Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 22.1 Confession

Su Su had seen the sharpness of the Emeici. She raised her head to prevent it from cutting her skin.

“I’m very tired right now, I don’t want to fight with you,” Su Su said, “Maybe the fox demon will return, are you sure you want to stay here?” After she spoke, she meant to push the Emeici away.

Tantai Jin was about to say something when he saw Su Su’s gaze change and her expression become a little sluggish. She blinked her eyes, and a slight devilish violet colour started to emerge on her originally black pupils.

Tantai Jin suddenly remembered the drop of blood essence that the fox demon had flicked into the arch of Su Su’s eyebrows before she left. 

What the hell was that?


He was always wary of the unknown, and was just about to stop her when he realised that the Emeici in his hand was held by Su Su.

In the next moment, on the back of his icy cold hand, a dirty little face pressed itself against it.

Tantai Jin was able to distinctly see her eyes with the light reflecting from the white snow. Right now his appearance shone in her crystal clear eyes.

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The little snake quietly threw itself at Su Su. Tantai Jin looked at her coldly, since you aren’t sober, then go to h*ll. The corners of his lips curled up into a pleased smile. No matter who it was, when they neared death and panicked, they would become thoroughly ugly, and she must be no exception.


Su Su seemed to not notice the poisonous snake behind her. She pressed down on the young man’s shoulder and the glint of a smile grew more and more intense in her violet eyes. Then under his cold stare, without any warning, she suddenly cradled his cheeks with both hands and lowered her head.

When he felt the soft touch on his face, Tantai Jin had no time to retract his malicious expression.

The little snake behind Su Su abruptly froze. No longer being controlled, it clumsily fell off the tree branch. Unable to understand what it was doing out of hibernation, it slithered for its life towards a cave.

Su Su lay against Tantai Jin’s chest and suddenly burst out laughing.

Her laugh was crisp and clear, making the bamboo forest seem warm on the winter night of the first month.

Tantai Jin’s expression looked extremely ugly.

The killing intent in his eyes was running rampant when she suddenly tightly hugged his neck, her whole body curling up in his embrace. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’re weak, I’ll protect you in the future.”

“Get lost!” He turned his hand and squeezed the back of her neck, wishing he could choke her to death.

The young girl’s violet eyes were glowing. It was clearly a demonic colour, but it didn’t make her appear ominous. Instead, she had become even more enchanting.

Su Su’s chin rested on his shoulder. Her voice was soft and gentle, and listening closely in the quiet winter night, one could even hear a hint of embarrassment.

 “I won’t leave, I like you.”


“Shut up!” Tantai Jin pursed his lips into almost a straight line. He gripped his hand harder, planning to pull her off his body.

He’d never had such a huge vocabulary of curse words in his heart, licentious and shameless! Self-depraved! Debauched and dirty…… She’s just as dirty as the fox demon! 

Just a drop of blood essence had made her like this.

Su Su’s neck was about to be snapped by his strength. She looked up with great difficulty and was a little helpless. However, she couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Both of them were now covered with mud from the swamp. She placed her hand on Tantai Jin’s chest, slightly gasped and grumbled, “Hey, if you continue to choke me, I’ll really die.”

The hand on her neck paused, and she saw a sarcastic smile emerge from the corners of Tantai Jin’s mouth.

Su Su gently placed her hand on his face——

On the place where she had kissed.

“Tantai Jin, don’t like Ye Bing Shang anymore and like me.” She started to laugh, feeling somewhat embarrassed, but the young lady mustered up her courage and said as she blushed, “She doesn’t love you and she’s already someone else’s wife. I’ll love you very much. In the future, I won’t let others bully you and I’ll give you many children, what do you say?”

In the next moment, the young man pushed her off his body.

His lips were pale, unsure whether it was due to anger or hatred.

“Dream on!”


Su Su rubbed her aching elbow from the fall. She placed her hand on her heart, feeling that the sudden surge of love was so overwhelming that she couldn’t restrain it. She seemed to have never liked someone this way before, like a moth drawn to a flame, wanting to get closer to him.

However, before she could go over, several cold arrows landed at her feet. Su Su’s instinct for danger was still present. She hurriedly took a few steps back and fell back on the snow, only to see several black-clad shadows appear one after another from the bamboo forest. 

They knelt in front of Tantai Jin. 

“Your Highness, this subordinate is late.” The leader of those men glanced at Su Su, “Should I kill her?”

Tantai Jin looked at Su Su coldly.

The young girl had a blank expression and looked at him with a little grievance. 

Anger churned in his heart and he simply said, “Take her away!”

The man in black said in surprise, “Your Highness?” They were going back to Zhou Kingdom, so how could they bring an unfamiliar young girl along with them?

Tantai Jin coldly bent his lips and said, “She’s the only legitimate daughter of Ye Xiao. Bring her along, and if necessary, kill her to intimidate Ye Xiao.”

“Your Highness is wise.”

Two fists couldn’t defeat four hands. This group of black-clad men were highly skilled in martial arts, and Su Su was quickly tied up. The fox demon’s blood essence dissipated, the faint violet in her eyes faded bit by bit, and finally she fainted.

Once the group of people disappeared into the forest, the yellow-clad fox demon stepped out.


It licked its claws and spoke aloud, “How very interesting.”

That drop of its blood essence would make one wholeheartedly believe that the person in front of them was their true love, and it also had an obscene effect. However, that girl only kissed Tantai Jin and happily confessed that she wanted to protect him. Even if it was just a brief illusion, such a simple and fiery love should have touched the heart of any person.

Unfortunately, the person who she was up against was that black-clad young man.


Ye Bing Shang hurriedly ran over when she saw Xiao Lin who had landed in the courtyard and said, “Wangye, what happened to you?”

Xiao Lin opened his eyes.

There was a slight sound in the air. Xiao Lin lifted his hand and shielded Ye Bing Shang behind him. The next moment, Yu Qing fell from the air.

Yu Qing smashed so hard on the ground that the pain woke him up straight away. He exclaimed “Ow! This young master’s waist!”

Seeing him fall from the sky, Ye Bing Shang was shocked, and she lightly tugged on Xiao Lin’s clothes. She restlessly said, “Wangye, what’s really going on?”

Xiao Lin guiltily said, “I came across some problems after attending court. Sorry for making you worry.”

Ye Bing Shang softly smiled, “The head guard already told this concubine. As long as Wangye is alright, it’s fine.”

She looked at Yu Qing and said, “And this is?”

Xiao Lin did not hide him from her, “My Junior Brother, Yu Qing.”

Yu Qing managed to control his grimace. He looked at Ye Bing Shang, opened his folding fan, and reverted back to his elegant young master demeanour. Both of them exchanged greetings with each other.

“Yu Qing, go to the main hall and wait for me,” said Xiao Lin.

Yu Qing knew that Xiao Lin had something to say. The Senior Brother’s Side Imperial Concubine was very delicate. Previously, that incident regarding the nightmare devil had really scared her. He could assume that Xiao Lin was afraid of scaring her so he wanted to discuss the seven-tailed fox demon with him in private. 

Once Yu Qing left, Xiao Lin said to Ye Bing Shang, “Come.”

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