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  • Zhao’s First Daughter

    Chapter 35 The Third Young Master lifted Yu’er’s nightgown, only to see a smooth flower entrance

    Faced with Zhao Xifan’s question, Huo Yikun answered with a straight face, “The road traveled was filled with bumps. The fourth young lady felt unwell when arriving at the horse-riding grounds. She needed to rest first, which is why no servant was sent to inform the third young master.”

    Arriving at the ground in the afternoon, Zhao Shuyu was definitely not awake. She was disinclined to eat lunch and merely went to catch up on sleep first.

    Zhao Xifan understood this matter and Huo Yikun’s actions, but his heart still harbored anger.

    Since childhood, he had been bullying Zhao Shuyu. Although these were nothing more but harmless pranks in his eyes, after being scolded by his eldest brother a few times and even more so after Zhao Shuyu moved to a secluded courtyard in the Zhao residence, the eldest appointed a small army of people to protect her, for fear that this devil incarnate would bully the younger sister even more.

    The opportunities for him to spend time alone with Zhao Shuyu were not that many, but his heart was still filled with concern for his younger sister.


    He often went out to play, always bringing home interesting toys for Zhao Shuyu, which she was extremely fond of. Every time she saw him, her little mouth moved as if it had tasted honey, saying ‘Brother Xifan’ sweetly each time.

    But, today’s unexpected delight was Zhao Shuyu coming to the horse-riding grounds.

    It was a pity that he had returned from the village too late, missing the entire day.

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    A fragrance similar to delicate flowers, making people want to smell it again.


    Quietly uncovering the quilt, Zhao Xifan smelled from the top of her head until the tips of her toes before going back to her small chest. His eyes grew dark from wanting to nibble on them.

    Just as his heart turned itchy, Zhao Shuyu, who was in some kind of dream, suddenly opened her little mouth, moaning, “Wuuuu… So itchy…”


    Zhao Xifan was slightly suspicious.

    As he watched Zhao Shuyu dreaming, her two legs lightly pressed against each other, the base of her legs squirming.

    Zhao Xifan stared blankly. Instantly, his mouth was drenched in saliva as he saw Zhao Shuyu’s little face again, a face deeply immersed in a dream, cheeks flushed, pink lips pouting.

    Soft groans spilled out of her mouth, matching the rhythm of her legs tightening and relaxing.

    Zhao Xifan was once again dumbfounded. Was Zhao Shuyu having a wet dream?

    Suddenly, Zhao Xifan’s heart felt a bit complicated, not knowing that his baby sister was already at that age.

    But, who was she dreaming of?

    Was it another family’s young master who she met in school?

    For a time, Zhao Xifan’s heart felt upset, secretly having an idea to pay closer attention to the other kids who went to school with Zhao Shuyu.


    Zhao Xifan’s heart birthed out jealousy, but seeing Zhao Shuyu’s discomfort while dreaming, he was suddenly possessed, extending his hand and lifting Zhao Shuyu’s nightdress.

    However, under the thin skirt, there was surprisingly no underwear in sight.

    Zhao Xifan was stunned. As soon as he saw his little sister’s clean delicate flower entrance, his eyes couldn’t move away nor blink.

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