After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

Chapter 3.2: An Undisturbed Date

  As soon as the last word left his mouth, he began to cough violently.

  Mrs. Liu held the oxygen mask that had been cast aside and carefully helped him with his breathing.

  Lu Nan had always been a man of few words. At this moment, he only responded, “Uncle Liu, don’t worry.”

  “Ah, ah,” Liu Gaoyi repeatedly replied, “I am relieved……”

  By the time the medical personnel came in to help the patient put on the oxygen mask again, the first fifteen minutes visiting time slot was already over. As such, both Mrs. Liu and Lu Nan left the ward, and the senior executives, who were pacing outside, hurried forward. They wished to contend with each other for a chance to be in the quota for the second visit. However, they were suddenly stopped by a group of men in black suits, who appeared out of nowhere.


  Before the senior executives could react, they had already been forcefully brought out of the caregiver area. In an instant, the entire corridor cleared out of them. Soon after, several people in plain clothes cleared the way, escorting a beaming and good-natured elder.

  The man came forward to shake Mrs. Liu’s hand, and she bowed slightly. “I am sorry for making you worried.”

  “It’s my pleasure. Old Liu had made such major contributions to our economy,” the elder said, smiling broadly.

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  “Just follow the procedures.”


  Following the procedures, once the Board of Directors meeting had ended next Monday, the news of the new chairman taking office would be officially made public, as well as announced internally to the Group. 

  This was sufficient.

  There was no need for Lu Nan to announce in advance to create momentum.

  Even though he was only thirty years old, the entire journey of Lu Nan taking office as the Chairman of Tai Ping had been nothing but steady and sure. Each step was perfectly justifiable and indubitable.

  Initially, Lu Nan possessed eight percent of shares in Tai Ping Group. With the addition of those three funds and the capital invested in the company, which were both under Liu Gaoyi’s name and was also worth thirty-six percent of the shares, the number of shares Lu Nan owned grew to nearly fifty percent. As a result, he became a controlling shareholder of Tai Ping Group, with the largest number of shares in his hand.

  Liu Gaoyi was right.

  ——Tai Ping could only belong to Lu Nan.

  With his head bowed, Fang Musen respectfully affirmed.

  As they walked out of the hospital, the sky outside had grown dim, with a nip in the air.

  These bleak, desolate days of autumn passed as the clear breeze blew by gently, soughing in the treetops.

  The weather was indeed about to change.




  The news of the changes in the Tai Ping Group’s senior management had been spreading rapidly. Wu Xin’s face also clouded when she heard that Lu Nan would be promoted to the chairman. 

  In the latest ranking of the top 500 companies worldwide, Tai Ping Group had already risen one hundred ranks. In fact, its development in the past few years was even more robust than that of the Lu family residing in Hong Kong. Although Tai Ping was established and then expanded by Lu Nan’s father, Lu Hongji, himself, he passed away early. Hence, Liu Gaoyi had been overseeing everything in Tai Ping all these years, wielding real power. 

  Thirteen years ago, Lu Hongji’s only son, Lu Nan, came of age and received the shares that his father left him. Afterward, though he had entered Tai Ping Group, his position was average, so it became very embarrassing for him. Not only that, but Lu Nan was also never liked by the Lu family, so he was really in a difficult situation.

  The word on the street was that this former father of the prince was a thorn in Liu Gaoyi’s side, as well as Liu Gaoyi ‘would only feel content and relieved after he had him eliminated.’ 

  However, no one would have expected that in the end, Liu Gaoyi had actually given Lu Nan every single share that he owned!

  Looking back at these years of hard work that Lu Nan had undergone in the Group, those business work experiences that he had garnered were considered as low-key, but were spread across a massively wide range of areas in the company. Also, what sort of rumors were they that speculated and belittled him of having no foundation? It was obviously a series of interrelated onsite training.

  ——It was as if Liu Gaoyi had everything planned right from the start, going out of his way to pave the way for Lu Nan.

  The moment the news got around, everyone was in an uproar. However, regardless of how everyone, inside and outside of the Group, was in turmoil, the shares were already securely grasped in Lu Nan’s hands. Starting as the most unvalued and neglected descendent of the Lu family, he leaped to the chairman of a financial giant. 

  The status of their partner in this marriage alliance soared overnight, yet after knowing about it, Wu Xin’s first reaction was not happiness, but rather regret. 

  That was the Tai Ping Group! Solely their tax payments in a single day were over dozens of times the entire assets of the Wu family.

  Even if it was the Lu family in Hong Kong, they were also not on the same level as it.


  Wu Xin could not help but wring her hands.

  If she had known it would come to this…… If she had known it would come to this, she would have married off her daughter and not recommended Lin Yuhe for the marriage alliance.

  But, Lu Nan’s people had already looked through Lin Yuhe’s information and settled the wedding. Hence, no matter how much Wu Xin wished, there was no longer any chance for her to replace the candidate. 

  She could only use the facts that there was a massive age gap between her daughter and Lu Nan, and the rumors of Lu Nan falling short, to comfort herself.

  Throwing yet another glance at Lin Yuhe, who was sitting across from her, Wu Xin reluctantly calmed herself down. 

  Anyways, this stepson had always been easy to deal with. By pushing him to go for the marriage alliance, the Wu family would be able to gain countless benefits.

  Wu Xin’s mind was whirling with many thoughts, while Lin Yuhe, who should be the one feeling most concerned, was, by no means, disturbed in any way. In the past two days, the financial industry in Yong’an, or rather the entire country, had undergone tremendous changes, yet when it came to him, there was not any effect on him whatsoever.

  However, he was concentrating wholeheartedly on the tablet in front of him.

  Tuesday’s class schedule was completely packed with lessons, from 7 am till 10 pm. Previously when he received Wu Xin’s messages, Lin Yuhe originally thought he was only required to have a meal. Who would have thought after Wu Xin finding out about Lu Nan being promoted to a chairman, she would call him out early in the morning and tell him that he had to wait for Mr. Lu.

  Up until the afternoon, there was still no news of that Mr. Lu, causing Lin Yuhe to miss an entire day’s worth of classes.

  Medical students generally had a heavy course load, so if one failed to keep up with the syllabus, it would be very difficult for him to catch up. Since he had to be there to wait, Lin Yuhe then took advantage of this time and began reading.

  While Wu Xin was busy using different methods to look into it, he had already completed three sets of questions.


  By the time Wu Xin had composed herself and called him, Lin Yuhe had just put away his tablet.

  “Seems like Mr. Lu will probably invite you over at dinner time.”

  Wu Xin warned, “I have already told you all that I had to say, so you must take note of your behavior.”

  Wu Xin had also given him a very detailed presentation of the marriage.

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