Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


I wake up at dusk, and Cang Wu, who had disappeared all morning, is the one who woke me up. HuiMeng LuoLuo gives me an injection and some painkillers, then she asks Cang Wu to take me back to my room to have a rest.

Cang Wu is silent all the way back while supporting me, but when we arrive at my room, he sighs deeply and says to me, “I’m, Sorry, I shouldn’t have left you.”

I shake my head and feel embarrassed when I see Cang Wu’s usual poker face showing a trace of apology.

“No need to apologize, it’s my fault that I didn’t listen to you. I’m the one who should apologize to you.”

Cang Wu stares at me, looking hesitant, but finally sighs before saying to me, “Ye ShiJiu, I know you didn’t mean it, but── you shouldn’t care so much.”



“The floor is under Teal’s control. You shouldn’t overstep yourself. Likewise, Teal should not interfere with the area you will be in charge of in the future.”

I am surprised that Cang Wu even thought that I am too caring.

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I nod to Cang Wu, eyes inadvertently glancing at the red dots on his neck. I’m surprised, are there mosquitoes in the Absolute Wing Hall, where the temperature is quite low?


“Ye ShiJiu…” Cang Wu stands by the door, the orange light faintly shooting in from outside the door makes half of his face red. He stares at me with his dark eyes, his brows and thin lips slightly curled down, and his expression of pity made me feel confused. “There are many rules in Absolute Wing Hall that I can’t tell all of them right now, so I can only tell you slowly later. But for now, I can give you a piece of advice first…”

“The rules in this Prison are absolute. The rules in the Absolute Wing Hall can’t be changed by any means, and the outside regulations are not applicable here. Now that you have entered this Prison, you have to be mentally prepared.”

Early the next day, about five or six in the morning, Cang Wu comes knocking to my room. He brings a pair of rationed electronic watches, which have not been given to me, and also brings back the baton that I lost in Li’s cell yesterday.

Cang Wu tells me to wear the watch first, and then lets me follow him to his building to observe their usual working procedures. He said that he will accompany me back to my building and perform all the procedures once again, so that I can adapt to the job here as soon as possible.

The building under Cang Wu’s jurisdiction and mine are connected, so it is very convenient to go there. On the far left side of each building is a staircase, the same as on the right side. Cang Wu leads me to the far right. Only then do I find out that there is an elevator beside the rightmost staircase.

“So there’s an elevator here?” I look at Cang Wu strangely.

“Sorry, because I usually use the stairs, I forgot to inform you yesterday.” Cang Wu hands me an oval gray remote control lock about the size of a coin.

“This is?”

“The elevator is usually locked. Each of the prison guards here will be assigned a remote control lock so that the prison guards can use the elevator.”

“Oh~” I feel relieved when Cang Wu says this. Yesterday, I climbed the nine floors with Cang Wu, and to be honest, I am not that used to walking the stairs like Cang Wu.

Perhaps, to save time, Cang Wu takes me to the elevator just now (because he would follow me to my building later to operate the same process), so he takes me to the elevator and goes one floor at a time.

The work in the morning is very simple, let the prisoners out one by one, then go to the Dining Hall downstairs to dine together.


As we arrive on each floor, the same whispering voices buzzes again like yesterday. But Cang Wu doesn’t seem to care very much, and his attitude today is much more relaxed than yesterday. Maybe it’s because of the familiarity between the area he manages.

Cang Wu wears an electronic watch with his right wrist and heads to a black box about the size of a book next to the cell. There is also an electronic censoring device on it. After he pressed it a few times, the door of the cell next to it opened automatically.

“The electronic watch is equivalent to the key of a cell, which can release the prisoners. After the prisoners return to the cells, the electronic watch is used to unlock and lock the cells. I will teach you how to operate it later.” Cang Wu explains to me without stopping as he opens the cells on this floor one by one.

The strange thing is that the prisoners in the Absolute Wing Hall are obviously dangerous prisoners, but none of them have handcuffs or fetters. They move quite freely. And after leaving the cell, they all go downstairs to eat. .

I have avoided a few prisoners passing by me, who are whispering maliciously while peeking at me as I try to catch up with Cang Wu who is walking fast. “Mr. Cang Wu…”

“Ye ShiJiu, it’s Cang Wu.” As he gave me a look..

“Cang Wu, don’t you need to manage the released prisoners?”

“No, we don’t have so much manpower. No matter how many times we count, there are only four prison guards. Just enough to manage their own floors. No one has the time to take care of other floors…” He pauses, turns his stern face and says, “Of course, it’s also not allowed.”

I wrinkle my brows as I follow him into the elevator. “But in this way, don’t you fear that there will be riots in the Hall or opportunity to escape?”

Cang Wu presses the elevator button with a dismissive expression.

“They can’t.” He puts his hands around his chest and leans his back against the wall. “If they want to escape… You should have seen it when you entered here. The Absolute Wing Hall is surrounded by desolate and uninhabited deep forest, and the outside of the deep forest is full of strict guards. Even if a prisoner escapes from the Absolute Wing Hall, if he is not lost in the deep forest, he will be arrested and sent back as soon as he manages to leave the deep forest.”

I nod. It is indeed true. Before I entered the Absolute Wing Hall, I had to pass through several layers of rigorous barriers to enter.


“As for the riots you mentioned… The Absolute Wing Hall has its own factions, classes and rules. To survive in Absolute Wing Hall, you can only follow this set of rules, conform to and obey your faction and class. Otherwise, it’s difficult to stay safely here, so they don’t dare to riot casually, they can only work and rest like they are now.”

“What factions, classes and rules?” I ask as the elevator dings and arrives at the ninth floor.

“I’ll tell you that slowly, but first, I must warn you. The rules in Absolute Wing Hall for prison guards and prisoners are the same, and we ‘MUST’ abide by them.”

I do not respond, following Cang Wu out of the elevator.

There is only one prison room on the ninth floor of every building, and Cang Wu’s building is no exception. I walk behind Cang Wu, and I seem to vaguely hear a slight sigh from him.

“Let me tell you this rule first. The prisoners on the ninth floor are the so-called ‘King’ of each building. Simply put, they are the leader, with the highest position of each faction.”

“So, Li is the ‘King’ of Teal’s building?”

“Yes, the ‘King’ of Yaren’s building is Gui Shang, my ‘King’ is Tian Hai, and your ‘King’ is Gu Yan.”

Gu Yan, this is the third time I’ve heard his name.

We arrive in front of the “King’s” cell, which is the same as Li’s cell that I observed yesterday. The space in this cell is frighteningly large. At the same time, I noticed one thing, it seems that only the cell on the ninth floor has no door lock switch outside.

“Cang Wu, the cell door is not locked, and there is no censoring device next to it?” I ask, looking very puzzled.

“The ‘King’ moves more freely than others. They can enter and leave their cell freely. We have no control over them.” Cang Wu just pushes open the door of the cell as it isn’t locked. However, as soon as Cang Wu opens the door, his electronic watch immediately beeps.


“This is…?”

“This is the notice when the ‘King’ is out of the cell. Although we don’t have the right to manage the freedom of movement of the ‘King’, we can know if he enters and exits the cell. And when the King leaves the cell, we must rush to check it out immediately. It is a disguised surveillance.”

I nod and follow Cang Wu into the cell.

“Wu, who is he?” A voice other than mine and Cang Wu’s rings in the cell.

In the middle of the room stands a man. The man is tall, with clear and fair skin, and his shoulder-length golden hair looks very shiny, the kind that would shine along the sun. The man is very handsome, but with a feminine appearance── he is Cang Wu’s ‘King’, Tian Hai.

“He is the new prison guard I told you about, Ye ShiJiu Lang. I am taking him to familiarize himself with the prison guard’s work first.” Cang Wu introduces me as the man looks at me in a playful way, but not with a look of interest. He only glances me up and down twice before turning his gaze back to Cang Wu.

“Gu Yan’s person, right?” Tian Hai asks Cang Wu, completely ignoring my existence.

Cang Wu nods to Tian Hai, but I don’t agree with Tian Hai’s words very much. I am the ‘prison guard’ of Gu Yan’s building, not his ‘person’!

Tian Hai clicks his tongue and smiles at me. “What a pity, Little Wolf, you will live under a real big and wild wolf’s claws in the future.”

I don’t really know what to say, so I don’t respond and just place a hand on my waist, but I also don’t give Tian Hai a good look. Because Tian Hai is giving off a contemptuous and ridiculing attitude towards me when he mentions Gu Yan, like he is watching a good show.

“Tian Hai, don’t scare him.” Cang Wu’s eyebrows wrinkle, his dark pupils seem to flash with little flame. It is the first time I see him like that.

“I’m not scaring him, Wu, you know it yourself. Don’t spoil him so much. This will only make him less capable to adapt to the cruelty of this place in the future.”

“Stop talking, Tian Hai!” Cang Wu seems to be angry. His eyebrows knitted tightly, and his eyes seem to be cutting sharply at each other.

“Wu, don’t test me, and don’t take this opportunity to lose your temper at me.” Tian Hai’s face also sinks down. Although his face is expressionless, but the faint aura from his body would not lose to the obviously angry Cang Wu. “If you provoke me, you should understand how you will end up.”

Tian Hai’s aura is the same as Li’s, both are obviously intimidating. I don’t know what Tian Hai’s so-called ‘end’ is, but it is definitely not a good thing. Cang Wu falls silent. I see his white gloved right palm tightly clenching behind his back.

“I’m sorry, I’m wrong.” Cang Wu apologizes to Tian Hai and sighs slightly.

At this moment, my heart is beating so fast that I feel a little uncomfortable. I don’t understand why Cang Wu, as a prison guard, needed to apologize to such an arrogant prisoner. But I don’t impulsively jump out to speak like a reckless young man. With yesterday’s lesson, I chose to observe quietly from the side.

“Very good, that’s right.” Tian Hai smiles and asks, “Wu, are you going to stay behind his newcomer?”

Stay behind? I don’t understand what its hidden meaning is, but I could vaguely sense that Cang Wu seems a little panicked.

“No, I’m just here to inform you to go down for breakfast, and I will take him back to Gu Yan’s side later, so it can’t be helped.” The expression on Cang Wu’s face is less like he couldn’t help it and more like he doesn’t want to.

“Okay, I see, then stay after lunch.” Tian Hai’s tone is clearly commanding.

“Okay.” Cang Wu replies very briefly.

Translator’s Note: We finally met the couple of the Absolute Wing Hall Series #3! You guys might get confused about their conversation at the end of the chapter since there’s hidden meaning to it. Oof, angst in the air oh!

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