Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 5 Exposing Her Small T*ts (Slightly H)

Regarding the secret affairs of a lady’s chamber and matters between men and women, these were all things that a lady should be taught, but in this house, no one had taught Zhao Shuyu any of this.

This was around the time when Zhao Shuyu was seven years old. Zhao Xingyuan had been busy taking care of matters and had just come home after a couple of months. Once he returned to the residence, Zhao Shuyu coiled around Zhao Xingyuan, acting spoiled and wanting to be carried, but an old maidservant reprimanded her right away.

At the age of seven, men and women weren’t allowed to share the same seat. Even if he was her eldest brother, she still couldn’t behave like this.

When Zhao Xingyuan saw this, he didn’t say anything.

In the next month, he found reasons to send the old maidservant away.


Afterwards, Zhao Xingyuan dismissed the other maidservants and replaced all of them with young unmarried women, teaching them a harsh lesson.

No one dared to disturb the fourth young lady’s education, and what the eldest son commanded, that was to be done.

So, Zhao Shuyu was completely ignorant of matters between men and women and only came across an extremely worn booklet in her Second Brother Zhao Muqing’s room, which had numerous men and women folded on top of each other in different positions.

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“Since Yu’er feels unwell, eldest brother will give you a massage. Soon, Yu’er won’t suffer anymore.”


Pulling off the undergarment, the delicate yet plump milk buds immediately jumped out.

The pair of buds weren’t big, but they were very plump. Her tips were pink and small, and along with Zhao Shuyu’s breaths, they lightly trembled up and down, seeming to give off a silent invitation in Zhao Xingyuan’s eyes.

“Brother Xingyuan, Yu’er is a bit cold.”

As Zhao Shuyu’s chest was exposed, she blinked her large eyes sweetly and opened her mouth, “Do I really need to be undressed for the massage?”

The family’s daughter was instinctively shy, gathering her slender arms and pressing them against her chest, covering her pink n*pples.

“If you don’t take off your clothes, eldest brother won’t be able to see. What should I do if I lose my strength and hurt Yu’er?”

Zhao Xingyuan said in a deadpan manner, pulling away Zhao Shuyu’s arms that were obstructing his view. His hands then topped her exquisite jade br*asts, kneading and rubbing them, even lightly tugging on her pink pearls.

A sudden tickling sensation came out, and Zhao Shuyu couldn’t help but giggle, “Brother playing with Yu’er feels itchy…”

The tips of her br*asts were continuously pinched by her eldest brother’s fingers, and a tingling yet wonderful sensation came over her. Zhao Shuyu squirmed impatiently a little, wanting to avoid Zhao Xingyuan’s hands but also wanting to be caressed and rubbed by him at the same time.

Not long, Zhao Shuyu’s tender br*asts were molded by Zhao Xingyuan’s palms, her pearls already standing erect.

Like two small hard red pebbles, they rolled around in the hollows of Zhao Xingyuan’s palms.

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