After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 66

At the dining table, Wen Yu asked, “What’s the deal with that girl surnamed Yu?”

Ji Anning looked at him in surprise.

Wen Yu casually continued, “Ma Ge told me while we were waiting for you. He said she’s a girl from our school, is she in your class?”

“No,” Ji Anning replied, “She’s Yu Xin’s fellow townsfolk. She originally wanted me to introduce her for a part-time job at NL, but I declined. Then she heard that I was earning money as a print model and wanted me to introduce her for that. I had Xinyu tell her that there was a self-recommendation application on the website. She found out the name ‘Firewings’ and directly sent a self-recommendation email to their mailbox, claiming it was my recommendation.”

“It’s fine; I’ve already told Ma Ge that I didn’t recommend her,” Ji Anning said.


Wen Yu listened attentively as Ji Anning explained the situation. In fact, Ma Ge had already reported it to him in the first place. However, hearing it from Ji Anning again, he felt happy knowing that she was not naive and knew when to say no.

In Wen Yu’s heart, Ji Anning is “his person” .

The meaning of “his person” implied that she was his and under his protection.

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Ji Anning shuddered. She couldn’t help but make a sound in her throat, making Wen Yu’s blood boil even more.


Wen Yu was so stretched that it hurt.

But although the car is tall, it is not a suitable space to exert oneself. Besides, he could tell that Ji Anning was inexperienced, and her first time shouldn’t have happened in such a casual place.2Good Fellow!

“Let’s go to my place.” Wen Yu nibbled on Ji Anning’s ear.

Ji Anning, who was indulging in the relief and pleasure of her body, suddenly came to her senses and her reasoning came back on line.

“I, I have to go home ……,” she said, trying to yank out Wen Yu’s hand. Her voice was hoarse, and her breathing was still disorganized, unusually seductive in the alluring night.

Wen Yu knew that Ji Anning wanted to escape again. He had been holding back for too long, and he didn’t want to let her go easily today.

“No.” He blatantly refused, biting down on Ji Anning’s ear, the tip of his tongue reaching in.

Ji Anning’s body trembled: “Wen Yu!

Wen Yu’s fingers deftly undid the belt, pulled open the zipper, releasing his already sore self, pulling Ji Anning’s hand to press there.

Ji Anning leaned against Wen Yu’s shoulder and let out a low shriek, closing her eyes in panic, clenching her fists and refusing to let go, fighting with Wen Yu.

Wen Yu breathing heavily, in her ear softly begged her: “Anning, Ji Anning……”.



Ji Anning…..

Late at night in his cell, the young man waiting for death, recited her name over and over and blasphemes himself.

Ji Anning’s eyelashes fluttered and she opened her eyes.

She remembered the face she couldn’t touch, the lips she couldn’t touch. She remembered the sadness she felt when she was floating in mid-air, covering her face and sobbing.

Wen Yu tightly clutched Ji Anning’s wrist, so that she could not break free. But he didn’t dare to push too hard for fear of hurting her.

Ji Anning’s wrist suddenly released its force and became light and fluttering.

Wen Yu touched her hand. Ji Anning’s hand let go of her fist and opened up softly.

Wen Yu was overjoyed and pressed her hand down.

Ji Anning’s face was buried in Wen Yu’s shoulder, and she felt that her hand was hot. She didn’t dare to look at it, and hemmed and hawed, “I, I won’t……”.

“It’s okay, baby~” Wen Yu nibbled on her ear, “I’ll teach you!”

Saturday is the day when many people go out to have fun.

In the private room of the club, Feng Jinhai asked Li He with his legs crossed, “Is Wen Yu still coming?


“Yes.” Li He just hung up Wen Yu’s phone, “He just sent his girlfriend home and is on his way.”

Feng Jinhai scolded him, “This kid values sex over his friends! See if I don’t punish him with alcohol when he gets here!”

He continued, “Isn’t his girlfriend too well-behaved, always staying at home and not going out?”

Li He replied, “She’s still young, just a freshman. As you get older, you become more tolerant, having seen various types of women. Someone like Ji Anning, who appears to be a good girl, is even more favorably regarded.”

Suddenly, Feng Jinhai realized something, “Wait a minute? He sent his girlfriend home?” He was shocked.

They were just showing off their love on social media during dinner, so wasn’t the next step supposed to be an intimate moment together? Since when did that guy, Wen Yu, become a faithful guardian of his girlfriend’s chastity? He actually took her home?

Li He took a drag of his cigarette and grinned.

“Xiaoyu…” he said casually, “you’ve been caught this time.”

Wen Yu rushed over, but as soon as he entered, Feng Jinhai pressed him down on the sofa.

He was quite easygoing about it, saying, “Okay, okay, I’ll drink three cups as my self-punishment!”

Feng Jinhai glanced at him and teased, “When I saw your social media post, I thought you wouldn’t show up today. Tsk, tsk!” He looked Wen Yu up and down, with his gaze lingering for a moment between his legs, suspecting that he might have some embarrassing secret.

“Dammit!” Wen Yu raised his foot and kicked him.


After some playful teasing, Li He and Feng Jinhai noticed that something was off with Wen Yu today.

He was holding a glass, with one arm draped over the back of the sofa, showing a satisfied and relaxed demeanor. If you looked closely with wide-open eyes, you could still discern a hint of post-bliss in the corners of his eyes and on his brows.

This had to be the aftermath of a man’s “wise man’s moment,” the post-action state!

Li He and Feng Jinhai exchanged glances, and with a wink, they sat down on either side of Wen Yu, sandwiching him in the middle.

Wen Yu: “…What’s going on with these two? Are they suddenly reenacting ‘Brokeback Mountain’?”

“Move a bit, move a bit! It’s such a spacious room, why are you crowding me?” He pushed left and right.

“You rascal, don’t pretend,” Li He said with a cigarette in his mouth, “Come on, tell us what happened today? You’ve got that look of spring in your step!”

Feng Jinhai also raised an eyebrow, “Spill the beans, did you hit a home run today?”

“Rubbish!” When it came to Ji Anning, Wen Yu instinctively defended her. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“How dare you disrespect your big brothers!” Feng Jinhai pounced on him.

Wen Yu used his training to counterattack.

“Yikes! Li He, get him!” Feng Jinhai cried out in pain.

Li He was enjoying this fight from the sidelines and replied verbally but didn’t budge from his seat.

Wen Yu laughed and scolded, “You!” He released Feng Jinhai and stood up to leave.

Feng Jinhai yelled, “Where are you going?

Wen Yu: “To the restroom!

Who knew that when he pushed open the door of the toilet, Qian Haoran pushed Sun Yaxian to the wall and was kissing her passionately.

The two of them didn’t even realize Wen Yu pushed the door open.

Wen Yu: “……”

He rolled his eyes, closed the door, pushed open the door of the box, and went to the restroom outside.

Zhao Chen also came here with his friends this evening.

As soon as they got off the car in the parking lot, they saw a limited edition supercar. Although there were many luxury cars in this parking lot, this supercar still stood out.

Zhao Chen couldn’t help but let out a “Wow~”.

One of his friends suddenly “eeped” and said, “This is my cousin’s car.

The others asked, “Which cousin?”

Another person said, “Look at this car, who else could it be? The crown prince of the Li family.”

“Yes.” Zhao Chen’s friend said, “My cousin is famous for his love of cars, but this is not his favorite car. His favorite car is his Maybach sports car.”

Someone was surprised: “Maybach …… has a sports car?”

The car is too famous in the circle, Zhao Chen has also heard of it, and immediately said: “It’s customized idiot! It costed 16 million.”

A few people were walking around, making envious noises at the same time.

After taking the elevator to the upper floors, the usher took them to their reserved private room. Zhao Chen’s friend looked down and fiddled with his cell phone for a while, then suddenly looked up and said, “My cousin is also on this floor, I’ll go say hello to him.

Zhao Chen is also a person who knows how to maneuver. With a twinkle in his eye, he said, “I’ll go with you.”

Wen Yu finished going to the restroom, washed his hands, and looked in front of the mirror to the left and to the right. He thought to himself that there is nothing special about his appearance, but how come these guys have such sharp eyes that they can actually see it.

Though he didn’t hit a home run today, Wen Yu was really suffocating for too long, and when he was relieved, his whole spirit was different. It’s just that he couldn’t see it himself.

Before walking back to the box, he saw Li He standing at the door of the box, talking to two people. One of them looked familiar, and Wen Yu couldn’t help but stare.

He walked over to the two men, who had already turned around and left. Wen Yu asked, “Who was that?”

“A distant cousin of mine came to say hello,” said Li He. ” The other guy was just trying to rub his face in front of me.”

So he is Li He’s cousin, why is he hanging out with Zhao Chen?

As Wen Yu was thinking, Li He said, “He just came from Yucheng, and will stay here from now on, his friends are here to welcome him.

Wen Yu’s footsteps stopped and he repeated: “Yucheng?”

Li He turned his head in surprise and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Wen Yu’s expression was puzzling.

Inside the box, Qian Haoran and Sun Yaxian had come back from the restroom.

Seeing Wen Yu, Qian Haoran got up and walked towards him.

Sun Yaxian has now changed her look from head to toe, and now she looks good and can carry herself well. She casted a glance over to Wen Yu, who she had been a bit afraid of, and when she saw that Wen Yu wasn’t paying attention to her, she withdrew her gaze. Here, her identity is just Qian Haoran’s girlfriend, and her friendship with Wen Yu is zero.

Qian Haoran and Wen Yu walked to the door to talk.

“How’s it going? The guy I found for you,” Qian Haoran asked.

“He hasn’t answered me back yet.” Wen Yu said.

Qian Haoran didn’t ask Wenyu what he wanted to investigate, but only assured him, “I found him from my grandpa’s house, and his ability is absolutely fine.”

Wen Yu hooked his shoulder and said, “Thank you.”

The man Wen Yu was waiting for came back in the second week of December.

The man gave Wen Yu a leather file bag. Wen Yu opened it and took a look at a few thin pages, and raised his eyebrows, “That’s all?

“That’s all.” The man emphasized, “She’s very simple.”

Wen Yu shook the pages and stared at them.

Ji Anning’s life was condensed in these pages.

“When she was a child, her family was well off, except for her mother, who died early. Her father was busy, and she grew up with her grandmother.”

The man said, “Her father, Ji Taihe, used to be a good businessman, but then he trusted a friend and invested in a project, and he ended up getting himself into a trap. His used all his assets but they were far from enough, so he hit on the idea of the old lady. He coaxed the old lady to sell her house and ran away with the loan. The daughter is also discarded.”

This situation is actually quite understandable. If the money from the house sale had been used to pay off the debts, it might not have been enough. He ran away, but the money that he had gotten from the house sale would be the capital for his future endeavors.

But rejecting one’s own mother-in-law and even one’s biological daughter, that’s a heart of stone.

An old lady and a girl who had just entered junior high school, without a house, facing a group of debt collectors, one could imagine how tough their lives became.

Wen Yu really wanted to curse.

After briefly summarizing Ji Anning’s later life, the text went on to describe how the old lady and Ji Anning struggled to survive, lost their house, where they moved to, and what kind of life they led. There wasn’t much descriptive content; it was a straightforward account.

Then, it moved on to Ji Anning’s situation at school.

“Can’t you find anything?” Wen Yu asked after reading through it.

“It’s not that we can’t find anything,” the person replied, noticing Wen Yu’s frown and explaining, “It’s just that the information you want to know might not exist. Her school is a prestigious one with strict discipline, and I haven’t heard of any bullying incidents there. We’ve interviewed some of her classmates, and they all say they were busy studying during that time, including her. Her high school life was very ordinary, and nothing particularly unusual happened, at least not at the school.”

But Ji Anning wouldn’t lie to him.. When she occasionally revealed her past, the look in her eyes was unmistakable.

She must have experienced something.

Wen Yu held his chin in thought for a while and decided to switch to a different angle of investigation.

“Look up another person for me,” he said, “His name is Zhao Chen, the young master of Shengteng Pharmaceuticals. He’s currently a sophomore at Huada University, but he used to stay in Yucheng. That’s…”

While Old Xing was recording with a pen in his notebook, he said, “Just call me Old Xing.”

Wen Yu nodded and continued, “Old Xing, focus on finding out if Zhao Chen had any connections with Ji Anning during his time in Yucheng.”

He didn’t press further about the previous case’s lack of useful information. Old Xing breathed a sigh of relief and nodded earnestly, “Alright, Young Master Wen.”

Sansukini: Wen Yu has great friends. He is now investigating some things that never existed. I guess he’ll find those things out from his dreams, like he did with Sun Yaxian.

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