pillar, the pvssy refused to let him go — the strong suction force kept him.

Before the ejacvlated seeds could flow out, it was blocked by a larger and harder rod of a similarly robust man.

It was hot, thick, and hard. He attacked and pounded without mercy!

The previously shot come burst out and was whipped into foam. The prince’s stomach bulged in the shape of a c0ck. Despite being still in the afterglow of org@sm, he was sent deeper into the ocean of desire.


Both of his chrysanthemum hole and pvssy were hammered by monstrous meat sticks. Furthermore, there was also another one in his mouth. His hands were not idle either as he held a rod each, which were exceedingly hot. The prince’s body was also in ardent heat, dyeing his whole body with crimson.

The dozen or so elite soldiers of the iron cavalry camp had their fiery chests next to the prince’s hot body. Their cr0tches were rubbing against each other, adding fuel to their lustful fire. Each of them was dripping with sweat, and everyone had a strong and majestic body that had been trained and enhanced with countless battles. They were full of explosive power, and pearl-sized beads of sweat rolled their big chunks of dark, bulging muscles, blending with the sixth prince’s fragrant body.

It was not until the sixth prince’s generous mounds were swollen into two water balloons, doubling in size and oozing with creamy white milk from between the nipp!e clamps, that the hindrances were removed. The moment they were freed, two columns of milk spurted out, hitting the muscular man in front of him.

The prince’s swollen chest was covered with two glass lactation cups. In the middle of the glass covers, there was a hose extending below and connected to two large gilt basins.

The instrument issued a sound, and the fvcked-broken sixth prince was placed in a position with his mounds hanging down.

Moreover, the men also changed their positions — both of the sixth prince’s holes were fvcked from behind while the man in his front grabbed his head down and fvcked his little mouth. The prince’s mouth was stuffed to the brim, the scorching pillar thrust into his mouth again and again, and the man’s thick curly pubic hair on his cr0tch made it nearly impossible for him to breathe. The saliva he couldn’t swallow ran down from the corners of his mouth and dripped down onto the glass lactation cups.

In addition, the man from behind grabbed his fair and upturned bvttocks, and, all of a sudden, slammed deeply as if to pierce him through…

“Ngh… Mnh…”

The milk continued to flow from his ample chest directed to the gilded basins below as the iron cavalry camp fvcked him more ferociously. The glass lactation cups that enveloped the sixth prince’s voluminous melons were clouded with mist from heat and vapor. Gradually, even his quivering nipp!es could no longer be seen.

Occasionally, as the sixth prince was hammered in this position, his fleshy mountains could be seen clinging to the glass lactation cups.

It was unknown how long it took, the sixth prince was utterly immersed in the boundless pit of carnal desire, sinking into its irrevocable depths. He accepted one thick and fiery meat stick consecutively. Each one barbarously fvcked him till his stomach seemed to be full of hot cvm.

His mouth was numb, and his disoriented face was shot full of come.


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