Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


“Well, it doesn’t matter. Little lamb, are you okay? Li didn’t break any part of you, right??” Teal completely ignores my corrections, and just changes my wolf character to lamb. I got a terrible nickname! Meanwhile, Yaren on the side smiles triumphantly, which makes me a little unhappy. I still want to correct them, but Teal suddenly grabs my shoulder and examines my body all over.

“There’s nothing serious, just some little fleshy wounds.” Teal’s rude movements hurt my body, so I hurriedly raised my palm to signal him to stop tossing my body.

“Ha! It’s good that you are all right, otherwise Xue Luoyi will definitely scold me so bad this time…” Teal sits down along the edge of the hospital bed, takes off his police cap, and slaps it at me as he smiles. “By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet? My name is Teal, I’m the prison guard from Li’s building.”

“Okay, I know.” I nod.

Teal smiles while wrinkling his brows, looking very playful. He is a very pleasant looking person.


“How did you get to Li’s cell?” Teal asks.

I am just about to answer, but Yaren takes the lead and answers for me. “It was Cang Wu who took this kid. It seems that Xue Luoyi asked Cang Wu to tour him to the whole Hall. They may have started looking at your building first, right?”

“Oh! Cang Wu? Then, what happened to Cang Wu? How could he let you run around alone?”

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“Frlyjkdt sq vbkp, Ya. Mlyz…”

“Lamb, just call me Teal.”


I couldn’t help sighing, already lazy at correcting him.

“Teal, I think I have to bring up this matter for discussion. The reason why I broke into the cell was because I found that the boy named Li seemed to be assaulting another boy, not just this…” I continued, “I found that the cell was not locked either. I think not only the bullying incident occurred in the prison, but also the management of the cell seems to be negligent. I should report it to the superiors.”

I don’t know if it’s because I seem to be blaming him for being irresponsible, but Teal’s originally clear expression becomes gloomy for an instant. Although the corners of his mouth are raised, his whole aura becomes more and more gloomy… It‘s a bit scary, I even see the ill-tempered expression on his face like the boy named Li for a second. Even Yaren on the side is no longer smiling. 

The two of them stare at me, making me wonder if I had said something inappropriate.

“A rookie is a rookie, not understanding anything──” I could hear the irony in Teal’s words.

I frown, not understanding why Teal would ridicule me in this way. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what I just said.

“Ye ShiJiu…” Yaren pats me on the shoulder, and says to me earnestly, “You still don’t know the rules in the Absolute Wing Hall, so you feel that Teal is negligent; if you don’t understand the life here in Absolute Wing Hall, you will feel that there are bullying, aggression and other problems. But I have to tell you── these phenomena are just the norm in the Absolute Wing Hall, and they are nothing more than normal.”

Yaren’s beautiful peach blossom eyes show only serious expressions at this time, without any impropriety, but what he said makes me think that it is nonsense.

“Of course you can also report to our superior, but I think Xue Luoyi will just laugh it off.” Teal stands up, and the confidence in his words makes me believe that Xue Luoyi would really just laugh it off.

I furrow my brows, and my head becomes blank. It’s difficult for me to digest what they said.

At this time, I am still naive and completely unaware that I am just discovering step by step the real Absolute Wing Hall, that is concealed by a dim barrier caused by my ignorance.

“You care too much, Ye ShiJiu…” When Yaren said this, there was no smile on his face.


“I…” I am still unwilling to give up, but the sudden creak of high heels on the marble floor draws their attention away.

“Hey! Do you think the medical room is a prison guard chat room? Don’t you have to worry about the prisoners?” HuiMeng LuoLuo abruptly comes back, still chewing a bread in her mouth, while also carrying big and small bags in her hand, which seem to contain food.

“I’ll be back soon.” Yaren grins, returning to his previous playful look, as if nothing had happened.

“Well, now that I’m back, you can roll out and let the patient rest.” HuiMeng LuoLuo throws the food on the table and waves unceremoniously to drive the two men away.

“Ah~ I still want to talk more with lamb.” Teal also regains his naughty energy, pouting and shouting like a cute puppy.

I stare at the both of them, wondering if I had a quick dream just now?

“You can talk for some time in the future. Now, you two, get out! As for you, lie down and rest!” HuiMeng LuoLuo points at me bossily like a queen.

Yaren and Teal don’t dare to defy, they just touch their noses and leave in a hurry. When I notice HuiMeng LuoLuo staring at me, I don’t dare to say anything, so I just lie down and rest. Anyway, my body still hurts, I just need rest to alleviate the pain in my head.

It doesn’t take long before I drowsily fall into a black dreamland again.

Erza’s Note [Translator]: I changed Rei’s name into Li. Because ‘Rei’ is how it is pronounced, but the name’s spelling in Chinese is ‘Li’. I’ll also edit the other chapters.

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