After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

Chapter 10.2: Guidance and Invasion

  At an instant, that soft exclamation quieted the entire makeup room. Someone hurriedly tugged at that person, signaling to stay silent.

  With a client standing right before them, how could they comment so consciously?

  The manager hurriedly intercepted, attempting to rectify the situation. “Mr. Lin, the suit does indeed fit you perfectly, so we could not help but compliment out loud. Please come and have a seat, and we will finish styling your hair.”

  They were a bundle of nerves while observing Lin Yuhe’s countenance, but he merely smiled. “It is actually because of everyone’s great skills.”

  Not only did he not seem offended, but he also went on to compliment all the stylists. Hence, everyone heaved a sigh of relief, and at the same time, they could feel their hearts swell as well.


  Good looking people were generally well-liked, but he was also so gentle. At once, several young stylists became obsessive fans of his.

  They plucked up their courage and began to chat with Lin Yuhe. Gradually, the atmosphere in the makeup room livened up when Lin Yuhe was answering them patiently. 

  That was until that man pushed the door open.

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  “It is the same design as yours.” Lu Nan spoke in a deep voice, “The suit has arrived, so give it a try.”


  Lin Yuhe obediently stood up. “Alright.”

  His assistant uncovered the suit from the garment bag and sure enough, it was just as Lu Nan said. Apart from it being in white color, the suit was similar to the one Lu Nan was dressed in.

  Even though they were wearing the same design, their styles were vastly different, displaying the notable difference between that black and white suit so incisively and vividly.

  Noticing the assistant had passed the suit jacket over, Lin Yuhe was about to stretch his hand out to grab it. However, someone else took it before he could.

  With the suit jacket in his hand, Lu Nan lifted his chin slightly, beckoning to Lin Yuhe. “Turn around.”

  Lin Yuhe blinked for a second. “I can……”

  Before he could finish speaking, he was silenced under the man’s gaze.

  Lin Yuhe coughed lightly and touched his nose before turning around obediently.

  As he was turning, he inadvertently caught a glimpse of a flickering red dot at the side and belatedly realized what was going on.

  Oh right, the video camera was still filming.

  The voice of the man behind Lin Yuhe already sounded so close to his ears. “Raise your hands.”

  Lin Yuhe did as Lu Nan said. Even though he was still two centimeters shy of 1.8 meters, his figure was long and slender, even his action of just raising his arms was also very beautiful. He was then enveloped with the whiteness of snow, layering himself with another coat of delicate beauty and coldness.


  In the eyes of some people, it looked like Lu Nan was wrapping a present with the last layer.

  Once he slipped into the suit jacket, a pair of big slender hands reached over, smoothing out every wrinkle for him.

  However, it was very difficult for Lin Yuhe to pay attention to that pair of hands. Since the man was standing within arm’s reach, Lin Yuhe’s mind had been entirely captured by the man’s scent. Hence, Lin Yuhe could not help but hold his breath furtively.

  Bit by bit, that crisp woody fragrance once again overbearingly occupied all of the air around him as if Lu Nan was trying to mark him with this fragrance.

  Although Lin Yuhe was used to the ebony wood’s strong scent, he could never imagine that this fragrance would one day become so intense.

  It was only until his suit was finally properly fixed that Lin Yuhe could heave a sigh of relief furtively.

  Far too near.

  He thought.

  Even if it were Mr. Lu, who had unintentionally emanated an imposing aura, Lin Yuhe would also not be able to endure. 

  When the man took a step back, Lin Yuhe was finally able to calm himself down. Just as he was about to thank the man, his pupils suddenly shrank.

  ——He watched Lu Nan take a tie from his assistant’s hand.

  ……You’ve got to be kidding me! Could it be that he wants to…… 


  Lin Yuhe subconsciously swallowed, yet he still felt his throat become increasingly dry. He promptly thought to reject, but his shoulder was already gently pressed by the man’s palms.

  “Raise your head.”

  The man spoke monotonously as he extended his hand that was holding the tie and pressed the back of his hand against Lin Yuhe’s lower jaw before lifting his head upwards gently.

  “Don’t move.”

  Clearly, not much force was exerted on his shoulders and lower jaw, yet Lin Yuhe felt that he was easily suppressed by the other. 

  Out of the blue, he recalled the moment when Mr. Lu was helping him tie a scarf around his neck at the campus entrance. During that time, the man also did not give any explanation and held his knuckle to Lin Yuhe’s throat, not allowing him to make any movements.

  Lin Yuhe’s back stiffened slightly as he unconsciously began to feel a slight numbing sensation in his throat.  

  He discovered that Mr. Lu’s desire for control was indeed very strong. 

  Not being allowed to resist, Lin Yuhe could only continue to endure. With his lower jaw raised stiffly, he allowed the man to make any movements he wished around his neck.

  The man’s movements were fluid, and his hands were very beautiful. Even though Lin Yuhe received compliments for his beautiful hands since he was young, he was all the more envious of Lu Nan’s fingers with distinct joints. Not only that, but the back of his hands also had bulging blue veins, making his hands look very strong.

  Not wanting to raise his head to meet his eyes, Lin Yuhe could only lower his eyes and watch Lu Nan’s hands.

  It was just that he rarely came in contact with formal dressing, so he seemed rather perturbed as well. Before he was able to watch the other’s movements clearly, the man had already made a beautiful knot.


  An elegant Windsor knot was formed successfully, as it laid bound on Lin Yuhe’s fair neck.

  This symbolized a marriage, as well as a ceremony.

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