Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 46.2: Our girl calls the shots.

Song Zhiming nodded. “Alright, you can go. We can lose the game, no awards… not fighting over steamed buns but—” He paused and turned to look at her. “What are you going to do?”

“Substitute,” Lin Yujing said simply.

Everyone looked at her. Wen Zihui’s mouth hung open, and Yu Pengfei looked bewildered, as though he’d never heard such a thing.

Song Zhiming returned to his senses. “Boss Lin, you want to play basketball? You know how to play basketball?”

Lin Yujing turned to him, “Do you have anyone else? With Li Lin’s snail’s pace, it’ll take him three minutes to run all the way from the three-point line to the basket, yeah?”


Li Lin didn’t care that Lin Yujing had put him down; he said tactfully, “But you’re a girl…”

“Is this a boy’s game? Girls can’t participate?” Lin Yujing asked.

“No…” Li Lin said in a daze. “I mean… I mean… amazing…”

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Shen Juan laughed.


Wang Yiyang was the first to react. He grabbed Lin Yujing’s wrist and handed his own wristband to her, “Sister Lin, I pass this on to you.”

Lin Yujing felt annoyed, but she couldn’t afford to be picky now. She took it and thanked him, but before she could put it on, Shen Juan grabbed it from her.

Shen Juan took off his wristband and tossed it to her. He put on Wang Yiyangs’s, lowered his eyes to look at her, and said, “Teammate number 4, Classmate Lin?”

Lin Yujing was suddenly reminded that they were both number 4.

She said “hey” and walked around him. “Then you should change to a different number. I’ll go talk to the referee and let them know, yeah?”

“Sure,” Shen Juan said, taking off his jersey. “Get me a number 3.”

Wen Zihui quickly pulled out a large bag and rummaged through it, “Number 3, huh… I’m looking for it… Is number 2 okay?”

“No,” Shen Juan replied.

“Why does it have to be number 3?” Lao Gao asked seriously. “Is it a lucky number?”

Song Zhiming looked at him, “How did you even get this far? Because Allen Iverson is number 3.”

“Oh…” Li Lin, pretending to understand, said meekly, “Who’s Allen Iverson again?”

Song Zhiming said, “He’s that NBA star, the one who plays shooting guard.”


Li Lin said, “Oh, him. Hey, wasn’t there a girl in our class who’s a fan?.”

Song Zhiming said, “Yeah, I forget who it was, I feel like I just mentioned it, too.”

Lin Yujing: “…”

The two of them bantered back and forth for a while until the game resumed. Wen Zihui finally found the number 3 jersey for Shen Juan, and when he put it on the players headed back onto the court.

No one reacted until they saw a person with long hair standing on the court. 

Long hair. 

Even braids!!!

The basketball gymnasium seemed like a full kettle of boiling water, the lid being pushed up by hot water bubbling up. There was a lot of noise from the stands.

Someone from a class sitting nearby laughed loudly, “What’s going on? Why did Class Ten send out a girl? They must really have no one left.”

“They probably gave up.”

“I’m convinced, women know how to hit balls…”

Wen Zihui turned her head, casually picked up an empty mineral water bottle, and threw it over the top of Liu Fujiang’s head as she stood with a hand on her hip, yelling fiercely, “Guys are so talkative now, why can’t girls play basketball, eh?”


Liu Fujiang was startled.

Wen Zihui turned her head angrily and said to him, “Teacher Liu, don’t listen to them. We must believe in Lin Yujing.”

Although she said so, she didn’t really have much confidence in her heart. She looked closely at Lin Yujing on the court, her legs not even as thick as the arms of the tall guy standing opposite…

Liu Fujiang said pridefully, “Of course, no one believes in their students more than me.”


Wen Zihui thought, Well, that’s okay, it’s good to be optimistic.

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