Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 36 Licking dear sister’s cave and inserting it in her wet state as she dreamed (Slightly H)

Zhao Xifan didn’t expect Zhao Shuyu to not wear any undergarments as she slept. All that kept her body covered from head to toe was a thin nightgown, smooth and easily could slip away.

All of a sudden, Zhao Xifan could only feel his body getting hotter, his fervent blood going straight to his gr*in. Shortly, a stiff object swelled in the middle of his trousers.

His heated gaze shifted onto Zhao Shuyu’s lower body for a brief yet long-drawn moment. Her slender legs squeezed tightly together, the left and right rubbing lightly towards one another. While the small entrance of her flower appeared pure and delicate, the flower’s center was pinched together so carefully that he couldn’t see the seams of the cave.

“So bloated ah… En ahhh…”

Her two thin legs squeezed tighter and tighter, as Zhao Shuyu’s mouth created fuzzy groans with more urgency as time went by.


In her sleeping state, her body was heating up, completely unaware of the missing quilt. Her two hands also covered her own milk tips, rubbing them from time to time.

At this moment, Zhao Xifan only felt himself going mad. He was somewhat unsatisfied with Huo Yikun’s cover-up, wishing to see his little Yu’er. However, he hadn’t expected to actually see his little sister experiencing a wet dream, going so far to the point she was unconsciously squeezing her legs to m*sturbate.

But on second thought, Zhao Xifan also felt that he could have misunderstood Zhao Shuyu. Wasn’t she still at a young age? Could she really comprehend the matter between a man and a woman?

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Both his tongue and lips incessantly played with the pearl, licking and breathing on it. The tip of his tongue performed a downward motion, discovering more and more hidden honey, relenting him to continue sticking his tongue into the flower core.


It was tight, slippery, and sweet.

One of Zhao Xifan’s hands was pushed against the bed, while his other hand rapidly took out his very large instrument from his trousers, quickly rubbing it along at a hasty speed.

Just like this, as he was ravaging his little sister’s cave, he was also giving himself pleasure, and soon, in her dreamy state, Zhao Shuyu was able to achieve her high from Zhao Xifan’s actions. Her little flower pit swelled from being sucked on as she lifted her little rump, directly squirting into Zhao Xifan’s mouth.

With this much stimulation, Zhao Xifan also rapidly shot from his cr*tch.

After finishing, Zhao Xifan’s heart trembled, never having thought that he would do something this profane towards his little sister. It was hard to accept for a moment.

At this time, a servant girl softly opened the door, “Fourth young lady, are you asleep? Are you uncomfortable?”

As it turned out, Zhao Shuyu’s moaned so loudly when she finished in her dreams that the servant girl standing outside the door overheard.

Zhao Xifan was startled. He immediately pulled Zhao Shuyu’s nightgown over her then quickly covered her up with a quilt before turning around and heading straight through the window.

The servant girl on night duty didn’t hear a peep from her, so she gathered the courage to push the door open and entered the room. Since she didn’t find anything unusual, with only one of the window prisms shaking slightly, the servant girl guessed that it was the wind and gently closed the window before exiting the room.

However, as soon as the servant girl stepped out, she saw Huo Yikun standing outside in the corridor. The servant girl stared blankly before hesitating to ask, “Butler Huo, you aren’t sleeping?”

Huo Yikun merely glanced at the servant girl with a cold face before turning around and heading to his room without saying a single word.

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