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  • After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

    Chapter 3.3: An Undisturbed Date

      Lu Nan had always been on really bad terms with the Lu family. This time, Lu Nan would be holding his wedding because the second young master of the Lu family had plans to get married. Since they were not able to break their family rule of having the elder brother get married first, it was only then had the Lu family been urging Lu Nan to get married first.

      Lu Nan was known for his temperamental and cold personality all across Hong Kong. Even his subordinates would tremble with fear when they had to handle affairs with him, let alone had an intimate partner. Since his parents had already passed away, those elders in the Lu family had taken matters into their hands and began playing matchmaker after calculating his Bazi 1 八字: It refers to the birthdate characters used in fortune-telling. .

      Wu Xin mentioned that it was because the family backgrounds of those matchmaking candidates had way too many ties with the elders in the Lu family, so Lu Nan did not even want to consider any of them. Hence, that was why he would search for a suitable partner amongst his business partners in Mainland China and enter into a marriage agreement.

      Therefore, she had warned Lin Yuhe earlier on, and now she had yet again begun to stress on it.

      “Although this marriage is based on an agreement, you must not let anyone see through it. You have to act very intimately with Mr. Lu, like a real married couple.”


      Upon hearing such preposterous words, Lin Yuhe did not reveal any of his thoughts, and merely replied, “Alright.”

      Wu Xin went through all the numerous trivial requests once more. It was only when Lin Yuhe agreed to every single one would she have considered it to be completed. 

      As she spoke, she had unknowingly looked at her watch for an unknown number of times.

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      What’s more, Lu Nan had now become the chairman of Tai Ping.


      Fang Musen did not tarry any longer. “Regarding Mr. Lu’s requests, I am sure both of you should already be very clear about it, so I would say anything more than necessary. Young Master Lin, please follow me.”  

      As Lin Yuhe stood up, Wu Xin also followed them and said with a smile, “Yuhe is still young, so there are some things that he still does not understand. So, how about I accompany him this time?” 

      She had made up her mind about wanting to meet Lu Nan. Times had indeed changed, so if the current Lu Nan merely divulged a little news, albeit casually, it could bring about countless benefits to anyone.

      Hearing this, Fang Musen halted and turned to look at Wu Xin.

      He spoke with noticeable doubts pulling at his words, “These two gentlemen will be on a date, so what is Madam Wu intending to do by following them?”

      His question rendered Wu Xin somewhat embarrassed, so she forcefully laughed and faltered, “After all, it is their first time meeting……” 

      Fang Musen’s expression hardened. “Madam Wu should speak more cautiously.”

      “You should be very clear that Young Master Lin is Mr. Lu’s partner in marriage.” He continued, warning lacing his voice, “As for this sort of ‘the first meeting’ nonsense, I hope there will not be a second time.”

      Perhaps he had followed Lu Nan for a very long time that when Fang Musen’s face darkened, it held a faint sense of chilliness that struck terror into the heart of others.

      Wu Xin was rendered speechless, as she thought of herself warning Lin Yuhe repeatedly that he had to pretend to be intimate and must not be exposed. In the end, she instead made a mistake and could not help but be at a loss for words.  

      Eventually, she could only reply embarrassingly, “Yes, yes, I understand.”

      Fang Musen looked at his watch. “It is getting late, and Mr. Lu’s time is precious. I will be sending Young Master Lin there, so Madam Wu, perhaps you should head back.”


      Being at her wit’s end, Wu Xin could only leave.

      Fang Musen led Lin Yuhe to the side of the car. Taking a step forward first, he opened the door for Lin Yuhe and raised his hand to place it on the car roof.

      “Young Master Lin, please.”

      Lin Yuhe was rather surprised. “Thank you.”


      Fang Musen was much gentler than when he faced Wu Xin earlier. He replied respectfully, “I am just doing my job.”

      After Lin Yuhe boarded the car, Fang Musen sat in the passenger seat and notified, “Mr. Lu is waiting for you at the Huan Xing Restaurant on the top floor of the International Finance Centre. He was tied up in a meeting that had ended just two minutes ago, so he sent me to pick you first.”

      Lin Yuhe was a little puzzled as to why the other party was explaining all these to him, but he still nodded his head and answered, “Alright.”

      Half an hour later, the car arrived at the International Finance Centre. Both of them walked into the hall, and the lift attendant pressed the lift for them, but Fang Musen did not enter.

      Lin Yuhe was startled. “Aren’t you heading up as well?”

      Fang Musen bowed slightly and answered, “This is a date between two gentlemen, so there won’t be anyone else bothering you.”

      Only then did Lin Yuhe realize what was going on.


      I can’t believe that this is a real date?

      The lift was nearing the hundredth floor. After it arrived on the top floor, the lift attendant had only led Lin Yuhe to the entrance of the restaurant before he stopped.

      Thinking of how he had to face that unfamiliar Mr. Lu on his own, Lin Yuhe finally became somewhat nervous.

      He felt as if he was going to attend a crucial interview or thesis defense.

      Due to the similar atmosphere, Lin Yuhe even recalled his experience of the oral defense for the National Scholarship. 

      But even then, he was much more confident then than he was at that moment.

      The automatic door opened slowly. Lin Yuhe took a deep breath and entered the restaurant.

      The rooftop restaurant had already been cleared out, with no guests giving orders and no waiters coming in. There was only one person in the bright, spacious circular hall.

      As Lin Yuhe approached, that man’s gaze fell on him.

      Lin Yuhe had always feared the cold. It was chilly in the autumn evenings, so the current temperature was more than enough for him to handle. However, after that man’s ice-cold gaze swept over him, he felt himself getting slightly colder.

      It was like an invisible frost, gradually freezing his body.

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