Pet Dog

Chapter 23 – But he is just a dog.

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi



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Chapter 23 But he is just a dog.

The hot water just didn’t reach his chest. Yue Xiujin leaned on the wooden barrel and rested his arms on its edge. He looked at the floating surface of the water and couldn’t help sighing.

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Su Xue immediately got up and ate his food. He had a full stomach first. In case he really made himself hungry and thin, he would not have the strength to climb the master’s bed, let alone mate with the master’s soft body. He had to have a strong body. 


Strong healthy male dogs need to eat more to maintain their strength.

After eating, Su Xue lazily wandered around the tree to digest, then squatted to a place where the sun could reach, half-squinting his eyes to bask in the sun.

However, when he came back in the evening, his master still walked past him without looking at him, deliberately ignoring him, and directly ordered the servants to tie him to the woodshed at night.

Although the food was delivered and the bath was prepared for Su Xue by someone, the sleeping place could not be moved from the woodshed to the master’s bedroom.  Su Xue deliberately scratched the wooden room door and wailed for a whole night. The cry was very pitiful and sad. At night, the yard where only Yue Xiujin stayed alone was quiet and cold. The whole yard could hear the not very loud, but pitiful wailing. Yue Xiujin was lying on the bed, listening to the scream, and could not fall asleep even by turning over and over again.

The next day, with a pair of red eyes, he ordered the servants to retether Su Xue in the yard. He was still ignoring Su Xue. Su Xue squatted, staring at the door of his master’s bedroom like a statue, looking so pitiful. The distressed servants who watched him grow up since childhood came to tease it one by one, but no matter how they teased  Su Xue,  Su Xue stayed still, his green eyes only stared at his master’s bedroom.

As soon as he saw his master open the door, Su Xue stood up immediately, wagging his tail happily at his master.

Yue Xiujin did not even glance at him as if Su Xue did not exist at all.

Seeing that the wagging of the tail could not attract his master, Su Xue immediately lay on the ground and rolled several times, deliberately whispering, trying to attract the master’s attention, and even deliberately rolled to the master’s feet.

However, the owner lifted the robe, raised his feet, and crossed him indecently, and shook the robe after he crossed over him.

Su Xue was left dumbfounded. 

Ooh…How can the master do this?

Su Xue got up and yelled three times at the back of his master: “Bhow!” Master, do you have a dog outside? Do you really want your beloved Su Xue? Master, you really don’t want me anymore, I will go crazy to show you, I really will go crazy to show you!


The robe floated past the door, and the master’s figure became completely invisible.

Su Xue fell on the ground and yelled and rolled around. No one was able to pull the dog on the leash, Su Xue almost pulled the person over, the pull was so strong that even an adult man could not resist it.

Wang! I’m going crazy! I’m going crazy! I’m going crazy to show my master!

Su Xue rolled all over the dust and rushed under the tree, with his two claws making pits, and digging out pits of different sizes around the tree, he went to grab the tree after destroying the ground.

In fact, the dog leash could not hold Su Xue at all, but Su Xue deliberately did not break the dog leash, and only damaged it to the extent that the dog leash could be pulled. No one could stop him from doing the damage.

So, as soon as Yue Xiujin stepped into the yard door, he saw that the tree with Su Xue tied to it was surrounded by large and small pits. There was a pit where Su Xue’s rice bowl was thrown, and the bark on the trunk where Su Xue scratched his hair and everything Su Xue could catch was a mess of scratches.

Su Xue, who was originally white and clean, was covered with mud, and his fluffy hair turned gray, and on the tip of his nose, there was a small piece of mud stuck to the dog. Only a pair of straight ears could be considered clean.

Yue Xiujin raised his eyebrows, then coldly raised his mouth, and said to  Su Xue, “You did this?” 

Su Xue’s usually cute face showed an arrogant expression of “I did it, what can you do with me?” Lifting a front paw in front of the owner, shaking the dirt on it.

“Very well, now you fill in the holes.”

Su Xue lifted his chin: “Aoao…” If you don’t fill it, I will continue to dig the hole.

After the call,  Su Xue kicked away a piece of mud beside his paw.


Yue Xiujin could tell from his movements that his dog refused to fill the pit, and sneered again and again: “Okay, if you don’t fill the pit, then be tied to the tree tonight.”

Su Xue turned his face and moved directly to lie down on the dirt. The big dog swayed his big gray furry tail.

He is now a dog with dignity, saying that he will not fill the pit without filling it.

Yue Xiujin laughed angrily at him, “Well, since you like to be tied to a tree, then you will spend the night under the tree today.”

Su Xue turned to look at his master, and quickly turned back, his chin raised high, with arrogance. Everything about his appearance screamed arrogance.

He is now a dog with dignity, he cannot surrender to the feet of his master so quickly, he must be arrogant, audacious, and dignified.

The arrogant, audacious, and dignified Su Xuezhen was then tied to a tree for the night.

He looked up to the left to look at the twinkling stars, and to the right to look at the moon as bright as a jade plate. There were no clouds in the sky at night, only the breeze brushed its fur.

Su Xue, who was arrogant, audacious, and dignified, shook off the mud on his body, his paws untied the collar skillfully, quietly turned to the back of the house, opened the window, and flexibly jumped into his master’s bedroom, gently he jumped onto the owner’s bed, took the quilt, and opened it slightly, smelling the owner’s lower body from the owner’s face, and checking the owner’s body for the smell of other people, especially between the owner’s legs.

He could only smell a hint of alcohol from the owner, and there was no other person’s smell between his owner’s legs, only the residual smell after mating with the owner. Su Xue happily rubbed the genitals under the crotch, and his big rough tongue could not help but lick his master. With a handsome face, it picked up and pulled the quilt, and leaned over to the owner’s side.

Su Xue put his face on the pillow. The pillow was only suitable for one person, and most of his face was suspended outside the pillow.

If the owner doesn’t touch others now, will he never touch others again in the future? Would you like to be my partner?


He doesn’t know, he wants its owner to be its partner, not to let the owner touch others, and only mate with himself. The owner smells like him from the inside and out, but the owner is not his partner, he will mate with him, but he will also mate with others.

He does not want his owner to mate with others. He will be jealous. He wants to be the only mate for his owner. Only by forming a relationship can he be the only one to his owner. He will only then be qualified to require the owner to mate only with him.

But he is just a dog.

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