After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

Chapter 10.1: Guidance and Invasion

  The next morning, as Lin Yuhe was on his way back from Cafeteria 5, he happened to notice Fang Musen waiting on the ground floor of the dormitory. 

  “Eh?” He paused for a moment before he hurriedly checked the time. “Is it time already? Am I late?”

  Like before, Fang Musen still radiated a sense of neatness and refinement, as he comforted Lin Yuhe gently, “No, it is us who have arrived early. There are still 15 minutes remaining, so you can take your time.”

  Lin Yuhe heaved a sigh of relief before he hesitated, “Mr. Fang, you do not have to address me so formally.” 

  With a smile, Fang Musen asked, “Why were you out so early?”


  “I went to have breakfast……” As he spoke, Lin Yuhe suddenly realized something and felt rather uneasy. “Is there a rule that I was not supposed to have breakfast on the engagement day?”

  “No.” Fang Musen answered, “There is not any rule like that. I was originally supposed to take you to the hotel to have breakfast.” 

  “That is a relief.” Lin Yuhe smiled sheepishly. “I saw that it was still early, so I habitually went to the cafeteria.”

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  Fang Musen explained, “Chairman Lu had instructed me to apply for a visitor’s pass in advance.”


  Mr. Lu?

  Lin Yuhe thought, Who would have thought Mr. Lu would pay attention to details like this.

  As the car drove steadily along towards its destination, Fang Musen, who sat at the front passenger seat, pulled out a folder. “I will briefly go through the itinerary for today’s engagement party.”

  After sitting through Wu Xin’s bombardment last night, Lin Yuhe’s head began to pound at the sight of that folder. “……Sure.”

  Even after mentally preparing himself to sit through the briefing again on this long journey, it never came to him that Fang Musen would be so concise that it only took him less than two minutes.

  Fang Musen pointed out, “Once we have arrived, either myself or someone else will be with you. So, if there is anything, you can always tell us at any time. You do not have to worry about it.”

  He continued, “It might take some time before we arrive. But, a blanket and a soft pillow were prepared and placed in the backseat, so Young Master Lin can rest for a while first.”

  Lin Yuhe blinked for a second. “……Alright.”

  Glancing at Fang Musen’s back, he could not help but think of how refined, polite, patient, and considerate the other was. At first, he had deemed this as normal, but the moment he recalled how Fang Musen’s coldness towards Wu Xin when they first met, Lin Yuhe somehow could not figure it out.

  Why would Chairman Lu’s people treat me so well?

  Even with this thought, he did not voice it out as the car continued to drive silently. Over half an hour later, they had finally arrived at their destination.

  The engagement party was held at a hotel which Lin Yuhe had never heard of before, but it was only after he had arrived that he discovered although this was a hotel, it could have passed for a large manor.


  Since he only knew that regular folks would hold a banquet for an engagement party, Lin Yuhe had no experience in engagement ceremonies for the rich and powerful. Even so, this manor seemed to be constructed similar to famous historical and cultural sites. Also, it was so massive that Lin Yuhe got somewhat lost.

  Although he had someone follow Lin Yuhe and listen to his instructions at all times, Fang Musen still escorted Lin Yuhe personally.

  After taking numerous turns along the way, they finally reached a spacious and bright hall.

  Initially, Lin Yuhe assumed that this was the main hall for the engagement party, but instead, he heard Fang Musen explain, “This is the lounge that is used as a makeup room. Young Master Lin, please head in first.” 

  ……So, this is only a makeup room?

  Lin Yuhe was rendered speechless. Entering a room adjoining the hall, he found that the team of stylists and photographers were already waiting for him. 

  The stylists were agile and swift, so the majority of the makeup was done within half an hour. Subsequently, Lin Yuhe was directed to the changing room to get changed. As soon as he stepped out, the entire makeup room erupted into chaos.

  “Aaaaaah!! How is he so handsome?!”

  “It truly is a pleasure to have the chance to do a pretty young man’s makeup!”

  Despite the stylist team being professional, all the members were very young, so the atmosphere within the team was generally rather lively. It was only due to the strict Boss that they were accustomed to remaining quiet at work.

  It was the same this time, as they had to endure to the moment where their client had left before they began to squeal.

  “How is it possible for a guy’s skin to be so good?! I could not even see any pores at that close distance! Earlier, I held a concealer in my hand and could not even find anywhere to apply it……”


  “Tell me about it. My mind nearly went blank earlier. It seemed that no matter what I did to that face, I’d just be tampering with perfection.”

  “Exactly! It is a face that is absolutely immaculate and looks amazing from all angles. I reckon if we were to take a candid picture and put it on Kuaidou1 快抖: It is a browser extension to watch Douyin videos, and Douyin is the Chinese version of Tik Tok. , it would garner millions of likes!”

  “Come on, are you still thinking of taking a picture of him secretly? Why don’t you think about Chairman Lu?”

  “??? N-No, I can’t even think about him. I’d feel so cold from hearing his name……” 

  At the mention of Lu Nan, the volume of their chatter in the makeup room dropped dramatically in a split second.

  By the time Lin Yuhe returned, the dead silence returned anew to the room. The moment he stepped into the room, he had yet again caught everyone’s attention.

  Since the suit jacket has yet to be delivered, the youth was sporting a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt. The pure whiteness was seemingly a perfect match for Lin Yuhe. Even if it were the most ordinary and plain color, yet he exuded such an intense vividness in the eyes of others.

  Not only that, but the slim-fit dress shirt had also concealed that studious vibe from the youth and outlined his elegance at the same time. He had always had outstanding conduct, standing up tall and straight like green bamboo. At this moment, his dress shirt tapered at his waistline before tucking into dark leather. With just one look, that beautiful fine outline was sufficient to evince the ardency of one’s affection. 

  Everyone in the room was rendered stunned at the sight of Lin Yuhe. Out of a sudden, someone blurted out, “So handsome……”

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