Only I Know that The Villainess is Actually A Good Girl with a Beautiful Heart

Chapter 18-19: The Brilliant Academy Life

It had been half a year since I became a student of the Magic Academy.

In the last six months, I had been curious about my fiance, Risha. I was afraid that she might not have any friends, or even worse, she might be being ignored by the others.

I would like to do something to my beloved fiance, Risha, as soon as possible, but I decided to talk about it with Risha, and she said, “This problem comes from my weakness, and if I am not able to handle it by myself, even if Your Highness Claude made a move, the situation will not change. I am happy with Your Highness Claude’s feelings, but I don’t need any help this time. Rather, I will lose my pride as Your Highness’s fiance if I am not capable of solving it myself.” Therefore, although I wanted to, I was not able to make any move since it was the same as trampling on Risha’s determination.

As I was spending those days, I fully realized my cowardly self.

Is it selfish of me if I thought that she should rely on me a little bit, though I already knew from the start that she was a good daughter?


It seems that Risha herself knew why she was being hated, which made me relieved. That’s why I hoped I could give her a hand.

“Wh-why are you looking at my face so much?”

“Hm? Isn’t it obvious? It is because my fiance looks very cute. What does Risha think about me?”

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“Ebu es usw zssj ps byrru?!”

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In my delusion, I made a lot of friends, able to express my true feelings to His Highness, and the brilliant academy life was spreading there. 


However, the reality was harsh, far away from the academy life inside my imagination. It had been half a year, but I still had not become friends with anyone, and the reality almost made me want to ask His Highness Claude for help.

*Ch 19: Ignore

I was His Highness Claude’s fiance.

This means that I would become the queen in the future.

Nevertheless, it was a foolish idea to bother His Highness Claude with my own problem when I was supposed to be the one who gave him helping hands.

I believed that as the future queen, I needed to solve my problems by myself. 

If I asked His Highness Claude for help, he would definitely help me.

If His Highness Claude asked me whether it was okay if he helped me, then he would say, “You don’t need to keep it by yourself. In exchange, you will help me when I am having a hard time.  Therefore, it will be equal.”

But. But.

Although I had always been helped by His Highness Claude, I had never helped His Highness Claude. Not even once.

Finally, I understood why my mother raised me strictly. There is no love like parents’, but I was already old enough to understand my parent’s hearts.

As I noticed how much I was loved by my parents and their feelings towards me little by little, even if I understood it that time, I would still be happy that I could feel and understand it myself.


Yes, maybe it was the sign that I had become an adult, and it would affect how I think at the time when I was about to have His Highness Claude’s child in the future.

At the same time, it also became the sign that the marriage between His Highness Claude and I was approaching.

Therefore, I should not stay like this forever.

It was horrifying to imagine that I would be the queen without any support from the noble ladies. That means, the one who stood on the top of the noble ladies was not able to control them. Even if His Highness Claude would forgive me, I would never forgive myself.

As I tightened up my determination and motivation, I was still struggling with this difficult problem called social relationship.

“Ara, isn’t it Risha-sama?”

“Charlotte-sama, good morning.”

“Hmph, I will ignore that! Please excuse me.”

Ahh, today, Risha, who was the fiance of His Highness Claude, was being ignored again.

If this situation reached my parent’s ears, I would definitely receive a full course lecture from them.

But I could not forgive Risha-sama.


And, it seems that the other ladies were also the same. They all ignored Risha-sama as well.

Even if it was a little, all of them like His Highness Claude.

Despite being in the position as his fiance which was being envied by the others, all words that came from her mouth that was directed towards His Highness Claude were “I hate you,” or “I don’t yearn for you,” or something like that.


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