After She Died

Chapter 4.1



Even if you are uneducated, you know that there is no way in the world that such a thing could happen.

You know it’s a joke or a scam, but you hesitate and click the button.



The screen flashed with a white light, the sky suddenly changed, and after the light dimmed, the surrounding area returned to silence.

A gust of cold wind blows and a few flakes of snow fall from the sky.

You hold out your hand in disbelief, staring in amazement at the snowflakes that are about to dissipate from your fingertips.

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Your daughter is standing beneath the white snow, with a beige scarf wrapped around her neck that you knitted for her with your own hands, some years ago and the few lines are open.


She looks like a budding flower, standing quietly with her book in her arms, gazing at you with such clean shining eyes.

“Xingxing…”1 Xingxing means star

Your eyes are tearful, your heart is aching with a twinge, and you can’t help but cry like a child.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you?” 

Your daughter runs over to help you. Noticing your thin clothes, her brow furrowed and she starts nagging you, “It’s so cold, why did you come out without any clothes on?” Noticing the phone in your hand, she asks, “Dad, did you change your phone?”

You dare not let her know what happened, and hide your phone without changing your expression, “Whether it’s cold or not, let’s go up.” 

Your daughter takes your hand and walks step by step towards the house.

She starts cooking. You surreptitiously survey the home furnishings and the news as everything reverts back to half a year ago.

With uneasiness in your mind, you take out your phone again and suddenly find that the app has changed. There is a new set of options to choose from. 

[Your daughter will be leaving for her cram school in half an hour, you choose —

A: Send her in person.

B: Let her go alone.


C: Stop her from going.

Note: Your choice will directly affect the outcome of your daughter and once you choose, you will have no right to interfere with the course of events.]

You suddenly remember that your daughter’s earliest change began when she went to cram school on a certain snowy day and that today might be the origin of the tragedy ……

Without hesitation, you choose C.

“Xingxing, Dad is not feeling well, can you not go to the cram school today?” 

Your daughter is stunned.

She has always been obedient and dutiful to you, and you are sure she will say yes. As luck would have it, she nods her head.

As the night wears on, your daughter has gone to her room to do her homework and no changes appear on the screen.

Glancing down towards the closed door of the room, you breathe a sigh of relief, finally leaning back against the sofa and closing your eyes.


The phone rings.

It displays a small line of text – [A change in events has occurred, do you wish to view.



The next second after clicking the option, a video window appears on the screen. The window showed the figure of your daughter. The time in the upper right corner was 8:50pm. Your daughter is looking at her mobile phone, and there is a small picture on the mobile phone screen. A small button surfaces on your phone screen and you try to tap over to see the contents of your daughter’s phone.

[Chen Xueqing: why didn’t you come to cram school today?]

[Xingxing: My father was not feeling well, so I didn’t go.]

[Chen Xueqing: Then do you want to come to my house to see the cat? She gave birth to little kittens today.]

[Xingxing: The cat gave birth? ! ! ! ]

Several exclamation marks on the screen expressed your daughter’s excitement.

[Chen Xueqing: Yes, come on, come on, don’t you want to have a cat, I can give you one.]

You don’t know what your daughter is thinking of. She was silent for a while and then typed out slowly. 

[Xingxing: Forget it, our house is not very suitable for cats, but I can still take a look. Wait, I’ll be there right away.]

She closes her phone, puts on her clothes, sneaks out of the house without you knowing, and rides her bike through an alley.

Your daughter’s back looks like it’s about to be swallowed by the night.


You get chills all over your body and chatter your teeth as you continue to look down.

Your daughter parks her bike at the entrance of the community, walks gingerly into the building and knocks on the door of the house.

The door opens.

It’s Chen Xueqing, your daughter’s best friend.

“Xingxing, you’re so slow in coming.”

There are two other boys in the house. Your daughter is obviously hesitant as she lowers her voice and asks, “How come Zhao Dong and the others are here too?”

You remember your daughter mentioning the name, a delinquent student at the school. The head of the school was a relative of theirs, and even when they committed a crime they were only given a couple of verbal lectures.

“Hee Hee Hee, it’s okay, there are so many people.” Chen Xueqing took your daughter’s arm and led her in with a smile, “The cat is in my bedroom, I will show you.” 

Something’s not right…

Xingxing, Xingxing, don’t go in there with them!

Don’t go in there! ! !

You are screaming, dropping your phone and trying to rush out the door, but you are relentlessly blocked by an invisible barrier.

[Your choice will directly affect the outcome of your daughter and once you choose, you will have no right to interfere with the course of events.]

The words came clearly to mind.

Thud –

You fall to the ground, and the phone that has fallen next to you continues to display the scene on the screen.

You see a dim room with the curtains closed;

You see your daughter being pinned to the floor by the two teenagers;

You see her being pulled like rags. Trampled. Ravaged.

You see your daughter crying, the teenagers laughing, the girl outside the door holding the black cat and sobbing against the wall;

You see her fight to the death and end up with nothing but numbness……

And then——

You hear the sound of the shutter clicking, with a cynical warning.

“Xu Xingxing, we have taken all the photos. If you dare to tell anyone, I will send a copy of these things to each person. Do you hear me, stinky b!tch?!”

She didn’t say anything, cowering in the corner with her clothes around her, like a lifeless puppet. 

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