Main Story: Chapter 33 The Baron’s Daughter

“Miss, good morning–! … Ara? It’s rare for you to be still on the bed at this time.”

It was the day after I had an audition with Daisy in the castle. The one who came inside my bedroom showing her liveliness in the morning is Sara.

I was awoken by her voice, so I opened my eyes.

“… Good morning. You are early…”

“Fufu, after all, today is the day of the tea party with the princess. It is a battle you shouldn’t lose!”


It was like she was telling me that I overslept, but actually, I was usually still asleep at this time. In my opinion, the one who was strange is Sara, since she was full of energy in this early morning.

I will tell you, it was still dark outside…

I grumbled in my head but finally woke up my body. And then, there was not only the appearance of Sara coming into my eyes.

“Miss, let’s dress up to the fullest!”

“Firstly, you need to take a light bath! We need to show off our princess!”

“Yes… Let’s dress up the Miss prettily so that the other ladies will not try to do anything weird to her!!”

“The neighboring princess is not on par with our Miss! Of course, our Miss is the best!!!”

Behind Sara, a number of maids appearing one after another.

Everyone was all full of strange motivation and the atmosphere became very hot.

(I thought I only have the morning tea party with the neighboring country princess in my today’s schedule….)

According to Father’s words, it seems that the princess had arrived yesterday evening and for the remaining time she would be staying here.

It was actually an informal invitation—The ones who knew about her arrival were only the aristocrats, so there was no parade or such things to welcome her.

And today, I would go to the castle and be her “speaking partner”.

Just a few days before, I felt really nervous. Maybe because I now knew that she is Sieg’s little sister, I was able to say goodbye to this feeling.

… It was what I supposed to feel.

However, I couldn’t figure out why the maids were all very excited.

And since I was just woken up, I couldn’t follow their tension.

“—Okay, now let’s have a bath. After a light preparation, you will take an early breakfast and then continue to do the authentic preparations.”

Sara said to me with high tension and then clapped her hands twice.

The other maids got the signal and charged in. My head was still empty because I just woke up, and I let them did whatever they wanted to do to me without any resistance.


Finally, after the preparations that felt like a hard training, I was wrapped in a gorgeous costume and decorations. Now, I was heading to Father’s room before going out.

The pale yellow colored dress has a simple princess line, and the ornament and jewelry were modest but instead, it was decorated with laces and drapes. Moreover, this dress was ordered directly by Mother.

The time when we went to the tailor to made some dresses for the tea party hosted by the Queen, I thought the dresses ordered for me were too many… But I now knew that it was a necessary thing to do in order to face this kind of irregular situation.

After all, because I rarely made new dresses, so the outfits that I usually wore were all out of size now since I was growing.

When I reached Father’s room, in front of the door there was Anna who wore a dress that I had seen before. She was originally Anna Cellars who was the daughter of a Baron Family.

“Anna always wears the maid outfit, so you look really different now. You are so cute!”

“N, no way… I felt bad for wearing Violet-sama’s dress, and moreover… I felt bad for lending this dress.”

The dress was one of the outfits that I had worn before, but the impression was different when Anna was the one who wore it. Her light brown hair and the pairs of sky blue eyes really matched the sky blue dress as I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

… If I’m not mistaken, it was one of the dresses I bought that didn’t fit with my hair color. It was the day I realized the hardship to have purple hair.

“You look good on it, and the length doesn’t match with my height anymore, so you don’t need to feel that way. I will be happy if Anna received it. Now, let’s go.”

“I wonder why I was also called. Moreover, I was not called as a lady attendance, but as the daughter of the Baron…”

“Hmm? I too didn’t know about the details. I just heard about it last night at the same time when Anna received it as well, and nobody told me more about it after that.”

“I see…”

As her usual expressionless face was crumbling, she anxiously looked around and she looked like a small animal. She was so cute.

For the time being, let’s ask for the details from Father.

That was what I thought as I knocked on the door.


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