Baby’s Breath

Chapter 6.1: “I am your father.” (1)

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 6 “I am your father.”

After going down the mountain, Xue Youka used an electronic scale to help them weigh ten kilograms of tea, and collected three hundred paper bills.


The young boy rarely saw so much money. The three pink grandpas made his smile brighter, like a little sun: “Thank you, Uncle Chu! Goodbye, Uncle.” He also waved to Cheng Yu, “Goodbye brother!”

The guests who bought tea walked away. Not long after, Xue Youka’s grandparents came back. His grandpa came down from the old vehicle and shouted: “Mimi, grandpa bought you some delicious food.”

Xue Youka hurried out, and saw there were bags in his hand. When he looked at what was inside them, he found sachima

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Xue Youka hesitated before answering: “Just… I thought it was 30 yuan. A few years ago, it was only a dozen yuan? The customers are not locals either. It is better to make five yuan more than to lose money. Do you think it is grandpa?”


He asked rhetorically.

Grandpa could neither laugh nor cry. He asked his grandson to take him to see which box of tea he was selling to others. Xue Youka pointed to the box in the corner: “I think this one was the only box open, and the others are sealed. I shoveled ten catties from it for the guests.”

“My dear, why did you sell the old tea from the previous year?”

“Ah? Is that old tea?” Xue Youka scratched his head, “Then I…I don’t know, I didn’t see it, what should I do, Grandpa, will they say that our family is a liar?”

“They are from out of town. Do they know anyone? Did they leave a phone number? Did you say what our tea garden is called?”

“I know where they live, they live on the other side of the river! I’ve been there!” 

The next morning, his grandma filled ten kilos of new tea, and Xue Youka carried all the plastic bags alone. After crossing the bridge, Xue Youka pointed the way: “Just that beautiful house, with many flowers planted.”

His grandma was impressed because the land was originally owned by a certain family in their local area, more than ten years ago. It was sold, and the house was demolished and rebuilt. It was a beautifully built mansion, not at all like a small rural courtyard. But after the house was repaired, almost no one had ever lived there, and she did not know who bought it.

The old woman and Xue Youka walked for a while, and quickly found the mansion by familiarizing themselves with the road.

The wisteria flowers had fallen. In summer, dark green creepers and climbers could be found on the outer wall of the house. The lush trees were of rare and precious species.

“Is this it?” Grandma asked him.

“It’s here, I’ve been to their house before.” Xue Youka stood on his tiptoes to see, but could not find anyone, so he simply kept the tea on the house steps and knocked on the door.


“Who is it?”

Soon, the door opened from the inside.

Wei Bo opened only half of the door, saw an old woman, and asked, “Excuse me?”

Then, he saw the kid next to him.

Xue Youka’s grandma gestured towards the tea, and explained in a dialect: “It is actually like this, we belong to the Xuejia Tea Garden. My grandson said that you bought tea yesterday. He made a mistake with that tea! That tea is from the previous year’s batch. It is not the new tea leaves, so we came here to exchange the tea leaves.”

She spoke in a dialect, and Wei Bo could only understand half of what she said: “Oh, tea!”

Yesterday Cheng Yu, his grandfather and Cheng Yu came back with so many tea leaves together. Wei Bo still wondered why he bought so many.

“Come and come, please come in, please come in!” He shouted, inviting his wife and grandson to enter.

Xue Youka stepped into that house for the first time. He looked at the house, his eyes were full of surprise, and his mouth gaped slightly.

It turned out that there was a cave in there, it was too beautiful, he didn’t know how to describe it, but it was really the quietest and most beautiful house he had ever seen, the antique yard, the cornices, the promenade, and the carved beams like a pictorial. The courtyard was even more exquisite, the elegant and fine stone slabs were covered with moss, and there were rocks, pine trees, and stone lanterns present too. There was a statue which was in a squatting position, with water bowls forming a miniature natural landscape. The courtyard and the interior were semi-open, and the interior decoration was very modern. The clear cement walls, black leather sofas, the back-to-virtual wabi-sabi style and the mountain garden was perfectly integrated.

Xue Youka looked up, just in time to see a figure on the second floor, their eyes collided in the air.

Xue Youka found out that it was the elder brother he had met yesterday, so after thinking about it, he waved his hand.


Cheng Yu’s eyes froze for a moment, then he withdrew his gaze, and continued to play on the computer with headphones on.

Chu Jin came out to greet the guests: “Hey? It’s you kid.”

“Uncle Chu is everything good.” After Xue Youka asked him, he explained his intentions, “I made a mistake yesterday and accidentally sold you old tea leaves. Now, this is the new tea we grew at home.”

“Then you guys took a special trip just for this?” Chu Jin saw Xue Youka’s almost unstable grandma, with sweat on her forehead, and he had to sigh in his heart that the folk customs here were very simple.

So they asked the guests to sit down in the shade of the courtyard.

Uncle Wei went to make a pot of Pu’er

2Pu’er or pu-erh is a variety of fermented tea traditionally produced in Yunnan Province, China.

and brought it up. Grandma took out a piece of fifty yuan from her purse: “This kid also made a mistake on the price. This Lingyun Pekoe tea has a wholesale price of ten kilograms, 25 kilograms. He received three hundred and an extra fifty yuan. The child did not intentionally, I apologize for him. We do business with integrity and never cheat customers.”

Chu Jin understood 80% of the native dialect here, and he just smiled when he heard his words: “You child, you also took us up the mountain to pick tea, and we picked some just a while back. It is also of low price. You don’t need to exchange it back. Instead, you earned it. It’s not easy for you to come here with such a heavy bag full of tea. Take a break and rest. As for me, I usually like to drink tea. You can taste the tea. It’s not bad, and it’s of high quality.”

Xue Youka sat there, taking a sip of tea.

He couldn’t drink it, as he felt hot.

Wei Bo saw it and brought him a bottle of chilled drink from the refrigerator.

This was bought by Chu Jin for his grandson Cheng Yu. Who knew that Cheng Yu didn’t eat snacks, let alone have drinks.


Xue Youka took the bottle of orange juice and said  a polite thank you, uncle.

Uncle Wei smiled and said, “Snacks are all upstairs. Uncle will take you upstairs to play, okay?”

Xue Youka looked at his grandmother.

His grandma shook her head in disagreement. If it was an acquaintance’s or a neighbor’s house, that was all right. However, this family looked extraordinary, so how could she let the child run wild in other people’s home?

Chu Jin said, “Brother is playing on the computer in the room upstairs. Will you go upstairs to find your brother to play?”

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