Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 33 Ruthlessly f*cking her again once the peasant woman left (H)

“Ahhhh… Wuuu——”

Being knocked against too heavily, Zhao Shuyu couldn’t help but yelp out, but Huo Yikun immediately covered her mouth.

“Fourth young lady, you can’t make any noise right now. If someone were to find out that I played with your bare buttock’s cave, you won’t be able to marry.”

He deliberately intimidated her, covering her mouth with his hand, while he violently still knocked against her *ss.

However, where could Zhao Shuyu have learned these societal norms. She didn’t even know that Huo Yikun, who was their family’s butler, should not be disrespecting her.


It was still early in the morning. They still haven’t completely sobered up yet when her cave was firmly entered. Her whole person was still muddle-headed.

“Woooo, woooo…”

Her little mouth wept small coos, while her head also incessantly shook from side to side.

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“Gpjkdt Nkvvzl Zw’la vs cl sclekldv yde dsv xshl, R’zz cl esdl pssd.”

Kissing Zhao Shuyu’s bright red ear, Huo Yikun lifted the bedding and sat upright, hooking onto Zhao Shuyu’s slender waist, as he furiously pounded against the two tender flesh of her buttocks.


Huo Yikun’s narrow buttocks were at the pinnacle of ruthlessness, going fast and hard. His rod rubbed against the lubricated yet tight passage, which sent his soul flying to the heavens.

He didn’t forget for his Little Jiao’er’s pleasure. Huo Yikun’s hand buckled on Zhao Shuyu’s waist, his hand exploring her front, reaching out to tease her already sensitive flower pearl.

It wasn’t long before Zhao Shuyu started leaking in his hand, while Huo Yikun was interspersed from the pleasure and didn’t intentionally hold back. After attacking her several more times, he poured his enjoyment, shooting until she was full to the brim.

When Zhou Shi returned to the room with a pot of freshly boiled water, she saw that the siblings were already finished getting dressed.

The young master’s face was pleased, without the slightest hint of unhappiness. It was only the young miss who seemed to be ill, suddenly reclining back to the bed in a withered fashion.

“Troubling Aunt Zhou to bring some food over.”

Huo Yikun took out some coins from his purse and placed them in Zhou Shi’s hand. Zhou Shi secretly weighed them and exposed a cheerful expression, “The two nobles can wait a moment, I’ll deliver it here.”

Soon, warm porridge, pickled vegetables, and white steamed buns were brought to them.

“We don’t have many good things here in the countryside. As long as you two don’t dislike them, it’s fine.”

Zhou Shi shared a few modest words, causing Huo Yikun to give a smile in response.

Soon, Zhou Shi went back. This time, Huo Yikun grabbed a steamed bun and placed it in Zhao Shuyu’s hand, “Yu’er should eat first. I’ll clean you up later.”

Zhao Shuyu was starving, so she obediently held the bun and took small bites out of it.


But, Huo Yikun wasn’t in a hurry to eat breakfast. Turning to the side, he picked up a handkerchief and dipped it in hot water, wringing the excess water out, before lifting Zhao Shuyu’s skirt up and cleaning her lower abdomen covered in sticky film.

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