Immoral Holidays Chapter 6.1

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Translator’s Note: Hi guys! I’m back with a new series. Hopefully I can commit to this until the end. Chapters 1 to 5 have been translated by Lorelai which can be found in novelupdates so I’ll be continuing from there. Chapters from 6 onwards are pretty long so I’ll be splitting them in a lot of parts because I’m pressed on time. Let me know what you think of the series in the comments! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Chapter 6.1

Lunch was carried out in the dining room, Ling Cheng Yun was still at the military department’s unnecessarily long conference but because there was a guest coming, they decided to go ahead and use the official long table.

Madam Ling sat at the head of the long table, while the two brothers, Ling Wei and Ling Qian sat across each other. The long table was wider than the breakfast table so there was no need to worry that Ling Qian’s long legs would secretly extend and harass him again.

The guest was a superior blonde noble lady, her identity in the league was equal to that of Madam Ling’s, and her husband, General Deng Xiu Luo, stood on equal terms with Ling clan’s in the military authority system.

“General Ling and Deng had been in a meeting for days right? I was really lonely so I especially came to see how you were doing, but I didn’t expect to see your two handsome sons at the same time. How rare.” Madam Xiu Luo was younger than Madam Ling by around 8 years and had been using expensive skincare products to maintain her 30 year old face. If you took a sudden glance at her, she would look like a 20 year old.

“Indeed, the military school is on a holiday, sadly it’s only for a few days.”

“Right. As wives of generals, we also have our fair share of complaints against this hateful compulsory military school.”

Different from the Mrs. Ling who previously couldn’t successfully give birth to a son, she was able to get pregnant the same year she married Deng Xiu Luo and happily gave birth to a boy carrying the blood as the future heir of the Xiu Luo clan. This stabilized her position in the federal high society.

Before having their meal, Housekeeper Wei walked over and personally set down a complicated set of utensils.

Madam Xiu Luo smiled warmly and proposed to Madam Ling. “For the time being, don’t pay attention to those cumbersome etiquettes. There is only two of us mothers here and also these two cute children. I hope I don’t sit at the other far end of the table, it often ends up so far that you can’t even see the other person’s face.”

Madam Ling also agreed and nodded. “That is right, we have always been arranged to sit at the far end of the tables. To tell the truth, it really is too much.” She turned around to instruct the housekeeper. “Housekeeper Wei, please move Madam Xiu Luo’s position right next to Ling Qian.And also, please move my seat right next to Ling Wei, this way it’s much easier to hold a conversation while eating.”

After changing the seats, they felt much closer.

Madam Ling’s personally made salad made Madam Xiu Luo surprised. “It really is very delicious! This is the first time I’ve tried Madam’s cooking.”

Madam Ling politely accepted the other party’s compliment and smiled, explaining. “My cooking is actually pretty average, however, because it’s rare for the children to come home, no matter what, it’s still a mother’s duty to cook right? Ling Wei, eat a little more, Mother specially put in your favorite cherry tomatoes, they were all freshly sent over.”

“Yes, mom. I will try to eat them.”

“Ling Qian, you also have to eat a little more, a growing child needs to eat his vitamins.”

“Mom, I have already eaten a lot.” Ling Qian sighed and said with a spoiled tone.

Two boys. One was respectful and dignified, the other was good-looking and lively. It made Madam Xiu Luo very jealous.

In the end, they still acquiesced and ate their mother’s hard-worked salad.

“Madam Ling. You really are blessed. No wonder all the madams of the generals are deeply jealous of you. Have you heard? Recently, when General Chen’s daughter-in-law got married, she made a promise when she blew out the candles of her cake. She wished to become as blessed as Madam Ling in the future! Such a clever young lady, don’t you think?”

Madam Xiu Luo chuckled faintly which made Madam Ling unable to hold back and reveal an elegant and beautiful smile.

Ling Wei was currently in distress, it felt like a cat’s claw was ruthlessly scratching on his heart. When he raised his head, he came into contact with Ling Qian’s calm and composed smile, his attitude seemed like he was just a listener in the two madam’s conversation.

He actually didn’t have a single sense of guilt!

“You are also very blessed, Madam Xiu Luo. Everybody knows how General Deng dotes on you.”

“Aww, you’re too much, Madam Ling. How could you say such embarrassing words!” Madam Xiu Luo smiled and laughed. “But my child is not as obedient as your esteemed son. It would be harder to get Pei Tang to eat the salad that I made than to simply force him to eat medicine. Really. He often attacks at my self-confidence as a mother.”

“Don’t say it like that, Pei Tang is an outstanding child. Isn’t he also currently studying at the World Conquest Military Academy?”

“Yes. He’s a command line student.”

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