After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 78

Wen Yu parked the car, looked up at the solemn sign of the National Security Bureau on the opposite side of the road, and prepared to meet Wen Guoan.

After spending a day and night at Ji Anning’s house, he had calmed down, and ultimately, he didn’t believe that Wen Guoan had killed Cheng Lian.

Just as Wen Guoan understood him, he also understood his own father. Committing a crime of passion, like murder, was something he didn’t believe Wen Guoan would do. His father had experienced countless ups and downs and wouldn’t act so recklessly.

A luxury car silently pulled up in front of him, blocking his path. The car window rolled down, and Yang Yuan leaned out slightly.

Wen Yu’s pupils constricted.


Earlier in the morning, Old Xing had called and informed him of Cheng Lian’s death, inquiring whether he still wanted to continue investigating Yang Yuan. Wen Yu had told him to continue the investigation, and now he was face to face with the main suspect.

“Xiao Yu, get in the car.” Yang Yuan said with a serious expression. “Let’s talk.”

Wen Yu’s gaze turned cold.

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Wen Yu responded with disgust, “I’m not interested in your crap!”


“Okay, okay, I won’t bring it up,” Yang Yuan coaxed him as if he were comforting a child. Then, he spoke sorrowfully, “I just want to ask you, even if Wen Guoan killed your mom, are you still going to acknowledge him as your father?”

“Bullshit!” Wen Yu erupted in anger. “Who the hell told you my dad killed someone?! You think my dad cares about your petty crap? You’re overestimating yourself!”

But Yang Yuan said, “Although it hasn’t been proven yet, I know, it’s him! He killed your mom!”

Wen Yu didn’t waste any words and delivered a punch to Yang Yuan!

He then moved in, grabbing Yang Yuan by the collar and pressing him against the seat, his knee against Yang Yuan’s chest.

“Stop spewing nonsense!” he sneered. “Do you think my dad cares about your pathetic affairs? You’re delusional!”

The commotion was too loud, and the driver in the front opened the internal communication system, asking, “Mr. Yang?”

Yang Yuan fumbled to press the call button and said, “Everything’s fine.”

He closed the communication.

Wen Yu smirked and released his grip on Yang Yuan.

Yang Yuan wiped his nose, which was bleeding, and used some tissues to stem the blood.

Wen Yu said, “Stay out of my family’s business! I don’t want to see you again!”


He suspected that Cheng Lian’s embezzlement of Wen’s money was likely connected to this man, but he currently had no evidence in hand, so he held back from mentioning it.

Having said that, he reached for the car door.

However, Yang Yuan grabbed Wen Yu’s wrist and sternly said, “Don’t be foolish! Let me tell you, your mother was killed by Wen Guoan!”

Without another word, Wen Yu delivered another punch to Yang Yuan.

Yang Yuan, a poised man, had initially intended to create a warm and mournful atmosphere to communicate with Wen Yu. However, this young man, who had just lost his mother, was a powder keg ready to explode, and he didn’t hold back, lashing out physically.

Yang Yuan couldn’t help it. Before Wen Yu threw another punch, he threw a large envelope to the ground and shouted, “Wen Guoan knows you’re not his child, so he killed your mother!”

Wen Yu’s head hit the car roof, and his hand supported the seatback, maintaining a posture ready to attack inside the car, freezing in place.

“What did you say?” he squeezed out the words from between his teeth.

Yang Yuan said, “I said you’re not…”

Before Yang Yuan could finish his sentence, Wen Yu delivered the second punch, hitting Yang Yuan’s cheek. It was expected that, after tomorrow, he would temporarily lose his handsome uncle appearance for quite some time.

Wen Yu’s knee was still pressing on Yang Yuan’s leg. His chest heaved, and he said, “You’re spouting nonsense!”

Wen Yu’s knee was still pressing on Yang Yuan’s leg. His chest heaved, and he said, “You’re spouting nonsense!”


Yang Yuan was punched so hard that he saw stars and let out a groan. Weakly, he said, “You, just look at it, you’ll know…”

Wen Yu picked up the envelope, his fingers gripping it until the knuckles turned white.

He could guess roughly what it contained. The only thing that could sustain such an enormous lie was a paternity test.

A lie!

It must be a lie!

Wen Yu shouted in his heart.

But his hand holding the envelope was trembling.

He didn’t understand why he felt fear.

If he wasn’t Wen Guoan’s child, then whose child was he?

Wen Yu’s entire life, all his happiness, joy, arrogance, and indulgence, were built on the foundation of being Wen Guoan’s child.

Once that foundation crumbled, his entire life would collapse.

Wen Yu’s hand was shaking.


He wanted to tear open the envelope, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Yang Yuan sighed, struggling to sit up, and said, “It’s not sealed.”

Wen Yu’s fingers brushed over it, opening the envelope, and he pulled out a thin sheet of paper. Wen Yu stared at it.

A few seconds later, Yang Yuan noticed that the paper was also trembling.

He took out a few more tissues, wiped himself, and said with a sigh, “If you don’t believe it, I can accompany you to do another paternity test.”

“But no matter how many times you do it,” he said, “it won’t change the fact that you’re my son.”

Wen Yu felt like he had been punched in the chest, his ribs breaking, and his heart shattering.

He raised his eyes and looked at the middle-aged man who was now bruised and swollen from his beating. He wanted to say, “You’re talking nonsense,” with gritted teeth, but the thin sheet of paper he held in his hand reminded him all too clearly that this man wasn’t talking nonsense.

After calming down this morning, no, actually, it was last night when he had calmed down. After regaining his composure, he had once again regained his confidence and firmly believed that there was something fishy about Cheng Lian’s death.

He believed in Wen Guoan. His father was such a profound and unshakeable person, no matter the reason, whether it was Cheng Lian stealing money or something else, it wouldn’t make him lose his sanity.

But if, if it were true that Wen Guoan suddenly learned that he wasn’t his biological child?

Wen Yu’s belief crumbled once again.

“When did you find out?” Wen Yu asked, his voice trembling.

“A long time ago,” Yang Yuan said, “but I didn’t want to disrupt your life. You were living well in the Wen family, and at that time, I didn’t have the means to provide you with that kind of life. So I decided to endure it. As long as you were doing well, I was content just to watch from afar.”

These words were nonsense to Wen Yu, and they didn’t register in his mind. However, Yang Yuan continued, “But your mother, she had agreed to let you live like this. But these past two years, especially last year, she went through menopause and became increasingly unstable. She insisted on leaving Wen Guoan, saying she couldn’t take it anymore. I advised her many times, but she wouldn’t listen. When she got upset, she said she would tell Wen Guoan the truth…”

“Shut up!” Wen Yu crumpled the piece of paper in his hand, gritting his teeth. “Stop spouting nonsense!”

Yang Yuan looked at him and said, “Whether it’s nonsense or not, you know in your heart.”

Wen Yu clenched his teeth until his cheeks deformed and said, “If it’s true, you can go tell the police!”

“I can’t do that,” Yang Yuan sighed. “If I do, you’ll lose everything.”

The parking attendant twisted open his thermos, poured himself a cup of warm water, and then saw the young man who had been driving the Hummer get out of a luxury car.

The parking attendant had just taken a sip of his warm water when the young man opened the car door again. Oh, was he leaving?

The parking attendant put down his cup, slung his bag over his shoulder, and stood up, taking a few steps toward the Hummer. The Hummer had already started and was raising dust as it sped away!

“Hey! Hey! Buddy! Pay the parking fee!”

The parking attendant chased after it for a few steps, watching the car disappear, infuriated. “The richer they are, the stingier they get!”

Turning his head, he saw the extended luxury car still parked there. He walked over and knocked on the passenger’s side window. “Hey, are you all together? Please pay the parking fee for him!”

Wen Yu was only twenty years old this year, and his twenty-first birthday hadn’t even arrived yet. Among his classmates, he appeared exceptionally mature, but in reality, he was still very young.

In the past two days, he had experienced a turbulent and tumultuous series of events in his life, his faith had been shattered, rebuilt, and then shattered again.

This time, there was no foundation left for him to rebuild.

His entire life had collapsed.

Wen Yu’s mind was in chaos.

This time, he didn’t even go to find Ji Anning.

All this time, he had pursued her, taken care of her, secretly supported her, and it was all based on what? His identity as the heir of the Wen family and his wealth!

Wen Yu suddenly realized that without the identity of Wen’s heir, he was nothing. He had become no different from Chen Hao and Sun Kai. He would worry about buying a new phone for his girlfriend.

Wen Yu’s brain was in turmoil, and he didn’t even think about the fact that if he wasn’t Wen Guoan’s son, he was still the son of another wealthy man, Yang Yuan.

In his confused imagination, this man, Yang Yuan, wasn’t even considered. He just suddenly realized that in his past twenty years of life, he had relied on Wen Guoan to make a living.

Wen Yu drove to the north side of the bridge on Jiang’an Road. He stood on the embankment, looking at the rolling river, feeling the cold wind blowing, and his mind kept buzzing.

He didn’t know how long he had been standing in the cold wind when his phone rang. Wen Yu didn’t move.

The phone rang for quite some time and then disconnected, only to ring again.

The caller was quite persistent.

Finally, Wen Yu’s mind was pulled out of the chaos. He took out his phone.

The caller ID showed it was Director Xu from Huada University.

In a moment of life’s chaos like this, even the principal of Huada University was just an irrelevant bystander to Wen Yu. He reached out his finger to hang up the call.

However, at the very last moment, a strange feeling crossed his mind. In the final instant, Wen Yu changed his mind and tapped “Answer.”

“Wen Yu! Wen Yu! Where are you?” Director Xu’s voice sounded somewhat anxious. “You need to come over right away. Ji Anning… “

In Wen Yu’s mind, there was a thunderous crash.

Amidst the confusion, turmoil, and bitterness, all were obliterated by the news Director Xu was about to tell him.

In Wen Yu’s mind, there was only Ji Anning!

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