Pet Dog

Chapter 24 – Late at night, the owner climbs the doghouse

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 24 Late at night, the owner climbs the doghouse.

When the sky was dark, Su Xue quietly left his master’s bedroom, rolled in the mud, and made himself look embarrassed again, he then put on his collar and lay under the tree, as if nothing had happened.


Yue Xiujin really angered Su Xue. He had seen a dog who had a bad temper, but he had never seen a dog who had been angry for two or three days straight. Which dog will eat meals on time and take baths on time, but ignore the owner? The dog laid on the ground all day, showing a lifeless expression. When he saw his master, he showed a look of “you heartless man”. In addition to the chaotic pits around him, the dog looked as if Yue Xiujin owed him a beating.

Yue Xiujin was angry yet found it funny. If it were normal, he would have slapped Su Xue’s head and rubbed Su Xue’s ears and face, but he was giving his pet dog a cold shoulder, so naturally he could not treat Su Xue like this, otherwise he would be too close to Su Xue, and would not be able to help but open his cu*t for Su Xue to lick, and when he was too drowned in pleasure, he would lie down and let Su Xue ride him.

Yue Xiujin tightened his wet holes, the juice slipped down his smooth thighs, his eyes were dull and unclear. It was too difficult for him. Since he tasted the pleasure Su Xue gave him, his body has been churning and jumping for his dog after knowing the taste. He would always think of the bliss of being licked by his tongue and being knotted by a huge pe*is. He turned into numbness and it disturbed the fleshy canal and his intestinal walls. In the past, only his hungry pus*y secreted lewd water, but now even his back hole secreted intestinal juice, making his lower body wet all day long.

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Yue Xiujin pulled off his robe, the robe slipped to his feet, and his body was left naked in the wind under the vast sky. Long hair was draped over his shoulders, chest and back. The two ni*ples were in contact with the cold air and suddenly tightened. The areola appeared to be wrinkled, the nip*les were sharp and pointy, and the lower body was hairless. There was a smooth, and a watery s*xual organ stood hard under the cr*tch, it could not tolerate for a long time and turned red.


The scrotum was missing under the s*x organs, and you can see the fleshy seams that were red at a glance. The slender fleshy seams hung from two bloodshot and swollen lips. The fleshy pedicles stood shamelessly proud at the top of the split lips, and the fleshy mouth was slightly opened and was slack, obviously the hole had been recently played with, and the shit hole at the back was still inserted with the jade d*ldo.

Yue Xiujin kicked off his shoes, climbed n*ked into the soft round doghouse, hugged Su Xue who was long and fluffy, clean and beautiful, and buried his face deeply in Su Xue’s neck.

“Su Xue…” He hadn’t remembered how many times he had buried into Su Xue’s neck. Every time the warm and soft long hair gave him a sense of peace of mind, he felt a bit more secure.

Su Xue also wanted to pretend to be a dignified dog. No matter how much the owner pleases him, he will also show a noble and glamorous look of contemptuous dog, but when the owner hugs his neck, with his owner’s face buried in his own sensitive neck, he could not stand the action, and the smell from the owner’s body burrowed its way into his nose.

He is a dog with dignity. He is a noble and cold dog. He is a dog who despises his owner. 

Su Xue raised his head and looked at the roof of the house. He told himself in his heart that the owner had treated him rudely for seven days, seven days! And at night when mating with the broken jade stone, his owner not only heard him, but also saw Su Xue, the owner didn’t put him in his eyes at all, otherwise why did it take so long to think of him.

Su Xue raised his paw and pushed his master, wanting the master to see his noble and cold-eyed face.

The dog’s face was full of contempt for the owner, he wanted to let the owner understand that he will not forgive the owner so easily.

But as soon as Su Xue’s paw touched the owner’s hot chest and body, the owner hugged his neck tighter, and his lips pressed against his ears and moaned softly. His hot breath was sprayed directly into his ears. The shaking of his ears could not stop the owner from turning towards his ears and sighing inside them.

“Um…” Su Xue hummed quietly, expressing his dissatisfaction: I’m still angry, don’t whimper into my ears anymore.

Yue Xiujin put his face on Su Xue’s angled face, and moaned depressingly, “Su Xue, lick my face.”

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