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  • Zhao’s First Daughter

    Chapter 37 A night of lewd thoughts from the Zhao Family’s siblings

    During the latter half of the night, Zhao Shuyu slept peacefully until dawn.

    However, she woke up with a little anxiety. Her two pairs of undergarments were torn into pieces by Butler Huo when they were on the road and when they were spending the night at the farmer’s house.

    After bathing last night, she didn’t have any undergarments left to wear and was also too embarrassed to ask an unfamiliar servant girl for this type of clothing. Considering that no one would know if she wore something down there, she forced herself to wear nothing.

    She didn’t know whether it was mainly because of not wearing any undergarments that she always rubbed the place where she peed. Last night in her dreams, Butler Huo was tossing her from side to side as he inserted himself between her legs, making her feel good yet suffer from pain, doing this for a long while in her unpeaceful sleeping state.

    When she woke up, the sun had already risen high, but no servant girl came in to wake her up. Unknown to Zhao Shuyu, this was due to Huo Yikun’s specific orders.


    Since she was little, Zhao Shuyu was raised in the innermost parts of the house with no house elders to teach her, so it was normal for her to be lazy.

    The third young master Zhao Xifan was not an individual who stayed idle, yet today, he also unexpectedly slept until high noon.

    The little servant girl on duty didn’t know why this was so, but the maids inside the house were saved.

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    As for the other people in the house, the butler didn’t have the same authority to be seated with the masters of the house, but in the Zhao family, Huo Yikun’s status was special, and he was also the adopted son of the late Lord Zhao. He oversaw the entire Zhao household and was the Zhao family’s second-in-command, so he could be considered a lord of the Zhao family in a sense.


    Thus, Huo Yikun and the Zhao siblings dined together, an unusual occurrence.

    In fact, during the ordinary days of the Zhao residence back in the Jin Zhou province, Huo Yikun was extremely busy handling matters and would usually eat his meals alone in the front courtyard.

    The third son Zhao Xifan was often not in the residence and also didn’t eat in the house that much.

    Only Zhao Muqing and Zhao Shuyu saw each other frequently, but Zhao Muqing’s temperament was too cold. Though he wasn’t bad towards Zhao Shuyu, it also wasn’t lively fondness.

    So in the Zhao family, only if it was during Chinese New Year or when Zhao Xingyuan was at the house that the whole family had the chance to eat together.

    It could be said that during this time on the Zhuangzi horse farm, Huo Yikun, Zhao Xifan, and Zhao Shuyu were all ignorant of the food’s tastes as they ate.

    Huo Yikun knew that last night, Zhao Shuyu secretly entered Zhao Shuyu’s room, but he didn’t know what he did.

    But how could he let Zhao Xifan stay in Zhao Shuyu’s room for that long in the middle of the night. So, he quietly woke up the little maid on night duty with a small pebble and did not go back to sleep until he saw Zhao Xifan’s figure leaving the courtyard in a hurry.

    Zhao Xifan touched himself the entire night, thinking lewd thoughts about his dear little sister.

    Zhao Shuyu was pondering about the dream she had of having Huo Yikun manipulate her.

    The three people all kept silent as they finished their lunch, completely not uttering any words.


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