After She Died

Chapter 4.2

[Sorry, your daughter has been violated, you now have three options—

A: Contact Chen Xueqing to help testify and go straight to the police.

B: Take your daughter away.

C: Kill them.]

The options on the phone screen are that cold.


Your consciousness gradually returns, and with trembling fingers you slowly select A.

You can’t just leave it like that.

The police will help you. Now that there are witnesses and physical evidence, the police will definitely help you! 

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Call the police.


This is your only option and you trust the police to give you justice.

You don’t let your daughter wash away the evidence and take her to the police station.

A policewoman at the police station comforted your daughter’s restlessness. The environment there gradually calms her panic and she cries more than once to explain all that has happened to the police. A little later, Chen Xueqing is also brought in by the police.

Not daring to lie, she also cried and explained to the police where she was coming from.

“They, they took pictures, and if I don’t do it they’ll send out the photos.”

Chen Xueqing was also a victim, even earlier.

Her father was furious at the back and went up to her and hailed her with a slap, despite the police stopping him, “How can you be so indiscreet as a girl!!! Shame on you!!!”

Chen Xueqing’s father was furious and couldn’t stop cursing.

She hissed, “They forced me to do it!!!”

“Why did they only force you instead of others? You are the one who seduces others! You’re destined to be a prost!tute all your life ! !” 

The man’s curses filled the police station.

Her daughter is frightened and coweres in the corner, crying silently.


Chen Xueqing’s mother did not say anything, as if acquiescing to her husband’s words.

You see the despair flowing from the child who is the same age as your daughter. In this moment you no longer hate her, let alone blame her, only left with a powerless pity in your heart.

The police let her parents out and Chen Xueqing continued, her expression much calmer, “My parents are usually busy outside. Those boys often come to my house and threaten me if I don’t agree. They also had people beat me up at school.”

Chen Xueqing lifted her sleeve and her arms were covered in bruises.

“They sometimes call other people and give three hundred yuan each time, each time, and I can get fifty.” Chen Xueqing wiped her tears, “That’s why I had no choice but to call Xu Xingxing ……”

The police looked at each other and asked, “And you agreed? Why did you not call the police?”

Chen Xueqing said, “My parents don’t come home every month. I can’t even pay for my exercise books, fifty …… fifty is quite a lot.”

Fifty yuan, she used her body in exchange for it.

The police station was silent and your daughter, sitting next to her, stopped crying and reached out to hold her fingers.

There was no suspense in this case. A few days later, the police arrested the two juveniles who committed the crime, but because they were not of criminal age, they could only be given warnings. The two are expelled from the school and at the same time the news of Xu Xingxing and Chen Xueqing being raped spread throughout the city.

Your life has not been made any better after the closure of the case, and you are facing even greater storms.

As long as you go out, people always point fingers at you. Your daughter’s books are always torn open and it is filled with vile words such as “slūt” and “b!tch”.


You are ready to let your daughter drop out of school and start a new life again at a different place.

But what you didn’t expect was for Chen Xueqing to suddenly accuse you of rape.

“That rag picker has no wife, so it’s not surprising that he would do such a thing.”

“Maybe that adopted daughter is also violated by him.”

“Oh gosh! How sinful.”

You are taken away by the police and your daughter is chasing behind the police car. Everyone around you is watching in excitement  and all you can hear is your daughter’s voice —

“My father is wrongly accused — !”

“Let go of my dad, please don’t take him!!!”

You are wrongly accused, but no one is listening.

In court, Chen Xueqing insisted that you are the rap!st and the other party’s parents testified in court and even produced photographs of the scene. 

At the trial, you see the two little youngsters standing in the corner with a smug and seemingly victorious smile on their face. 

Your heart turns cold. 


You understand now that this is a pre planned conspiracy.

In this world, whoever the powerful make a criminal is a criminal; whoever is said to be innocent is innocent.

You stare dead at everyone there, but they are ridiculing, giggling, mocking, laughing at your stupidity, at your poverty.

The trial ended and you are temporarily detained in the detention centre due to lack of evidence.

A week later, Chen Xueqing suddenly withdraws the case and you are released.

You are already tired. You hate them but you can’t fight them. 

It is better to take your daughter with you and leave this place.

It is cold and snowing heavily.

When you are almost home, you see three men coming out of the hallway.

“That pony is really something worthy of being introduced by Zhao Dong.”

“We’ll get a few more guys over tomorrow, she is still young and cheap.”

You stop in your tracks, your body trembling.

“Who the hell are you, get out of the way!”

The five large men push you to the ground and heckle you out of sight.

Your short body is hunched over in the icy ground, unable to even cry out.


Your daughter is watching you from the doorway.

She is young, wonderful, like a flower. A flower that has been ravaged by the wind and snow and battered by the cold.

“Zhao Dong said he wouldn’t let you out unless I listened to him.”

Your daughter said this calmly, like Chen Xueqing at the police station when she bared her story to the police.

She accepted her fate with no hint of light in her eyes, “Dad, it’s okay. You’ve raised me so well, how can I not care about you.”


The phone that the police have returned to you rings again.

[You are faced with a final choice —

A: Call the police.

B: Take your daughter away.

C: Kill them.]

The same choices as in the past.

A fate linked to the past.

Your eyes are red and you do not hesitate to choose —



Your son is dead.

Killed by a rag-picker titch.

His young body was put in three separate sacks and dumped in a foul-smelling dump, and it took the police three days to find all the parts of his torso.

He was still a child and didn’t deserve to die.

You hated it and your alcohol-paralysed brain was left with nothing but hate.

As the wind and snow swayed outside your window, you see in a daze that the phone in front of you is lit up.

[Welcome to the ⟨⟨Re- Life⟩⟩ App. Time will go back to January 1, 2019 and you will have the chance to reset Zhao Dong’s life.]

You hiccupped and pressed it.

Nothing happened.


That sh!t lied to an old man.

You threw your phone on the ground, groped for the wine bottle and were about to drink it, when your son’s voice rang out, “Dad, give me some money.”

You sobered up a great deal and looked incredulously at the face of your son that appeared in front of you.

“Dad, do you hear? Give me some money!”

“Okay, money, money.” You took out the banknotes from your wallet and shoved them all over.

The son took the money and left contentedly without saying anything.

You can hardly believe what is happening in front of you, and your hands are busy pulling out your phone, on which there are several options.

[A: Stop Zhao Dong from hurting Xu Xinxing.

B: Stop the murderer first. 

C: Kill the murderer to avoid future troubles.]

“Heh, fck that titch.” You’re on fire at the mention of that rag picker imp. You didn’t pay attention to this bullsh!t option and called a few brothers from the road directly.

Dealing with the kind of stuff that lives in the heap of garbage is just duck soup. 


A few days later, someone saw the corpse of an old rag picker in a garbage dump. A broken Nokia in his pocket still had a hint of battery left and an unread text message received three days ago.

[Dad, I’m going to Chen Xueqing’s house to see the cat.]

[Daughter Xingxing stays.]


The author has something to say:

It’s over. Some parts of it may be unacceptable, however the reality may be more cruel than what I have written.

I hope every girl shines like a star, but there is always someone who wants the star to stop shining.

Finally this short story is my way to generate more love and empathy, so I hope you won’t give it a low star rating. If you want to rate it, give it five stars, or quit if you don’t like it, thanks.

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  1. Calelemonade

    If that drunkard choose to stop his son from rap*ng the girl then we might get a HE but alas some people suck. Anyway thanks for translating this!<3

    1. Mily
      Mily [Translator]

      Agree, some people simply don’t deserve second chance :/
      Thanks for reading 💖

  2. LicoLico

    Author-sama really knows how to kick very hard…. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now: a mixture of disgust, sadness, rage, disappoitment… (╬ಠ益ಠ) This is tragic, but sadly very realistic story – hate feed hate, tragedy is made of people’s selfish and stupid decisions :< Thank you very much for translating this story and giving us a slap of reality (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡ Take care!

    1. Mily
      Mily [Translator]

      Thank you for reading (⁠✿⁠ ⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠)

  3. tenshineko

    😭 What horrible people, what a horrible app. Even worse than her first life, because she doesn’t avoid her fate AND her father suffers through it all as well and ends up dead. It gave him a brief, futile hope that he could save her, but her fate was never going to change no matter which option he chose, because her friend (who was crappy but also had horrific parents) would eventually lure her in. BTW, getting 50 for being pumped out – that’s like $7.50 USD.

    I remember why I avoid the tragedy tag. Now I’m so angry and sad at how terrible the world can be. It reminded me slightly of the murder of Junko Furuta – still probably the most sickening murder I’ve read about. The young men involved received fairly light sentences considering the amount of torture they inflicted, and some of their parents were aware of her captivity and did nothing. It always shocked me how much detail came out about what happened, because it means that someone actually admitted to the horrible things they did (I don’t think her body was in a condition to figure it out). Uh…apologies in advance to anyone who goes to look up the story.

    Thanks for translating. I’m gonna go watch cute puppy videos or something for an hour 😭

  4. Blubeagle

    I am beyond horrified.

    Interesting and rather pathetic people. How do you make those decisions and how do you not kill the perpetrators?