The Girl Who Snuck into an All-Male School

141. Making love impulsively

Their tongues intertwined and their salivas mixed together. Their stormy love was conveyed through this kiss.

Yan Shi was squinting her eyes as she looked at Liang Ziqian’s face blankly. Her body had really opened up for him.

Liang Ziqian released Yan Shi’s lips. The wet kiss moved all the way down from Yan Shi’s lower jaw to her chest.

Her painful and swollen chest trembled because of Liang Ziqian’s light and gentle kiss. The pain didn’t seem to be as apparent anymore.

Yan Shi opened her eyes. There were still tears in her eyes. She used her hands to prop her br**sts upwards, then looked at Liang Ziqian yearningly.


Liang Ziqian’s fingers rubbed against the sides of her br**sts. That fleeting itchiness scratched Yan Shi’s heart, yet it wasn’t giving her relief.

Liang Ziqian straightened his hips, pulling his c*ck that still had a certain hardness out of Yan Shi’s small hole. After losing the blockage, sticky liquids kept pouring out of the small hole. The flower lips fanned helplessly but nothing came to it after much waiting.

The feeling of emptiness was like countless small worms that munched on Yan Shi’s body. Every cell in her body was screeching and yearning for more intense s*x.

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The murky white made an obvious contrast with the bright red. It looked so l*wd that he turned hard with just one look.


Liang Ziqian said nothing as he took off his clothes one by one. His coat, shirt, long pants…

Yan Shi stared at Liang Ziqian without blinking her eyes at all. Her eyes scanned the outlines of Liang Ziqian’s muscles.

Liang Ziqian’s body was very good-looking. It had the slenderness of a young man and muscles that symbolized strength. It wasn’t too much, but just nice.

Yan Shi couldn’t help but to thrust her own fingers into her hole full of liquids. Two fingers were not enough to satisfy Yan Shi completely anymore. She wanted a thicker and longer thing to enter her body, to stir her up till her soul drifted away that she only knew how to cl*max.

After he peeled off the last layer of fabric, Liang Ziqian pulled Yan Shi’s fingers out. His s*x organ that was already dripping water thrust inside directly without any hesitation.

“Ah—” Yan Shi screamed directly. Her fingers that were coated in s*men splashed out a gush of liquids when they were pulled out.

The hard me*t pole explored the secret garden in Yan Shi’s body, as if it wanted to grind all the places it had been to.

Every crease in her hole had been tended to, pleasuring Yan Shi so much that her scalp went numb. She hugged Liang Ziqian’s body tightly, but even so she was still f*cked till her n*pples started aching.

Afterwards, both of them switched many other positions and locations. The table, carpet and bed were tainted with traces of them making love.

How many times did she cl*max or receive internal c*mshot? Yan Shi didn’t remember it clearly anymore. Only s*xual desires remained in her brain.

In the end, Yan Shi’s stomach was shot till it swelled upwards slightly. Her flower lips were also pitifully swollen. When Liang Ziqian was helping to wash her lower body, it easily made her cl*max even when his fingers only accidentally touched it.

After he finished washing, Liang Ziqian helped to wipe dry the water droplets on Yan Shi’s body, then hugged her up to bed.


“Already sleepy?” Liang Ziqian’s face was only a few centimeters away from Yan Shi’s ear. The warm and hot breath blew towards her sensitive skin. Yan Shi couldn’t help but to shrink her neck.

“Yeah, I’m really tired.”

Liang Ziqian used his fingers to tidy Yan Shi’s black hair that had grown slightly longer. His fingers passed through her strands of hair and pressed against her scalp. It felt so sore that it only made Yan Shi, who was already very tired, become more sleepy.

“Don’t sleep first. Eat something before you sleep.”

“Wu…” Yan Shi also didn’t know if she’d heard Liang Ziqian’s words or not. She closed her eyes and her body relaxed. Her breathing started to become steady.

“Falling asleep so soon.”

Liang Ziqian watched Yan Shi go to sleep and only got up after he confirmed that Yan Shi had already fallen asleep.

Yan Shi slept so deeply and soundly. Although this was Liang family house, the bedsheets under her felt so soft and comfortable. Liang Ziqian’s scent was still lingering at the tip of her nose, making her feel more at ease. Having Liang Ziqian by her side made her able to sleep more securely.

Yan Shi also didn’t know how long she’d slept. She was awakened by talking noises.

The sounds came from the balcony. Yan Shi looked towards the balcony. The curtains were being pulled up but it floated in the wind. She could vaguely see a lean and straight silhouette.

Liang Ziqian seemed to be talking to someone on the phone. Yan Shi sat up in the bed as her stomach began to growl.

It wasn’t strange that she was hungry as she’d used up so much energy and hadn’t eaten for a long time.


Yan Shi covered up her stomach a bit shyly. At this time, Liang Ziqian had just finished his phone call and was heading inside.

“You’re awake? Are you hungry?”

Yan Shi nodded. “I’m starving.”

“Then I’ll prepare some food for you.”

“Okay.” Yan Shi smiled at Liang Ziqian.

After Liang Ziqian left the room, Yan Shi had a feeling that she’d forgotten something, but she only felt dizzy after racking her brains for it, so she gave up recalling it.

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