Deep Kiss

Chapter 17. Kiss On The Side of His Face

The others didn’t know Chi Xiuyuan well and thought he was really tired, so they laughed a bit and went to watch the show in pairs.

Fang Qiao glanced at him again and thought it was a bit strange, but didn’t think much of it. It happened that someone called him, so he patted his shoulder and said, “Then we’ll go to the show first. You can come over afterward.”

Chi Xiuyuan nodded calmly, fearing that he would be exposed.

When the lounge was quiet again, he closed the door like a thief, but the lock was broken.

He pursed his lips and turned back to meet He Shuyu’s eyes. The emotions inside overwhelmed him.


Teasing, excitement, and… something else.

Chi Xiuyuan’s breathing became a little slower, trying to hide his discomfort by looking away.

“How did you get here?”

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He Shuyu took in his actions and her pupils deepened. She took three steps forward.


Chi Xiuyuan subconsciously felt that she was going to kiss him, so his body reacted faster than his brain and he took a step back.

But behind him was the sofa, so there was nowhere to retreat to.

The aggressive woman reached up to his eyes and even bullied her way forward, “Chi Chi, where do you want to run to?”

This was said as if he were a princess being chased by an evil dragon.

The overtly subtle association caused Chi Xiuyuan to purse his lips and retreat to the side.

He Shuyu would not let him escape. She reached out to put her hand on his heart and pressed her body forward.

The latter was shocked by her reckless move and tried to block her. But he would have to touch her body, so he tried to retreat, only to sit down on the sofa.

When he hesitated, the unbridled woman had already pressed her hand against his heart.

His heart, already pounding, was completely off kilter, almost leaping out of his chest.

And the woman who had messed with his mind was justifiably holding his chest with an innocent look on her face.

“Chi Chi, why is your heart beating so fast? Shy, or-well! “

Her mouth was covered before she could finish her sentence, and the rest of her words could only be swallowed back into her stomach.


Chi Xiuyuan was in a hurry, otherwise, how could he have forgotten?

He had experienced her recklessness on New Year’s Eve. How could he have forgotten all about it?

The woman who tried to take advantage of the situation didn’t know the meaning of “stopping.” She looked at Chi Xiuyuan and did the same thing again in front of his shocked eyes.

The warm tip of her tongue swept across his palm. It was slightly salty.

It was the sweat he had just shed when he had seduced her so recklessly on stage.

She gazed at him without blinking, her expression simple and innocent.

Chi Xiuyuan withdrew his hand like a bolt of lightning, but He Shuyu pushed him onto the sofa without a word.

His legs were taut, building up a fascinating strength.

Chi Xiuyuan was shocked by her bold move, and only when her soft lips were pressed against his did he suddenly regain his senses.

A place where no one had ever set foot before was invaded.

The woman’s soft lips were like sweet peaches, mesmerising.

As lips pressed against each other, Chi Xiuyuan clenched his teeth.


Not content with a superficial taste, He Shuyu reached down and pressed a little harder.

The young man’s eyes widened abruptly. His clenched teeth did not have the strength to defend themselves, as she easily pried them open and attacked the city.

“Chi Chi ……” between her lips and teeth, she cried out her nickname for him, tender and loving, like a whisper between lovers.

The world seemed to begin to turn upside down, and his vision blurred. He could not retreat.

“You’re not going to kiss me?” She held the tip of her tongue seductively.

Chi Xiuyuan’s eyes widened slightly as he tried to push her away, but his hands couldn’t muster the strength to do so.

Not content with his passive bearing, she reached down and waited to feel his suddenly stiffening body before she said, with a wicked sense of humour, “Mmmm…… here is more than I thought-mmm!”

The words that came to her lips did not come out.

He Shuyu was held by Chi Xiuyuan on her chin and kissed heavily.

The wolf that had been caged and hungry for a long time was stimulated by the fatty food and turned against him, recklessly tasting the delicious and precious treasure that had tempted him for so long.

A childish rampage.

His teeth hit her lips, hurting slightly, but there was an electric current running through them.


He Shuyu reached out and clasped Chi Xiuyuan’s shoulders, obediently responding to his reckless force.

In the large lounge, the lights were bright.

The light from the lamps shone into his eyes as the door to the lounge creaked open.

Carrying a cup of milk tea, Fang Qiao pushed his way in.

“Xiuyuan, why are you still not ready? The milk tea the president ordered has arrived. I’ll give you- sh*t! “

He glared at the two sitting in each other’s arms on the sofa, and after squeezing out ‘sorry’ from his throat, he clanged the lounge door shut.

The door was shut tightly, but it couldn’t block out the sound.

“Senior, why didn’t you go in?” There was a suspicious voice that came with a vague hint of inquiry.

Ah.. he’s changing. I’ll just wait for him here. You guys go back first. ” Fang Qiao pretended to be calm.

Being held in the arms of her little friend, He Shuyu let out a low laugh.

Her voice was clear and pleasant, like the sound of a spring in the mountains. It was especially hot to Chi Xiuyuan’s ears.

He bit the flesh on his cheek and tried to push He Shuyu away, but the latter wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders and locked eyes with him.

“What’s the matter? Are you going to eat it and deny it? “

Where did he eat? And where did he finish eating?

Chi Xiuyuan’s skin touched by her was hot, like a layer of chilli oil had been poured on it, and it was gradually tinged with red.

“Get up! There’s someone outside!” He whispered emphatically.

“Why can’t I see anyone?” He Shuyu asked back, as if she was playing a trick.

If someone else had been treated like this by her, they would have wanted to tell the world. But her little friend was fidgety and short of breath.

“Afraid of being misunderstood?” She furrowed her brows, vaguely unhappy.

Chi Xiuyuan smelled the sweet fragrance emanating from her body, controlling his breathing while his thoughts were in a jumble.

“If people see you, they’ll say you-“

At this point, he narrowly stopped short. He had almost pierced the delicate relationship between them.

But He Shuyu didn’t care about that. She held his chin and forced him to meet her eyes.

“What would they say about me? That I’m playing with an undergraduate? “

She bluntly declared the most secret relationship, and Chi Xiuyuan was a little overwhelmed.

He averted his gaze, feeling vaguely embarrassed.

It wasn’t because he had accepted her help and had a subtle ambiguity with her. It was because he blamed himself for falling for her beauty when he knew there was nothing in the future.

“President He -“

“I prefer you to call me by my first name.” He Shuyu interrupted him.

She released her clamped hand and moved down, squeezing into his palm without a second thought.

“Chi Xiuyuan, you should know that if I simply liked your face and your body, I could find someone better looking and better built than you.”

The overly realistic words seemed cruel.

Seeing his lips tighten, He Shuyu moved over and kissed the corner of his lips. “I like you a lot. Do you want to try to be my boyfriend? “

She made the invitation sincerely, and the clarity in her eyes did not contain a single impurity.

Chi Xiuyuan didn’t expect her to say that. There was obvious consternation in his eyes.

Before he could respond, she came up to his ear again. She nibbled on his red ear and said, “Boyfriend?”

The shallow murmur reverberated in Chi Xiuyuan’s head like a seductive sound.

When He Shuyu saw that he did not respond, she considered whether she should add more fire to the flame when her waist was suddenly tightened. Before she could react to what was happening, she was roughly pulled against the man’s broad, hot chest.

The kiss fell like a sweeping wave of summer heat, plundering every inch of her territory. It forced her to gasp for breath and passively endure his long-suppressed passion.

Fang Qiao, who was leaning against the wall outside the lounge with his milk tea, was having a hard time.

He had to look up every few seconds to see when the lounge door would open.

He also thought about just taking the tea with him and leaving, so as not to disturb the young couple.

But someone might come at any time. If they accidentally broke into the overly hot scene, he would be afraid to raise his head to meet the God of wealth, who gave him red packets whenever she got news about Chi Xiuyuan.


It was hard to earn red packets from his sister-in-law!

The closed door finally opened after Fang Qiao had fooled the second wave of people who wanted to enter the lounge.

Chi Xiuyuan, who was usually cold and didn’t say a word, walked out with red eyes and lips. He came out without changing his clothes and coolly led his girlfriend, who was wearing a cap and mask.

The two of them were interlocking their fingers, looking loving and sweet.

Fang Qiao stood up straight at once, showing a perfect smile coyly and said, “Sister-in-law.”

With this gesture, he looked like a gangster meeting his big brother.

He Shuyu gave a soft, but not too soft, muffled sound.

Fang Qiao didn’t dare to say anything, and didn’t dare to ask anything. He just offered it along with his own milk tea, “Sister-in-law, milk tea.”

He Shuyu tilted her head to look at Chi Xiuyuan at her side, who took the milk tea with red ears and explained, “The president invited it.”

Fang Qiao nodded repeatedly. After serving the milk tea, he hesitated for a moment and said, “Are you still going to the club party later?”

It was the custom of the street dance club to go to a dinner party after the performance.

Chi Xiuyuan shook his head, “Say sorry to the president for me. I’m not going. “

He was not interested in these kinds of parties. He had other ideas in mind when he attended this performance.

Fang Qiao had basically guessed the answer before. He nodded and turned to He Shuyu and said, “Then sister-in-law, wishing you both a good time tonight. I’ll leave first.”

The two of you will be able to get a good deal on your own.

The two of them walked out hand in hand. Chi Xiuyuan did not change his clothes, and the people at the back of the stage almost immediately recognised him as the lead dancer of the street dance show.

Many girls looked over in surprise and excitement, but when they saw that he was holding someone, they regrettably withdrew their gaze. They lamented that handsome men were always the first to be taken.

He Shuyu listened to the small chatter around her and suddenly stopped in her tracks. Chi Xiuyuan’s ears were still hot and his palms were sweating.

He stopped, unsure and wanted to ask He Shuyu what was wrong, but the latter suddenly stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the side of his face through the mask.

There was a small intake of breath around him.

The woman who had done the bad thing said smugly, “You are mine.”

Chi Xiuyuan was hot, but his heart was melting.

He grabbed her hand and led her out in a hurry, walking around the corner and nearly bumping into someone.

He was just about to apologise, but he moved with a slight pause when he saw the other person’s appearance.

Shen Yuen’s gaze swept over their interlocked hands. He looked at the heavily armed He Shuyu and hesitantly said, “Sister Shuyu?”

TLN: They’re finally officially together.

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