Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 31 Little Yu’er vented until she fainted (H)

Before long, Zhao Shuyu let Huo Yikun fiercely draw circles in her rear, grinding until their bodies leaked.

Panting in small breaths, she couldn’t beg for him to stop, only gasp for air.

However, Huo Yikun still wasn’t satisfied with his fill. When Zhao Shuyu drew nearer, he used his fingers to dig into her flower cave, this time using three fingers, pushing her small flower entrance open, knocking and pressing on her tender walls. He forcefully grasped Zhao Shuyu’s unbroken body, while his other hand incessantly kneaded her small swelling flower pit.

“No, no… Ahhhh… I don’t want…”

The flower cave was excessively itchy and swelling in pain, while the little round flesh was constantly provoked, soon damaging the skin.


The chrysanthemum cave was plunged till it was completely wide open, as Zhao Shuyu could only feel powerful waves and ripples from the sky, her mind going blank as white, while the pleasure accumulated to its peak.

“Can’t, I need to p, pee ahhh…”

The place where she peed from was both itchy yet empty, while the place where she defecated was tart and bloated. Zhao Shuyu finally couldn’t bear it any longer and released an urgent cry, her two eyes moist with tears, crying as she wanted to cry.

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He couldn’t help but regrettably withdraw after opening his gates, so he turned Zhao Shuyu’s back towards him and slightly lifted her sticky little buns in the air, encasing his meat stick and cautiously maintaining this posture for his c*ck to not slip away.


Another quilt was put in front of her, while another was put on top of her.

Hidden under the two overlapping quilts, the two people’s bodies joined together.

Huo Yikun embraced Zhao Shuyu like this, fully satisfied as he went to sleep.

About these two, it was the man’s first time eating meat after maintaining a vegetarian diet, while it was the girl’s first time to be deflowered.

After tossing and turning for half a night, shooting and releasing, leaking and venting, both of them were already exhausted, and before long, they were already in deep sleep.

They slept until sunrise, and Zhou Shi who was outside the door had been waiting for a long time with meticulously made meals that had been warmed up twice and thrice, but there were no signs of anyone waking up.

Waiting left and right and fearing that something had happened to the siblings, she knocked on the door but no one answered. Pondering on it, she thought to herself and acted accordingly, pulling the door open.

The room was extremely still, with only the sounds of the two people’s even breaths.

Zhou Shi surveyed around, concluding that there was nothing special about the room, just the girl being covered by the quilt as she slept. The curtain behind her was also closed shut, not seeing anyone through the drapes.

There seemed nothing strange to it, but Zhou Shi immediately felt a bit ill at ease. She wasn’t one to know about proper etiquette, so she rashly entered the room, simply worried about the siblings’ wellbeing. Now, she didn’t know whether to wake them up or to quietly exit the room.

Right at this moment, the delicate girl lightly groaned, as though she was uncomfortably twisting her hips under the quilt, then opening her misty eyes.

Zhao Shuyu woke up with a meat stick stuck inside her chrysanthemum cave, and as soon as she opened her eyes, they locked with Zhou Shi who was standing in the middle of the room.


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