Mind Reader

Chapter 54

Without Su Yao needing to say a word, just by looking at her expression, Liang Chuyuan guessed the result.

He frowned. “Zong Ming?”

Su Yao knew she had made a “big mistake,” so she immediately brainstormed a countermeasure. After two seconds of tense silence, she looked at him and said, “Honey, are you angry?”

Liang Chuyuan: …

Well, he couldn’t bring himself to be angry now.


Actually, eating barbecue isn’t good for your health.

“Okay, okay,” Su Yao didn’t dare to argue. “There wasn’t much choice anyway.” After explaining the situation with the barbecue in detail, she emphasized, “Please note that I only got this barbecue because I didn’t attend the dinner.”

Liang Chuyuan’s eyes showed a hint of amusement. The way you act makes me feel like I’m domineering and unreasonable.

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“Where do you think she could be?” a colleague asked Su Yao.


Su Yao shook her head. “I don’t know.”

“Aren’t you sharing a room?”

“But she didn’t tell me,” Su Yao sent Huang Wan a text message and then put her phone away. “Let’s go in. We shouldn’t keep people waiting.”

By the time they finished their work, it was already late. Zong Ming had booked a private room and insisted on having dinner with some clients, so Su Yao couldn’t refuse and had to go along.

When the dishes were served, Zong Ming sent Su Yao a private message: Huang Wan replied.

Su Yao checked her inbox but didn’t receive any messages. Guessing that Huang Wan might have only replied to Zong Ming, she replied, “That’s good.”

Immediately after, Zong Ming sent her a screenshot of his conversation with Huang Wan. In the screenshot, Huang Wan’s reason for being unreachable was absurd.

She claimed she had gotten drunk and just woke up.

Su Yao curled her lips. She couldn’t neglect the guests. She put her phone away without looking at it again.

For the next four days, Huang Wan didn’t show up.

Su Yao was relieved. With Huang Wan absent, she could chat freely with Liang Chuyuan without any reservations.

On the last day in Yun City, she spent most of her time entertaining clients. This wasn’t something Su Yao was supposed to do, but since it was arranged by Tian Lijun, she had to do it. By the end of the evening, she had drunk quite a bit of alcohol, which was only the result of a few refusals.


“Are you okay?” Su Yao felt dizzy and light-headed. Someone reached out to support her, but she waved them off without caring who it was. “I’m fine.”

Zong Ming watched as his hand was left hanging, feeling disappointed but not dwelling on it for too long. He asked another colleague who was still relatively sober to help Su Yao back to her room and stayed with them until they were safely inside before leaving.

Su Yao collapsed onto the bed. Her phone had been vibrating in her bag for a long time, but she hadn’t heard a thing. She fell asleep and didn’t wake up until morning.

When she woke up, she almost vomited from the smell emanating from her own body.

Stumbling into the bathroom, Su Yao took a hot shower. When she came out, still feeling a bit dizzy, she sat on the bed and checked her phone, only to be startled by a dozen unread messages, all from Liang Chuyuan.

She opened one and read—

Liang Chuyuan said he was coming back early and wanted to come to Yun City to find her.

The message was sent in the early hours of the morning. Su Yao suppressed her excitement and immediately checked the flight schedule, taking into account the time difference. The nearest flight would land at 8 p.m. that evening.

But she was leaving Yun City at 5 p.m…. However, that wasn’t a big problem. She could just inform the others and delay her return by a day, which wouldn’t make much difference since it was almost the weekend.

She lay back on the bed and typed with her legs swinging: “Shall I pick you up at the airport?”

Miraculously, Liang Chuyuan replied.

He said: “Just wait for me at the hotel.”


Huang Wan said her luggage was at the front desk.

Some of the colleagues accompanying her were critical of her occupying a spot on the business trip but not fulfilling her duties. Su Yao didn’t want to engage in the discussion. After bidding them farewell, she asked the front desk to change her standard room to a double room and paid for two additional nights. In order to welcome Liang Chuyuan with the best state of mind, she caught up on her sleep in the new room. She slept all day, waking up to the sound of the alarm, just in time for Liang Chuyuan’s arrival.

He said he had arrived in Yun City.

Taking advantage of the time it took to get from the airport to the city center, Su Yao hummed a tune as she walked into the bathroom. After a refreshing shower, she put on the suspender skirt she had brought to Yun City but hadn’t worn yet. Sitting on the edge of the bed for a moment, she received a message from Liang Chuyuan.

Liang Chuyuan: I’m downstairs.

Without a room card, Su Yao threw on a white cardigan and eagerly went downstairs.

As soon as she stepped out of the elevator, she saw the person she had been longing for, and her lips curved into a smile.

Running over, she hugged him tightly.

She noticed he had lost a lot of weight.

Separating from him, she looked at him urgently. “We’ve only been apart for a week, and you’ve lost so much weight?”

Liang Chuyuan seemed not to have heard her question. With tenderness in his eyes, he caressed her soft cheek. “I want to give you a surprise.”


Su Yao glared at him. “Don’t change the subject!”

But before she could say more, Liang Chuyuan leaned down, his lips near her ear.

“Yao Yao.”

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