Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


“Why should we bow to him? We’re prison guards!” I can no longer hold my curiosity back and ask him when we reach the second floor of my building.

Cang Wu doesn’t look at me. He just looks at the ground of the elevator door and blankly says to me, “Because he is the ‘King’.”

“Cang Wu, don’t give me ambiguous answers.” I press aggressively.

Cang Wu knitts his graceful eyebrows and his black eyes stares at me, his emotions seem to have not yet receded. “Ye ShiJiu, don’t let me keep reminding you that you should not care too much! This is my building, you don’t have the right to intervene.”

After speaking, he goes out of the elevator without paying attention to me. It seems that even if I ask him any more questions, he would only answer me with that cold face, so I just close my mouth sensibly and only ask questions about the operation.


There are many things that I can only slowly understand by myself.

There is no major problem with my initial management, and the operation of the door lock switch of the cell is fairly smooth. Although everyone in my building cannot help whispering curiously when seeing my new face and casting strange gazes at me from time to time, but when I get to the third floor, I am almost used to those eyes, and there is nothing to care about.

When I reach the eighth floor, two guys named Nuo La and Yi OuMu look obviously hostile to me, and when they pass by my side, they bump me with their shoulders.

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I take a deep breath, and my voice reverberates in the cell. “I am your new prison guard, Ye ShiJiu Lang.”


The man flips through the book, his movements are very elegant, and it takes a while for him to raise his head and look at me.

The man has red-orange hair, not too long but not too short, just enough to touch the bottom of his neck, and the end of his hair is naturally curled. His skin is very white and transparent, as if I would be able to see the blood flow of the blood vessels underneath. He has a good-looking face with beautiful lines and exquisite facial features. It’s the kind of facial features that are perfect when seen by the sides and even more perfect when viewed at the front. Especially his lips, its pinkish blush is very beautiful. His eyelashes are very long, moving along his attractive eyes.

Like Li, he has the same delicate look of a beautiful woman, but he is also the same as Tian Hai, they have the characteristics of masculine charm. In short, he is a man who can make people believe that no one in this world will not find him attractive.

However, I can’t help but feel funny. At the bottom of my heart, there is a suspicion that the Absolute Wing Hall is only looking and picking at the people’s appearance.

“Oh──you’re the new guard?”

Gu Yan looks at me up and down. His emerald green eyes are like lake water, and I am like a pebble that has been thrown into that lake, causing ripples of an evil spectacle in the depths of his eyes.

At this moment, I have no idea how deeply entangled I would get with Gu Yan afterwards.

A pair of transparent eyes like green glass beads are staring at me, and the flames of evil intention are visibly burning within them. I also fearlessly stare at him, trying not to be outdone, but I obviously overestimated myself. I feel like I am surrounded by a green lake and a whirlpool is sucking me in. I give up my weapon and surrender as I look away uncomfortably.

“You can go down for breakfast, Gu Yan.” I say as I put one hand on my waist, looking mightily to display my power.

“Yes, I know my name… You are called Ye ShiJiu Lang, right? Then can I call you Wolf?” Gu Yan smiles and narrows his eyes. His smile is light and refreshing, but although he used interrogative words, his tone is absolutely overbearing.

“Fine with me.” I raise my head, but meet his approaching handsome face. I become startled and I instinctively want to take a few steps back. But his white and slender fingers seize my jaw, and I feel the pain of being squeezed between the jaws.

“Then, Little Wolf, what happened to your face?” Gu Yan closely examines my face. There is actually a large piece of gauze on my forehead, and a piece of bandage on the bridge of my nose. All of them were Li’s masterpieces yesterday. .


“It’s none of your business, is it?” I swat Gu Yan’s hand. Maybe I hit him a little too much, because the back of his delicate white hand becomes red.

Gu Yan caresses his hand without much emotional fluctuations, but when I meet his green eyes, the look in his eyes is like a sharp blade cutting me.

“How can it be none of my business? You are my property now… Dear Wolf.” Gu Yan’s sensual lips raise slightly, and the non-smiling look under his long eyelashes sends a shiver down my spine.

“I am not your property.” Hearing Gu Yan’s ridiculous words, I lower my voice to retort, intending to intimidate him. But in his ears, it appears that I am just a dog whispering because of fear. Instead of getting angry, he just laughs out loud.

“Sure enough, a newbie is a newbie, right? Cang Wu?”

I follow Gu Yan’s gaze and look at Cang Wu, thinking that he would speak for me. But Cang Wu just blinks his eyes at me, asking me not to continue arguing with Gu Yan. I purse my lips. Even though I am unwilling, I decide to listen to Cang Wu’s words first. I no longer talk nonsense topics with Gu Yan, and only return him with unfriendly eyes.

“Gu Yan, don’t embarrass him on his first day of work here.” Cang Wu maintains a steady attitude, while Gu Yan smiles without saying anything.

I feel very uncomfortable.

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