After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

Chapter 9.4: Deep, Magnetic Voice Trembles the Ears, Causing the Tip to Feel Slightly Numb

  Shen Huixi brought Lin Yuhe to the staircase. At this time, there were hardly anyone in the hallway, especially when lifts were available for use. Hence, the staircase became all the more empty.

  It was only at this point where it dawned on Lin Yuhe that he was already chilled to the bone.

  Blowing on his cold hands to keep them warm, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

  Shen Huixi seemed to be struggling with his words. After weighing his words for a moment, he stated, “I went home today.”

  Lin Yuhe nodded his head.


  He knew that Shen Huixi’s family was in Yong’an, and also the fact that he came from a good family background. Previously, they had gone to his family’s villa to attend his birthday party, in order to celebrate his birthday.

  Shen Huixi turned to look at him. “I received an invitation for an event tomorrow.”

  Feeling that something was off here, Lin Yuhe began to have a hunch.

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  Although he was already used to seeing all sorts of contractual marriages, it was a different story when he saw something like this actually happening to his young roommate. So, he could not help but be at a loss for words.


  Concerning this marriage, he simply knew far too much, but instead, he was afraid to say anything about it in front of Lin Yuhe.

  Shen Huixi ran a hand over his face and eventually asked, “Don’t get me wrong. I did not mean anything by it. It is just that……do you know Chairman Lu’s age?”

  Lin Yuhe pressed his lips together. “Thirty one.”

  Shen Huixi observed, “So, he is ten years older than us.”

  As a matter of fact, an age gap of ten years was not considered as that much of a difference, but Zhen Ling was right. Since they were only in their twenties, there were not many who would be considering getting married. Whereas, it was a different story for someone who was in his thirties, as it implied that the person had long since been well versed in everything he did and had everything in his control.

  This was a matchmaking that was never meant to be fair.

  Shen Huixi sighed silently and stopped asking questions.

  His expression began to relax as he asked, “It is tomorrow, isn’t it? What time will you be heading out?”

  Lin Yuhe whispered, “7 in the morning.”

  Shen Huixi nodded. “Alright.”

  Since they had been classmates for four years, he was well aware of Lin Yuhe’s family background and understood the situation in the Wu family, as well as how the other had never been exposed to this social circle before.

  The most distinctive feature of that so-called sophisticated social circle in the upper class was neither a high-end extravagance nor a luxurious elegance. 


  But instead, it was the rules.

  On the surface, everyone must abide by them, but in the dark, they were made up of countless conventional rules that had trussed everyone up and even let them feel superior to others.

  For a newcomer like Lin Yuhe, it would be the most unbearable.

  Shen Huixi continued, “Tomorrow morning, I will return home first. Then I will be arriving at the hotel earlier to accompany you.”

  He was not sure to what extent of an exception this legendary impassive and cold-hearted Chairman Lu would make for his fiance in this marriage agreement. Based on what he knew of the attendance list, Chairman Lu would be very busy socializing at the engagement party tomorrow. 

  It would be best if there were someone taking care of Lin Yuhe tomorrow. However, if there were not any, he would still be able to help out in that aspect since he would be around.

  Lin Yuhe was taken aback at first but soon regained his composure. Shen Huixi probably came all the way back to school just to inform him about this.

  Otherwise, he could have spent the night at home.


  The word, ‘Thanks,’ barely left his mouth before he thumped Lin Yuhe’s shoulder gently.

  “Alright already, what are brothers for?”

  As soon as Shen Huixi raised that question, he looked at Lin Yuhe’s shoulder. “Why are you still so cold after being indoors for so long? How long have you been standing outside in the wind?”


  Lin Yuhe replied, “Not too long.”  

  Shen Huixi urged somewhat helplessly, “Now, hurry back into the dorm to warm yourself up.”

  They went on to make their way downstairs together. While waiting for the lift, Shen Huixi suddenly called out Lin Yuhe’s name.


  Lin Yuhe turned to look at him. “Yes?”

  Just as he was about to speak, Shen Huixi closed his mouth again on second thought. Under Lin Yuhe’s puzzled glances, Shen Huixi finally stated, “I will look for you once I have arrived at the hotel tomorrow, so remember to keep an eye out for a text message.”

  Lin Yuhe nodded. “Alright.”

  Casting another glance at Lin Yuhe, Shen Huixi remained silent.

  To his surprise, Shen Huixi had gotten to know the truth of this marriage and could see that Lin Yuhe was currently feeling low-spirited. For the sake of not increasing the other’s burden, there was something that he ultimately decided that he was not able to tell him.

  At the age of thirty, it implied that marriage had long since been old news.

  Moreover, it was someone, like Chairman Lu, who was a well-connected and wealthy elite.

  There were some things that Lin Yuhe had never been exposed to, yet Shen Huixi knew them very well.


  At tomorrow’s engagement party, apart from those relatives and friends that harbored various thoughts in their minds, there would be all sorts of investors, collaborators, business partners, …… 

  And also Chairman Lu’s ex-fiance. 

The author has something to say:

The whole story is a complete 1v1 without any cannon fodders, and there won’t be any wealthy families’ entanglements or cliched drama involved. Please do believe me! Lu Nan only has Ning Ning in his heart, and Ning Ning only has his studies in his heart!

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