After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 82

Wen Guoan’s thoughts changed from the moment he held Wen Yu in his arms.

“I originally thought that when your mother got older and wanted to have a child, I would confess to her and then adopt a child. If she insisted on having her own child, we could find a suitable sperm donor and go for artificial insemination to fulfill her wish,” Wen Guoan said. “I never expected that, without her knowledge, she had already arranged everything.”

“When I held you in my arms, I suddenly realized why I should adopt someone else’s child. Hasn’t fate already sent a child to me?”

“What’s even better is that everyone, including your mother, your grandparents, thinks you are my child. You grow up in this atmosphere, which is even better than being known as an adopted child because you will genuinely consider me as your father and yourself as my child.”

Wen Guoan ultimately changed his decision. Since he had resolved to treat Wen Yu as his own child, he could not interfere with the birth parents of this child.


When he was young, he often acted on impulse, seeking only enjoyment. As he grew older, he realized that in all matters, it was important to leave room for contingencies. In this uncertain world, he couldn’t guarantee when Wen Yu would discover the truth.

There could be no impasse between him and Wen Yu.

So he let Cheng Lian and Yang Yuan go. Instead, he wanted to provide Wen Yu with a complete family, to bind Cheng Lian to this family.

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Wen Yu asked, “Then what about her? Why didn’t she leave?”


Wen Guoan’s lips curled into a knowing smile, as if he recalled something amusing.

“Probably because she realized you weren’t my biological child,” he said.

Wen Yu was a bit dazed.

Some childhood memories flooded back. Things that were hidden in the corners, unnoticed, suddenly came rushing out.

No wonder he felt Yang Yuan looked familiar the first time he saw him.

He had met Yang Yuan, back when he was seven years old!

“Is he really Wen Guoan’s son? Are you sure?”

“Calm down! If he is our child, you can’t leave!”

“Think about it, our child, our shared child, what will he inherit in the future?”

At that time, he woke up from a daze, hearing his mom and this uncle arguing. He got up and called out, “Mom.”

The argument came to an abrupt halt.

Later, his mom gave him a bottle of “soda,” and he fell asleep again.


When he woke up again, he was safely back home. His dad said that he had been kidnapped by bad people and ransomed back, and then he hired a professional coach to teach him martial arts.

Ji Anning was correct in saying that it’s not easy to forget a good-looking person.

That man’s face was indeed handsome, hidden in his memory. When they met again, there was a faint impression, which gave him a feeling of déjà vu.

Because it was essentially a self-staged act, the police couldn’t find any clues, but Wen Guoan had already vaguely guessed what was going on.

If Cheng Lian had left Wen Yu behind and walked away, Wen Guoan would have considered it a transaction: she gave him her youth and a child, and in return, he could consider the money he had spent as payment for these.

However, Cheng Lian returned. Her attitude toward Wen Yu changed, as if she had suddenly realized how much she loved her son.

After all, a child born of a lover was different from a child born to a wealthy old man. There was some love involved, to some extent.

But Wen Yu was already seven years old, and because of Cheng Lian’s past indifference, he had grown accustomed to being closer to his father.

So, Cheng Lian had been complaining for years that Wen Yu was not close to her.

Wen Yu couldn’t understand, “You just… let her be like that?”

Cheng Lian had decent work abilities, but without Wen Guoan’s support, she couldn’t have reached the position of the group’s CFO on her own. Ultimately, it was because Wen Guoan had agreed to give her that position.

And Cheng Lian was able to embezzle Wen Guoan’s money solely because Wen Guoan had granted her significant authority.


After experiencing the chaos and even absurdity of the past few days, Wen Yu finally regained control over the emotional fluctuations and could think about the situation rationally.

Cheng Lian had drained the internal funding pool of the group, which was simply unbelievable. How had the financial chain not collapsed by now? How were all the companies still running smoothly?

How had Wen Guoan managed this?

Wen Yu’s thoughts were in disarray, filled with doubts.

“You, Xiao Yu,” Wen Guoan said, “you’re still young. When you reach my age, you’ll understand that money is just a bunch of numbers. You can’t take it with you.”

“Your mother’s intentions are clear. She’s simply trying to outlast me and have you inherit all my wealth. She believes what’s yours is also hers.”

“Money, it’s the kind of thing you can’t bring into the world, and you can’t take it with you when you die. If it serves its purpose while I’m alive, what’s wrong with that? Your mother is willing to stay for this, willing to be good to you for this, and to give you a complete home. I think money spent on this is well worth it.”

So all of Wen Guoan’s tolerance and indulgence towards Cheng Lian were because of him?

Wen Yu moved his lips.

Wen Guoan understood his meaning. He sighed and said, “You want to say you’re not my son, right?”

Wen Yu’s face turned pale.

Wen Guoan looked at him and scolded him with frustration, “You fool!”


In the culture of this country, there’s an excessive emphasis on blood ties. Wen Guoan had never instilled this value into Wen Yu, but growing up in this culture had still influenced him.

“I held you in my arms when you were born. I changed your diapers with my own hands. On your first day of kindergarten, I took you there. Before you finished school, I was waiting eagerly at the doorstep to pick you up.”

“I taught you to ride a bike, I taught you how to play ball, and I taught you how to swim. When you played the piano so well that it made the heavens weep, I applauded for you.”

“I took you to climb the Great Wall, visit the Statue of Liberty, showed you the African savannah, and watched the Northern Lights in the Arctic with you. I accompanied you to NBA games, and we witnessed World Cup finals together.”

“Which parent-teacher meeting did I miss? Which of your games did I skip? Every certificate, every trophy you earned, I personally took photos to keep as memories!”

“Wen Yu!” Wen Guoan stared at him and asked with a deep voice, “Even if you weren’t born to me, I raised you! I taught you! How can you not be my child?!”

Ji Anning waited for Wen Yu in the hallway for a long time, remaining very quiet.

A girl like her was quite out of place in this setting, and the passing officers couldn’t help but glance at her. A young officer even poured her a glass of water.

After a long while, Wen Yu finally came out.

Though his face still looked weary, his eyes were brighter.

All the desolation and confusion that had surrounded him in the past few days had dissipated.

Ji Anning saw this and felt relieved.

She reached out her hand to him, and Wen Yu held it, saying, “Let’s go back first.”

But as soon as they left the gate, a car blocked their path. When the car window rolled down, revealing Yang Yuan’s face, Wen Yu felt Ji Anning’s hand suddenly clench tightly around his, with great force.

Even though Yang Yuan’s face still bore several bruises, Ji Anning recognized him.

Wen Yu didn’t know how Ji Anning would react, but he told her, “You go back to the car and wait for me for a moment.” He handed her the car keys.

Ji Anning glanced at Yang Yuan, not daring to show too obvious of an expression. She simply said, “Okay,” and left.

She returned to the car and sat in the passenger seat, watching from the rearview mirror.

Wen Yu didn’t get into the car; he leaned down slightly to speak to the man inside. The car door opened, and the man got out of the car.

It looked like Wen Yu was unwilling to get into the man’s car. He stood there with his hands in his pockets, head lowered, like a child having a disagreement with their parents. However, the middle-aged man seemed to be particularly patient and kept trying to persuade him.

After a while, the car drove away.

Ji Anning saw Wen Yu standing there, seemingly lost in thought, looking at the fading shadow of the car.

But when Wen Yu returned to his own car, Ji Anning noticed that he didn’t seem to display any emotional fluctuations. His eyes were still clear, but his expression was somewhat stern.

“Who was that?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“Just someone irrelevant,” Wen Yu said. The choice of words indicated he was brushing it off.

Ji Anning began biting her finger.

At a traffic light, Wen Yu glanced at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Anning inquired, “So, what about your dad and your mom…?”

Wen Yu gripped the steering wheel tightly and said, “We’ll talk about it when we get home.”

Ji Anning responded with a “mm.”

However, Wen Yu couldn’t help but add, “My mom wasn’t killed by my dad.”

His tone was very firm.

Ji Anning breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good.”

Wen Yu gave her hand a reassuring squeeze with his right hand.

Ji Anning said, “Drive carefully.”

Wen Yu’s place had already been cleaned up.

In fact, a few days ago, a cleaning lady had come, and Wen Yu had chased her away. She might have been frightened by Wen Yu, so she hadn’t dared to come for a few days.

But before they left today, Wen Yu had called her and offered more money to come clean. By the time Wen Yu and Ji Anning returned, the house had been restored to a clean and bright state.

Ji Anning sat on the couch, listening to Wen Yu making phone calls non-stop.

He made a lot of phone calls.

There were calls to secretaries, assistants, lawyers, subordinates, and even someone named Lao Xing. He even called the school.

As he handled these matters, he had fully regained his composure, appearing as the confident and domineering Wen Yu of the past.

After making a slew of calls, he walked over, crouched in front of her, held her hand, and said, “I’ll be very busy these days. I’ve arranged for you to go to the school and to keep the house tidy. I’ll assign an assistant to accompany you; you can call him for anything, he can handle everything. I’ll also have your palm print added to the access control system.”

“If possible, I hope you can go back to school and return to your regular life,” he said, while gently brushing her hair off her forehead. “The days ahead are still long.”

“What about you?” Ji Anning asked, “Aren’t you going back to school?”

Sansukini: This is Father Wen’s chapter. At this point, you don’t need to give me a Wen Yu, I just want Wen Guoan. Such a wonderful person. So tolerant. He basically sacrificed a lot for Wen Yu. And Cheng Lian is a fool. Sometimes we just don’t see the treasure in front of us.

P.S. I’m sending prayers for everybody. I hope you’re all doing well, wherever you are. So many terrible things happening all over the world, especially with the war. I pray for everyone’s safety, and I pray for the souls of all who were lost.

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