Brothel Open For Business (H)

Chapter 57: The Sixth Prince Was G*ng-R*ped by the Iron Cavalry Camp


This arc contains hermaphrod*te body, inc*st, g*ngb*ng, and extremely explicit bed scenes.

In the days when the generals returned to their kingdom in order to report on their missions, Prince Shuo and the sixth prince continued to indulge in their promiscuous activities. Prince Shuo was completely immersed in pleasure that he had already forgotten his duties and responsibilities. He already thought to ask his imperial uncle to reward this place as his fief — it would be a wonderful thing to be with this beauty for a lifetime.

Indulging night after night, even during the day, the sixth prince lived without knowing the time as he was endlessly engaged in the throes of passion.

In the previous emperor’s bedchamber, the dragon bed carved with dragons was moved to the center of the room, and a gauze curtain was hoisted from the center. The looming veil gently shrouded the dragon bed.


The soft moonlight filtered through the edge of the window and shone on the body of the sleeping sixth prince.

Since the generals left, the sixth prince became increasingly debauched. He hadn’t gotten out of bed for several days. Occasionally, he would take a bath carried by Prince Shuo. His flesh holes dripped with come that had just been ejacvlated.

The traces of lewdness on his body never faded. Before the old marks disappeared, a new layer of bitten and nibbled traces would be added by Prince Shuo.

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Immediately afterwards, another manhood was inserted, and unlike the one just now, this one was longer.


This longer pillar hammered his chrysanthemum hole. After entering, regardless of his tumultuous itch, it rebelliously stabbed left and right. It ground his flesh walls and made him feel some refreshing coldness amidst the scalding heat.

When his back hole was once again dripping with obscene water, the hulking hardness also withdrew.

A thick manhood as hard as a branding iron ground his c!itoris a few times before also holding the big, angry gl@ns against his hungry, lust-spewing pvssy.

The hungry pvssy seemed to have a suction force as it siphoned the massive head that touched its mouth. It contracted and squirmed, wanting the big rod to hurry in and grind the carnal walls.

The itching was replaced with soreness. Moreover, he could also feel a faint coolness. Something seemed to be applied to the thick pillar. After penetration, the more he was pounded, the thirstier he became…

That sour, swollen, crisp, and itchy feeling spread all over the body; it seemed to seep into his flesh and blood.

He was extremely familiar with this sensation. Someone put an aphrodisiac in his hole with his shaft.

In the past, when his imperial brother played with him, he was fond of applying aphrodisiacs to his body. As he became more sensitive, his holes would automatically secrete lewd fluids as soon as he was touched by a man and would beg his imperial brother to fvck him

A hefty rod penetrated his lascivious hole full of soft flesh. It appeared to be greatly coated by the warm and greasy erotic juices inside. In the darkness, the sixth prince could hear the man’s heavy breathing.

The man slowly pounded his cvnt — which was elastic and soul-stirring. His flower hole appeared to have countless mouths inside that licked the man’s shaft and excreted the right amount of pleasant, slippery, and carnal water, rendering the man in almost having the taste of heaven.

The sixth prince incessantly moaned. The man parted his legs and wedged himself between his thighs, plunging himself again and again…

The pace wasn’t fast, but every thrust was full of force!


It wasn’t enough, it was far from enough. The sixth prince hoped for the man to pound him ruthlessly, thrust into his womb, and be played violently. He wanted him to charge towards him without mercy! Being constantly subjected to the unbearable sensation of a ginormous shaft, he could no longer have the ability to think about anything else as he sank into the abyss of bliss…

The sixth prince’s as$ jerked up, trying to swallow the man’s rod deeper, and he even intentionally tightened his little slit.

The man noticeably paused and seemed to hold back a gasp.

In a moment, the man’s gigantic phallvs pumped into his pvssy again and again — faster and deeper than ever. A squelching noise of fluids resounded, implying the sound of a rotten hole being continually whipped by a humongous pillar. From their point of intercouse, their primitive desire began to exponentially rise.

The man’s robust body pressed against him. The sixth prince instinctively wrapped his arms around the man’s neck, moaning and panting softly near the man’s ear…

“Ha… Ngh… Fvck deeper… Insert your whole rod… into my womb… Uhm, ah..”

His legs were pulled up, spread far apart, and placed on either side of his body. This made his as$ raised so high and allowed the man to easily thrust mercilessly towards his tender flesh; his crotch slammed down violently—


The man rammed hard into his womb. His massive gl@ns stabbed his uterine opening.

The head of the meat stick forced itself into this forbidden place; the heavy sacs slapped against the tender hole that continued to leak strands of sensual juices.

The sixth prince continued to be hammered. His red lips were parted open, his chest was heaving, and he was repeatedly pushed back to the bed by the constant insertions.

After the man’s huge tip fvcked his womb, it refused to come out. Instead, it conquered the pliable and sensitive flesh inside and violated it over and over again. The ravaged womb spasmed; its small opening trapped the gl@ns until its groove.


The trapped gl@ns did not stop stimulating the womb. In addition, the man appeared to be trying his best to resist the urge to furiously thrust and pound with abandon. He was also breathing heavily.

Currently, the sixth prince was only clothed with a thin layer of a translucent robe. His legs were wide open and being fvcked in the womb by the robust man.

The man looked at the two huge areolas on the sixth prince’s pair of bountiful melons by the moonlight. They looked bouncy and delicate. He wanted to suck them and take a bite. Furthermore, he heard that the sixth prince was extraordinarily special as he could also produce milk. Nonetheless, without the permission of the person next to him, he didn’t dare to do it.

The powerful man, who was as robust as a mountain, targeted his uterus for a long while to the point where his pvssy overflowed with a mixture of lustful liquids. He got up and pulled out his rod. Upon his withdrawal, the lecherous hole forcibly sucked his member and refused to let go. The man pulled out with great force, creating a pop sound as he retreated.

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