After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 84

At that time, Wen Yu immediately told Wen Guoan, “What’s the point of choosing? My surname is Wen!”

“What right does a man who has never shown his face during my upbringing have to suddenly appear as my father now? Just because he produced a sperm?”

“I was not upset because you are not my father. I was upset because I’m not your son.”

“You don’t know how scared I was these past few days… I’ve been living in utter absurdity, just too afraid to come see you.”

“If I had known that you truly considered me your son, why did I endure these days of torment? Why did I make you suffer here?”


“I…” Wen Yu said, full of resentment, rubbing his face vigorously. He couldn’t continue.

He resented Yang Yuan’s wicked intentions, his heartlessness, and he also resented his own weakness and timidity.

His absurd behavior these past few days left Wen Guoan detained here, and he still had no idea how disappointed Wen Guoan was in him. Despite his age, he had to endure this emotional torment, and every time Wen Yu thought about it, he wanted to give himself a good beating.

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“Your mother designed it,” Wen Guoan shook his head and said, “Now that I think about it, on that final day, she deliberately started an argument with me, making sure everyone in the house heard it. That knife… upon reflection, it was designed by her several days before.”


Wen Guoan remembered one day when he went downstairs, Cheng Lian stopped him, saying she wanted to slice a cantaloupe, but the skin was too tough, so she asked him for help.

In the refrigerator, there was actually a fruit platter prepared by the chef before he left work, intended for them to have for dinner. She left the ready-made fruit platter untouched and insisted on cutting a melon herself.

However, at that time, Wen Guoan had no idea that she was actually setting a trap for him.

They had a significant age difference, and when he pursued her back in the day, he doted on her. Over the years, Cheng Lian had enjoyed a life of comfort and had become even more delicate than she was during their courtship. She was even unwilling to cut a melon herself, and Wen Guoan didn’t find it strange.

As a man, he didn’t bother to argue with her over such trivial matters and picked up the knife to help her.

That knife must have obtained his fingerprints during that time.

Cheng Lian’s heart was dark, which made Wen Yu grit his teeth.

He had no feelings for Yang Yuan, but how could Cheng Lian be the same as Yang Yuan? Cheng Lian was his mother, and even if he wasn’t as close to her as he was to Wen Guoan, there was still an emotional connection there.

In this situation, this emotional bond was particularly tormenting.

Seeing his clenched fists on the table, Wen Guoan understood and gently patted his arm to soothe his emotions.

“Why is she being so foolish!” Wen Yu gritted his teeth. “What does she really want?”

Wen Guoan sighed and said, “People, they’re all like this. When you have bear’s paw, you think about fish; when you have fish, you think about bear’s paw. After eating fish for a long time, not to mention bear’s paw, even a piece of plain bread smells better than the fish in front of you.”


Cheng Lian had love when she was young but couldn’t resist the temptation of money, abandoning love and choosing bread instead.

After many years of luxurious living, what once excited her and lured her senses had become mundane, losing its meaning.

The love she lost had turned into her white moonlight, a source of spiritual solace, growing richer as time passed.

If it were someone else, perhaps it wouldn’t have come to this extent. Unfortunately, her former lover from years ago was a handsome man who knew how to handle women. With age, his charm had grown as well, and he could bewitch the present Cheng Lian.

It was a skill in itself.

“We had such big plans back then, and she persisted for so many years. Why is she suddenly giving up now?” Wen Yu was puzzled. “If it’s about money, haven’t you been spoiling her all these years?”

She’s so much younger than Wen Guoan; she could still endure for some time.

Bringing this up made Wen Guoan furrow his brow.

“The menopause,” he sighed helplessly. “You can’t imagine what menopause can turn a woman into…”

Wen Guoan had always felt that Cheng Lian was like a restless butterfly in the palm of his hand, never able to escape his grip.

He never expected that a woman’s menopause would throw him off balance.

Cheng Lian had remained rational for so many years but went crazy during menopause.


No matter how well she maintained herself, there were inevitably fine lines on her face, nothing compared to her youth. A woman’s fear of aging became insane under the tumultuous influence of hormonal changes during menopause.

The plans she made with “ambition” to seize Wen Guoan’s power, plans that had gone on for too long, became unbearable. She desperately wanted to leave Wen Guoan now and live a “carefree” life.

Both Wen Guoan and Yang Yuan miscalculated when it came to Cheng Lian’s menopause.

Wen Guoan relaxed his brow and said, “That’s right, I didn’t kill your mother.”

If it wasn’t Wen Guoan, then the prime suspect in Cheng Lian’s murder would be quite clear.

“Now, they’re not allowing me to be released on bail,” Wen Guoan said. “It’s definitely his doing behind the scenes.”

Wen Yu’s knot in his heart loosened, but upon hearing this, his hostility flared up again.

Wen Guoan knew him well and could tell what he was thinking from his expression.

He said, not in a friendly tone, “Don’t act recklessly. It’s a critical time. Hu Tietou from the Criminal Investigation Team is definitely keeping an eye on you. Don’t get yourself involved.”

Wen Yu snorted.

“You go find Xiaosun and Xiaozheng,” Wen Guoan instructed him. “They have all the useful information. They’ve been waiting for you for several days.”

Xiaosun, the secretary, and Xiaozheng, the lawyer, were both Wen Guoan’s confidant.


In fact, over the past few days, both Xiaosun and Xiaozheng had called Wen Yu numerous times. Wen Yu had been absent-minded and unresponsive, not picking up any of their calls.

Reflecting on it, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

“After working so hard for all these years, it’s about time I took a break,” Wen Guoan said with a smile. “I’ll leave the matters outside to you.”

He was very calm, and it was evident that Sun and Zheng held something quite powerful in their hands.

Wen Yu also calmed down, following his father’s lead. He suddenly felt a sense of gratitude that all these years, he could always appear confident and composed in front of others, all because Wen Guoan stood behind him.

Looking at his father’s silver hair, he felt a pang of emotion and said, “You rest well, leave everything to me!”

But as he was about to leave, Wen Guoan called him back.

“Let’s wait and see,” he said. “If he doesn’t make a move against our family, there’s no need to go to extremes.”

Wen Yu understood.

Wen Guoan was in prison, and before that, Cheng Lian had already thrown the group’s financial chain into chaos.

Yang Yuan was undoubtedly well aware of this.

If Yang Yuan didn’t make a move on the Wen family’s assets during this turmoil, it would signify his approval of Wen Guoan’s actions and by extension, Wen Yu’s.

If he could hold on to this bottom line, Wen Guoan wanted Wen Yu to give him a way out.

This is not because Wen Guoan has grown old and become more lenient; it’s because of the family bond. He doesn’t want his beloved son to do something that goes against human ethics.

Unless Yang Yuan takes action against the Wen family during this time, that would mean he wants to take away everything that belongs to Wen Yu.

After enduring these days of trials and tribulations, Wen Yu’s hostility has become even stronger than usual.

“Why should he!” he exclaimed, raising his eyebrows.

His determination is quite reminiscent of Wen Guoan in his younger days, even without a blood connection.

The result of careful nurturing and teaching is far more valuable than a simple genetic link, and that is truly gratifying.

Wen Yu realized, after discussing with Sun, the secretary, and Zheng, the lawyer, that compared to Wen Guoan, his own efforts in investigating Yang Yuan were quite shallow.

Wen Guoan had been closely monitoring Yang Yuan for years.

Now, submitting this information to the police could expose Yang Yuan’s lies.

But Wen Guoan had clearly given him this information not to make him do nothing. His intention was to challenge and test him.

Wen Yu also didn’t want to place all his hopes of solving the problem on the police; he didn’t trust them. If Yang Yuan had the means, it meant he had connections.

Wen Yu wanted to personally bring Yang Yuan down.

At the same time, Wen Yu also learned why, even when Cheng Lian had completely drained the internal fund pool of the group in a day, the group could still maintain its normal operations.

It turned out that the true extent of Wen Guoan’s business empire was much larger than what Cheng Lian controlled.

As the CFO, Cheng Lian was only responsible for the assets on the surface. Beyond that, Wen Guoan had many other industries hidden under proxy holdings, buried beneath the surface like an iceberg.

So when Cheng Lian emptied the fund pool, it didn’t cause an instant collapse of the Wen family’s financial chain.

Now, Wen Guoan had revealed all of these hidden cards he hid from Cheng Lian and given them to Wen Yu.

As a result, Wen Yu couldn’t sleep at night.

Ji Anning asked him, and of course, he didn’t tell her all these complicated matters. It’s better to keep those dark and malicious things hidden from her.

He only mentioned his choice.

Knowing his choice, Ji Anning breathed a sigh of relief.

She thought that in her past life, he probably made the same choice, and he nearly won.

This time, she wouldn’t hold him back, and he would definitely not lose.

The next day was March 3rd, and Wen Yu accompanied Ji Anning to the funeral home to cremate her grandmother’s remains.

Wen Yu had reserved a burial plot for her grandmother, and he informed Ji Anning of the location, asking, “Is this place okay with you? If not, I can find another place.”

Ji Anning had no objections and nodded, saying, “This place is fine.”

They chose to collect the ashes on that day and went directly to the cemetery. Wen Yu had already arranged everything, and the gravestone was ready with the inscriptions engraved.

In just these two short days, he couldn’t count how many thoughts he had put into this, and how many tasks he had been busy with.

Yet, he managed to handle everything meticulously.

As they watched the yellow earth settle and the gravestone being erected, Ji Anning knew that from this point on, she no longer had any close relatives.

The workers left, leaving only Ji Anning and Wen Yu in front of the gravestone.

Wen Yu understood what was on her mind.

In the golden light of the setting sun, he kissed her forehead and told her, “You have me.”

Sansukini: The difference between Wen Guoan and Cheng Lian, Wen Guoan gave a lot but did not give everything, but Cheng Lian gave everything and lost everything. I really admire Daddy Wen in these past chapters. He’s so steady, so you’re probably wondering how he died in the past life…

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