Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 34 Digging out the thick essence, Butler Huo used his mouth to tidy Yu’er up

Huo Yikun meticulously tidied her up, thoroughly cleaning the chrysanthemum of the thick white liquid as well as the red swollen flower cave and stem.

In the end, he was reluctant to part from his post, giving the two holes careful licks, while he used the tip of his tongue to play with the little pearl on top of the flower stem. It was only when Zhao Shuyu had finished eating the buns and was moaning, did Huo Yikun leave.

Using his finger to arouse the flower cave to seep out sticky fluid, Huo Yikun clicked his tongue and shook his head, “Fourth young lady is so sensitive, how could you resist being played with in the future?”

With the night filled with skin-to-skin intimacy, Huo Yikun became more daring towards Zhao Shuyu.

The two had finished their breakfasts, and Little Liu’zi just so happened to bring in another large carriage to the farmhouse.


Huo Yikun fished out a generous amount of silver to give Zhou Shi as thanks, causing Zhou Shi’s brows to raise in delight, quickly saying her thanks.

As the saying went on, the wealthy can move ghosts. Huo Yikun had managed the Zhao household for more than 10 years, so he was well versed in managing people like these.

When Zhou Shi received the silver, her mouth inadvertently became tighter than a mussel, repeatedly saying that she knew to not let outsiders know about the family’s young miss stayed the night there, treating as though she had never seen the two siblings before.

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Though, according to his observations, Zhao Muqing and Zhao Xifan had never treated Zhao Shuyu in an overly bearing manner before.


Naturally, Zhao Xingyuan’s strictness was also among the reasons why this came to be.

It was just that the Zhao family’s third young master, Zhao Xifan, was a person born extraordinarily handsome. Although he was the youngest son of the Zhao family, the person’s belly contained numerous cunning plots.

Compared to the second young master Zhao Muqing’s indifferent nature, the third young master Zhao Xifan was a devil incarnate, who feared nothing in Heaven or Earth.

Not only did he like dancing with knives and playing with firearms, but he was also the leader of every family’s young son in Zhou Cheng City. Every day, they would go roughhouse, have dog fights, and band together to do their evil little deeds. Any mischievous deeds were always connected to the Zhao family’s third young master.

Huo Yikun managed the large Zhao estate and had cleaned up many of Zhao Xifan’s messes for many years.

But as the years went on, Zhao Xifan became even more cunning and didn’t leave any more traces.

That day, Huo Yikun took Zhao Shuyu to the Zhao family’s horse-riding grounds. After settling in, he then took Zhao Shuyu for a stroll around the manor and turned in early after dinner.

It was only when the lamp lights were lit at night that Zhao Xifan had returned to the manor.

As soon as he heard that Zhao Shuyu had arrived, he rushed to knock on Zhao Shuyu’s door, not even taking the time to change his clothes.

However, Huo Yikun was standing outside the door, expressionlessly stopping him in his tracks, “Third young master, the fourth young lady is already resting. Please come back tomorrow morning.”

Standing at the door, Zhao Xifan looked at Huo Yikun for half a second, his eyes narrowing slightly before hooking his lips and smiling, “Why didn’t the subordinates send word that Butler Huo had arrived at the horse riding grounds at noon?”

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