Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 21.3 Beloved

The fox demon blocked the blow with its claws, and its skin was torn open in an instant. The other two strikes charred two of her tails black, and a faint smell of meat filled the air. The peach wood sword was pushing her back, so she could only keep dodging.

Xiao Lin took out a golden rope, binded the fox demon’s hands and feet, and tied her to the tree.

Taking advantage of this, Yu Qing also started to take things out from the storage jade and threw them at the fox demon as if they were free.

The fox demon was smacked right in the face and she turned red with anger as her claws and shoulder started to bleed. She had been absorbing life essences for so long, and now all of it had been wasted!

She yelled angrily, broke free from the ropes, and lunged at Su Su. Xiao Lin unsheathed his sword and connected with the fox demon’s sharp claws.


He had exceptional swordsmanship. A mere mortal was able to fight several rounds with a fox demon.

Yu Qing pulled Su Su back, “F**k, f**k, f**k, what are you standing there for, hurry up and run!”

“Xiao Lin is still……”

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The fox demon lay flat on the shore and her seven tails were wagging, watching them sink. She looked at Xiao Lin, “It’s a pity that I can’t have a night of pleasure with a handsome man like you.”


Xiao Lin’s expression remained unchanged as he steadied himself, trying not to sink too fast.

However, Yu Qing wasn’t that calm and frantically scolded the fox demon.

“I don’t like smelly men like you,” the fox demon’s beautiful eyes blinked, “Anyway, since you guys are about to die, let me have a look at your favourite type1what kind of people they like and this concubine will satisfy you guys one last time.”

She extended one of her tails and placed it on Yu Qing.

Yu Qing’s cursing stopped. He gazed at the fox demon, and a look of fascination gradually appeared on his face.

The fox demon touched her own face and said with a tender smile, “Oh, it turns out you like lovely and lively women.”

She turned towards Xiao Lin, who was calm. The fox demon’s tail swept over, “This woman is quite beautiful, is she your wife? But in your heart, responsibility and protection take up too much space, her position isn’t enough yet.”

Her tail landed on Su Su’s cheek.

A moment later, the fox demon started to laugh, “Interesting, how interesting. You don’t even have a beloved. I haven’t seen such a pure person for a long time…… Unfortunately, you are destined to die here today.”

Su Su felt herself sinking and the swamp water almost reached her chin.

She gritted her teeth, trying to concentrate on using immortal arts to control the wind.

If she succeeded, the three of them would have a chance to live.


The fox demon got bored and turned into Ye Bing Shang to tease Xiao Lin. Xiao Lin’s expression gradually became gentle and the fox demon’s voice also became tender, and changed into Ye Bing Shang’s voice.

The fox demon looked at Su Su complacently. Su Su tried to wake Xiao Lin up, but it was useless.

Gradually, Su Su felt that she almost couldn’t breathe. If she had known earlier that it was a seven-tailed fox that had escaped from the Abyss of Desolation, even if she were beaten to death, she wouldn’t have come! What kind of big demon did Ye Chufeng provoke! She moved her fingers with great difficulty. Wind Controlling Technique! Hurry!

The fox demon was enjoying herself to the fullest, but she suddenly gave out a soft exclamation.

By now, the sun had already set. In the bamboo forest, a young man in black gradually appeared. He had black hair and red lips and slowly walked over. 

Su Su’s eyes widened—— Tantai Jin!

The fox demon looked at him and revealed a smile. “How good-looking.” She covered the wound on her shoulder and licked her lips, “Come and help me heal.”

Tantai Jin bent his lips, “Alright.” His voice was deep and husky, attracting the fox demon to make her move.

“Let me see who will be the one that your heart yearns for?”

With an enchanting stride, she walked step by step towards Tantai Jin. Her fox tail touched Tantai Jin’s cheek and was grabbed by him.

The fox demon cottequishly laughed, wanting to see his heart’s true love.

A moment later, the fox demon’s smile disappeared and was replaced by a puzzled expression, “You……”


The young man coldly said, “How was it? Did you see it?”

The fox demon looked at Tantai Jin with a furtive2讳莫如深 (huìmò-rúshēn) – closely guard a secret; not breathing a word; not utter a single word about something; tight lipped glance. “How is this possible……”

Before the Emeici in the young man’s sleeve managed to slip out, the fox demon smiled and said, “I’m done playing with you. There, they’re going to die soon. Among the three of them, you only have time to save one. Hope to see you again!”

But remembering the purple thunder that had split her skin open, the fox demon was vengeful. Before she flew away, she curled her lips and smiled at Su Su, flicking a drop of blood essence into the arch of her eyebrows——

Let the pure young lady test out the young man who has intrigued me. 

The fox demon transformed into a little yellow fox and disappeared into the forest in a flash.

Tantai Jin walked towards the swamp.

As the fox demon said, all three of them were in a life-threatening situation, and Xiao Lin and Yu Qing were rendered unconscious by the fox demon.

The young man sat down beside the swamp. Su Su held her breath and looked at him with beautiful eyes.

Tantai Jin had no intention to pull them up at all. Su Su guessed that he still wanted the fox demon’s demon core. Perhaps he had been following them, prepared for a ‘mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole3a type of bird behind4螳螂捕蝉麻雀在后 (tángláng bǔ chán, huángquè zài hòu) – Covet gains ahead, unaware of danger behind/to pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger’ type of situation.

Unfortunately, seeing that it was a seven-tailed fox, he temporarily gave up.

Su Su’s mouth was submerged in the swamp and she couldn’t speak, so she had to blink at him—— At least be a human and pull one up!


Tantai Jin’s black orbs were fixated on her, but he still didn’t move.

Su Su simply closed her eyes. The reason why she didn’t panic was because she still had a trump card, the Teleportation Talisman. However, it required spiritual Qi to activate. She had just saved up enough spiritual energy to bring her companions along.

It’s fine if Tantai Jin doesn’t want to save them.

The Teleportation Talisman flew up into the sky, Xiao Lin and Yu Qing who were in the swamp slowly disappeared. However, after a long time, Su Su was still in the swamp.

Su Su: …… !

What’s going on, why wasn’t I teleported away?

Suddenly, she remembered the drop of blood essence that the fox demon had flicked into the arch of her eyebrows before she left!

She was now tainted with demonic energy and the Teleportation Talisman didn’t teleport demonic creatures!

Thinking of this, Su Su looked at Tantai Jin again.

The young man’s eyes were filled with ridicule as he leisurely looked at her.

Su Su thought to herself, even if I die, I won’t beg him, because I know that it’s useless. If worst comes to worst, I can just wake up the Curved Jade.

She still kept her backbone straight. Unless Su Su herself wanted to die, no one could kill her!

The young girl didn’t speak and quietly allowed the swamp to swallow her up.

The smile in Tantai Jin’s eyes gradually faded and instead became tinged with cold annoyance. The sun had set and the sky was almost dark. This was the final deadline for him to leave the Xia Kingdom.

Tantai Jin coldly looked at the top of Su Su’s head, then turned around and left. How irritating, she had sacrificed herself to save the others, and would rather die than beg him.

He had taken several steps when a sudden sound came from behind him.

The dishevelled young girl was pushed out of the swamp by a force. She plopped on the ground, coughing uncontrollably. Su Su was very surprised. Wind Control actually succeeded in time?! A human’s potential is indeed limitless.

However, when she looked up and saw Tantai Jin, she said in surprise, “You haven’t left yet?” She had sunk for so long that she thought he had gone long ago.

Tantai Jin’s expression suddenly changed. He sneered as he placed the Emeici on her neck and said, “How can I leave when you aren’t dead yet?”


The author has something to say:

Su Su: What? Did I say something wrong again?

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