Flight To You

Sky 7 Part 2 – I did it on purpose, to cut off his last yearning

Dressed in formal attire, he appeared in a timely manner, clasping Shang Yu’s hand, and smoothly pushing her to Qi Yu. Warning her to shut up with sharp black eyes, in a low voice, he said to all the guests present, “Sorry for the wait everyone!”

After speaking, the large screen behind the ceremony’s stage lighted up. Amidst the lively music, the host come on stage to announce: “Shang Sheng Media’s Annual Military Drama 《Happiness Does Not Miss the Target》’s celebration dinner officially begins——”

As for how they shut the media’s mouth and protected Shang Yu’s reputation, for the Shang family, it was nothing more than a matter of money. Shang Yi could still afford it. 


“Shang Yu probably won’t dare to disobey Shang Yi and make things difficult for you anymore, so let this be the end of the matter. If you are unwilling,” Gu Nanting takes back his phone and loudly declares, “I’ll do it.”


“You?” Cheng Xiao scoffs, “For a stranger like me, you would be enemies with your Shang family friend?”

Gu Nanting looks her in the eye with a serious expression. “If you need Shang Yu to apologize, or the Shang family, just tell me.”

Cheng Xiao narrows her eyes, suspicious. “Why are you helping me?”

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Gu Nanting’s eyes are full of displeasure. In a deep voice, he replies, “Being addicted to drinking coffee is a bad habit.” 

“At least it can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.” Cheng Xiao finishes speaking and walks straight towards the door, rejecting his invitation. 

“Considering your age, aren’t you in a bit of a hurry?” Gu Nanting puts down the cup he is holding. Because his hand used force, the contact between the porcelain and the table produces a clear sound. He asks acidly, “You’re planning to go out dressed like this?”

Cheng Xiao has already walked to the door and put on her high-heeled shoes. “Do you think I care?”

She really never did care about other people’s opinions. But he won’t let her go out dressed like this and show herself off. 

Gu Nanting picks up the suit jacket he casually draped on a dining chair, and hands it to her. Speaking in a commanding tone, he orders, “Put it on.” 

Cheng Xiao won’t take it either, pushing open the door and walking out without hesitation. Then, she pokes her head out of the door, looking back at him. “It has a manly odor, I don’t like it.” The door closes with a slam. 

So like that, she left with messy hair and wearing a torn dress, leaving Gu Nanting alone. Nervously, he presses the suit jacket up to his nose and sniffs. It’s like he’s looking for what she said…a manly odor. 


Because she “ruined” herself so miserably, Cheng Xiao obviously won’t go home and scare Old Cheng. She decides to go find Xia Zhi first, and ask Miss Xia why she gave a drunken her to Gu Nanting, letting her encounter such an embarrassment. However, the awkwardness doesn’t stop there. Cheng Xiao unexpectedly bumps into Fei Yao, who seems to have stayed up all night, downstairs of Gu Nanting’s house. 

He couldn’t have just passed by here. Surely it couldn’t mean that he and Gu Nanting are neighbors? Suddenly, her impression of Gu Nanting becomes even worse. Even though Cheng Xiao knew in her heart that such anger was reasonable, when she saw Fei Yao’s “Have you been waiting for me a long time?” expression, she couldn’t control it at all. 

Fei Yao gets out of his car, heading straight for Cheng Xiao.


Cheng Xiao takes a deep breath. “Don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t waiting for you.”

She appears downstairs of his house in the early morning, wearing an evening gown she hasn’t changed out of yet, and says she wasn’t waiting for him. How would anyone believe her?

Fei Yao’s eyes have a faint hint of pride, Cheng Xiao can tell.

Fei Yao clutches her hand. “I know it was my fault first, and you already let out all your anger. Can you gradually forgive me? Let’s start over, I promise……”

Cheng Xiao doesn’t want to listen on. She uses all her strength, roughly breaking away from Fei Yao’s grip. “Before this, I thought that the most embarrassing thing in the world was a person who promised to love you forever, and who then easily abandoned you without saying a word. Now I think, unfaithfulness and abandonment are not the most shameful things. People like you who cheat on someone, and then try to coax another person to willingly be a spare tire5Kind of like backup options in relationships with a few words, are the most shameful.” 

She has always been sharp, but has never harshly rebuked him like this before. Fei Yao feels a bit uncomfortable on the inside. Perhaps it’s because he really does want to salvage something, so he hunches back his shoulders. “Cheng Xiao, the person I love is you, I was just playing with Shang Yu for the fun of it.”

Cheng Xiao snickers. “Your inner harem is really plentiful. It’s such a shame, I took your so-called “playing” seriously.” 

With no way to change her mind, Fei Yao glances at her ripped evening dress and untidy hair, and laughs. “Should I be grateful that I was able to be away in time, so I’m not wearing a hat6Referring to wearing a green hat (戴绿帽子 or dài lǜ mào zǐ) is a Chinese expression when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend right now?” 

This is the man she once fell in love with? He actually imagines her to be so extreme! Cheng Xiao doesn’t want to hear another word from him and is about to walk away, when she suddenly hears someone shout, “Cheng Xiao!”

Cheng Xiao and Fei Yao look up at the same time.

In a loud voice, Gu Nanting speaks from the ninth floor’s window. “You left your earrings by the pillow, wait and let me get them for you.”

Earrings? Pillow? That is an obvious sign that there is something going on between the two.


Of course, the only people that take it as a sign, are people who come up with wild thoughts. For example, Fei Yao.

After he thinks he understands the meaning behind the words, his gaze immediately changes. As a man, the feeling of having his dignity disgraced, almost makes him feel like he’s about to explode in the next second. He points his finger at Cheng Xiao, his tone ridiculously bitter. “Cheng Xiao, I misjudged you.”

It is an understandable misunderstanding, but Cheng Xiao is too lazy to say another word to him. “Finding out today isn’t considered late.”

Equivalent acknowledgment. 

Fei Yao is so angry that he doesn’t even say a word. Leaving her, he walks into the next apartment building. 


When Gu Nanting comes down, he doesn’t have any earrings in his hand. Instead, there is only a clean blazer he hasn’t worn before. 

Cheng Xiao doesn’t even wait for him, and has already taken a taxi, long faraway. 

Gu Nanting calls her and asks, “How can I return the earrings to you?”

He actually saved his number in her contacts list, without permission! Cheng Xiao pauses for a moment. “My ears aren’t pierced!”

Gu Nanting doesn’t try to cover it up, and frankly says, “I did it on purpose, to cut off his last yearning.”

Cheng Xiao clenches her jaw. “Gu Nanting, just you wait!”


Gu Nanting happily responds to her. “I’ll be waiting for you, Cheng Xiao.”

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After publishing for a week straight, I have already lost 7 saved chapters, but I have only written 3000 words of a new draft. This chapter was edited for 3 hours last night. –Is there any medicine to cure authors who fall in love with editing?

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