After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 80

Ji Anning was carried home by Wen Yu.

This home was not the mansion where Wen Guoan and Cheng Lian lived; it was Wen Yu’s own residence.

Located in the city center, it was a well-known wealthy community. There was a private elevator to the entrance, palm-print access control, and voice-controlled lighting. Wen Yu called out, “Lights on,” and the lights gradually brightened as he walked, going from dim to bright, so as not to dazzle the eyes.

The space was very spacious. Wen Yu had once said that Ji Anning’s entire house was not as big as his bedroom.

Many times, he had tempted her to come home with him. Ji Anning knew exactly what he had in mind and firmly refused to walk into the lion’s den.


This was the first time she had come to Wen Yu’s place.

Wen Yu carried her through the wide hall, into the bedroom, and placed her on his bed.

The room was warm, and Ji Anning was dressed too warmly. Wen Yu handed her a set of his pajamas. “Change your clothes and lie down for a while.”

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Ji Anning’s head moved slightly, indicating a shake of her head. However, her stomach growled audibly.


Wen Yu asked, “Can you speak?”

Ji Anning remained motionless.

She couldn’t speak, and she didn’t want to.

Wen Yu sighed and said, “Just lie down for a while.”

Wen Yu went to the kitchen. Although he didn’t cook much, he had some food.

He prepared a bowl of fruit-flavored cereal, let it cool, and brought it to Ji Anning, feeding it to her at her lips.

Ji Anning’s gaze was vacant, and she reluctantly opened her mouth to eat. After a few bites, she didn’t open her mouth again, having consumed less than half the bowl.

Wen Yu placed the bowl on the bedside table and used a tissue to wipe her mouth. Then, he held her hand in silence for a long time.

But Wen Yu knew that some things couldn’t be avoided, and Ji Anning would have to know sooner or later.

“Anning, there’s something I must tell you,” he said with difficulty, holding Ji Anning’s hand tightly.

“The cause of the fire was found.” Wen Yu gritted his teeth and said, “I…my lighter was left at your house…”

It took Ji Anning a long time to understand the meaning of his words.


  Her hands suddenly tightened, and her nails dug into Wen Yu’s flesh. She stared straight at Wen Yu and her body trembled.

Wen Yu didn’t dare to meet her eyes.

He bit his lip and said, “Anning, you can hit me, you can curse me, whatever you want.”

“You…” He mustered the courage to raise his gaze and pleaded with her, “Say something.”

But Ji Anning neither hit him nor cursed him. Her hand lost its strength, letting go of him.

She collapsed, curling her body into a fetal position, covering her face and crying. She couldn’t speak and could only make harsh, animal-like sounds, like a dying creature.

Wen Yu’s heart ached. He held Ji Anning tightly, pleading with her, “Anning, Anning, say something, please say something.”

Ji Anning responded with hoarse “ah ah” sounds, her body trembling as she cried.

Ji Anning drifted into a fitful sleep and woke up in the middle of the night.

Wen Yu’s arm was still around her, and his breathing behind her was deep and steady. It had been an exhausting day for him as well.

Ji Anning turned slightly and saw his face. His eyes were closed, and his brows were furrowed, devoid of the carefree and confident demeanor he usually had.

Tears welled up in Ji Anning’s eyes.


She actually wanted to tell him that she didn’t blame him.

It was destined to happen this way. Whether it was his dropped lighter or her leaving a source of fire behind, it was all due to subtle changes orchestrated by fate.

It was just like if she had listened to him back then and sent her grandmother to a nursing home for professional care, none of this would have happened.

But in the end, it had turned out like this, not because of Wen Yu but because of her.

How could someone be reborn in this world?

It must be because she had unjustly died in her previous life, and her attachment was too strong, allowing her to return to the world once more.

“The Heavenly Dao repairs what it damages.” It must be because of her greed that she became an existence that shouldn’t exist, thus taking away her grandmother’s vitality and replacing her to continue living in this world.

All of this… because of her!

Ji Anning slowly shifted, moving out of Wen Yu’s embrace and getting off the bed.

This house was too big, with bedrooms and even a suite. She pushed the wrong door, passed through a small study, and only then opened the second door, leading to the hallway outside.

Ji Anning found herself in the living room, pushing open the floor-to-ceiling glass door. The cold immediately enveloped her. Stepping outside, she left the warmth of the heated floor, and the terrace’s floor felt like ice. When Ji Anning’s toes touched it, she shivered, then stepped down.

The late-winter chill clung to her bare legs as Ji Anning trembled, glancing outside the railing.


Wen Yu lived on a high floor, but she didn’t know how many.

Jumping would end it all.

Her grandmother was no longer here, and she was alone. What meaning did her existence hold?

Wen Yu didn’t need her either. In fact, if she hadn’t been there in her previous life, he might not have faced any problems, right?

In her previous life, she had burdened Wen Yu’s life, and in this life, she had taken her grandmother’s vitality.

Ji Anning’s limbs felt weak, and she hesitated to jump several times before finally making her way to the stone railing and lifting her leg to straddle it.

Her skin touched the chilly stone, causing a painful sensation. Ji Anning knew how terrifying the feeling of falling was. She had experienced it in her past life.

“Grandmother, wait for me.”

Ji Anning closed her eyes and began to lean outward.

But in that instant, strong, powerful arms wrapped around her! With incredible strength, they pulled her down from the stone railing!

“Ji Anning!” Wen Yu’s eyes were red. “Are you crazy?”

Wen Yu dragged Ji Anning back into the warm living room and slammed the floor-to-ceiling glass door shut, shutting out the cold outside. He knelt on the floor, holding Ji Anning in his arms.

Ji Anning’s body was ice-cold, and her hands and feet were like blocks of ice. In his embrace, she leaned against him, lifeless.

Wen Yu felt utterly crushed.

Even if Ji Anning hit him or cursed him, it would be fine. But not like this, not like this!

He touched her legs, and they were like blocks of ice. She was only wearing a thin nightgown, standing on the balcony in the cold.

It was still February!

Her legs and arms were ice-cold, and her whole body was frigid.

Wen Yu lifted her up with a strong effort, carried her back into the bedroom’s bathroom, and pushed her into the shower.

He turned on the switch, and hot water cascaded down from above.

Ji Anning didn’t make a sound, not even a scream. She just raised her hands to cover her head and huddled up.

Wen Yu ripped off his own shirt and pants, tossing them on the floor. He pushed Ji Anning into the warm water, then pulled off her pajama.

Ji Anning hugged herself and huddled in a corner, with wet hair hanging over her face strand by strand. Her eyes, visible through the gaps, were dull and lifeless, seemingly incapable of reacting to the outside world.

Wen Yu turned on the handheld showerhead and pulled her out from the corner, holding her tightly in his arms. Through gritted teeth, he said, “What were you trying to do just now? Are you insane, Ji Anning? Speak!”

He poured hot water over her, from head to toe, evenly drenching her body until it warmed up, but she didn’t say a word.

Steam filled the shower room.

He hung the showerhead back, holding Ji Anning tightly in his arms.

“Ji Anning, please, say something, anything,” Wen Yu cried, “Ji Anning, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…”

Ji Anning’s eyelashes trembled as she lifted her eyes.

She wanted to say something, opened her mouth, but only emitted a hoarse and incomprehensible “Ah.”

“What are you trying to say? What do you want to say?” Wen Yu held her face in his hands and asked.

“Hit me! Bite me if you want,” he grabbed her hand and tried to hit himself, crying, “Don’t be like this. Grandma is gone, but you still have me!”

Ji Anning had many things she wanted to say to him, but she couldn’t find the words.

Tears streamed down her face as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss the man on the brink of collapse.

Wen Yu also shed tears and held Ji Anning tightly in his arms.

In these short two days, fate repeatedly toyed with these two young people, leaving their souls exhausted and in pain.

They embraced each other, not like two lives warming each other, but more like two walking corpses gnawing on each other’s flesh.

Wen Yu lived alone, yet he had a very large bed.

In moments of pain, Ji Anning only uttered a short “Ah” and then fell silent.

Wen Yu couldn’t find happiness either. His body also ached.

But they still clung to each other tenaciously.

Wen Yu’s phone rang many times, but he didn’t answer it.

Ji Anning’s phone occasionally rang, and she didn’t answer it either.

They disregarded everything, isolating themselves from the world, making love day and night in the pitch-black room.

The floor was littered with used condoms, and the room had a pungent odor that even the house’s ventilation system couldn’t remove.

Ji Anning woke up thirsty, and she opened her eyes.

Her whole body was in Wen Yu’s embrace. Both of them were naked, holding each other in their primal state.

Ji Anning wanted to get up. Wen Yu’s arm moved slightly, attempting to embrace her, but it was weak and feeble.

Wen Yu propped himself up, sitting in the dim light, watching Ji Anning climb out of bed, pick up one of his clothes from the floor, put it on, and walk out barefoot.

He rubbed his face, feeling deeply fatigued.

Ji Anning found some water to drink, and she also heard her phone ringing. She walked over to check.

The dining table was piled high with takeout containers they had consumed over the past few days, now emitting a foul odor.

Ji Anning’s and Wen Yu’s phones were both on the couch. Wen Yu’s phone had multiple missed calls and had run out of battery, shutting down. Ji Anning’s phone still had some battery left.

She saw the incoming call display, it was Meng Xinyu. As she walked over, the ringing abruptly stopped, and the call was disconnected.

Meng Xinyu had given up.

Ji Anning lowered her gaze.

Suddenly, her phone chimed with a notification, and Meng Xinyu had sent her a message.

Ji Anning picked up her phone, nestled on the couch, and unlocked the screen.

【Anning, where are you?】

【Are you okay?】

【As soon as I got back to school, I heard about what happened to you, I can’t believe it.】

【Are you with Wen Yu?】

【Everyone is worried about you, could you please call back?】

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