Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 4 Having My Chest Rubbed By Eldest Brother (Slightly H)

Warning: You are about to read a slightly H scene between a 12 year old child and her 29 year old older brother. If you are uncomfortable with this, then please skip this chapter and the next few ones as well. You have been warned.

Zhao Xingyuan’s eyes turned dark, wanting to distance himself from Zhao Shuyu.

But since Zhao Shuyu thought that her eldest brother would refuse, her heart moved urgently, tightly embracing Zhao Xingyuan’s arms. Not stopping and only seeing things through, she puckered up her small mouth and planted a kiss.

Zhao Xingyuan was taken aback when the soft pink lips came on without warning. The gentle touch couldn’t help but make him lost in thought.

When Zhao Shuyu saw that Zhao Xingyuan wasn’t reacting, she bluntly extended a small tongue from her mouth, prying open his thin lips, sucking and licking them vigorously.


“Yu’er has come up with this move.” Zhao Xingyuan’s voice was hoarse, and his eyes darkened.

Ever since she was young, this pampered child would either get bullied by the Second and the Third or would pester him.

Discussing to be coaxed, begging to be hugged.

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Since she couldn’t bear such powerful kisses any longer, her small pink face flushed to a deeper shade of red.


The eldest son of the Zhao residence, Zhao Xingyuan, was simply not a gentleman or a jade-like character. Being able to hold up the Zhao family to the heavens and make the family renowned inside Jinzhou City was not due to him relying on modest and noble means.

He had a reputation for acting ruthlessly, dripping with water, and with great skill and vision.

After searching the honey inside Jiao Jiao’s mouth for a long time, Zhao Xingyuan caressed Zhao Shuyu’s red swollen lips, giving a low chuckle, “My Yu’er’s mouth is sweet and delicious, but did she just eat candy?”

Gushing heat was spilling from Zhao Shuyu’s face. Zhao Shuyu didn’t understand matters between men and women, but her heart was still racing from her brother’s hot breaths.

Zhao Xingyuan’s lips and tongue followed along Zhao Shuyu’s slender neck, slowly licking down, arriving at her clavicle and lightly sweeping it.

Zhao Shuyu shivered from the ticklish feeling, twisting and turning her body to struggle free.

But Zhao Xingyuan’s arms tightly captured her waist, pressing her small body into his chest.

“Brother Xingyuan, what are you doing?”

Zhao Shuyu felt itchy left and right, laughing and asking out of confusion.

Zhao Xingyuan grew bored, his arms releasing Zhao Shuyu’s waist and covering her already budding hills with her coat, “Brother is helping massage Little Yu’er. A family’s daughter will only get more beautiful through a man’s touch.”

Zhao Shuyu merely blinked her eyes, “Then why does Brother Xingyuan only press this place?”

Although the girl under his palms was small, her chest had already been developed long ago.


Throughout the years, he has brought her up in a life of luxury, being fed with exotic delicacies, who knew how many bird’s nests and shark fins have been eaten by Jiao Jiao, “When eldest brother touched Yu’er’s milk buds, did Yu’er feel unwell?”

It wasn’t Zhao Shuyu’s first time to have her milk buds rubbed by her eldest brother. Although she didn’t know why her eldest brother had a special fondness for this place, she just stuck out her chest placed in his hands and said in a soft voice, “I didn’t feel unwell, only a little strange.”

“Oh? Strange in what way?”

“It’s a bit itchy and swollen. Brother Xingyuan, these past few days, Yu’er’s chest doesn’t feel at ease, it often hurts from swelling.”

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