Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 3 Sitting on Brother’s Lap

This day, the eldest son Zhao Xingyuan returned to the residence and without even sitting to drink half a cup of tea, he headed straight to the Hanyu Pavilion to visit Zhao Shuyu.

He knew that this younger sister of his was naturally active and has an unbearable temper.

She was allowed to read and write, but her feminine work was an utter mess. All-day long, she wanted to run outside with the Third, also often instigating the Second to bring her out.

If they didn’t look carefully, she might be harmed by a swindler outside.

In fact, even if Zhao Xingyuan was not always home, he was closely looking after his younger sister.


She didn’t like the feminine arts but liked poetry, so they invited a scholar to the residence and teach.

The same invited gentleman, who was also personally visited by Zhao Xingyuan, was a person of virtue and prestige in Jingzhou City and was a man of great erudition and scholarship. It was none other than Scholar Bai Lao.

Another courtyard was open at the side of the Zhao residence, building a well-sized study room.

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  1. Jiao Jiao is a common Chinese endearment for women, so Zhao Xingyuan was referring to Zhao Shuyu.

“Nonsense, how could I not miss Little Yu’er? But due to numerous matters, I was delayed by a few days in Xuzhou. When I came back, didn’t I first come to see Little Yu’er.”


Zhao Xingyuan kissed Zhao Shuyu’s forehead, his always cold and sharp appearance was overflowing with love at this moment.

“Is Yu’er still studying well?”

Zhao Shuyu let her brother hold her, unknowingly becoming squeamish after a few seconds, “Yu’er’s studies are going well, but the people aren’t good. These next few days, spring will begin, and Second Brother and Third Brother will go out of the residence to play. Doing polo and poetry one after another, but they don’t bring Yu’er out to play.” 

The small mouth saying this made a pout, “They’re both bullying Yu’er.”

When Zhao Xingyuan saw this, he laughed heartily, “Yu’er is too young. What will I do if you go out and get kidnapped by someone? Brother promises you that after two more years, when Yu’er turns fourteen, you could play to your heart’s content, alright?”

Zhao Shuyu knew that it wasn’t easy for Zhao Xingyuan to let go of things. Brother was the one managing the residence, and as long as he didn’t give a nod of approval, it would be difficult for her wings to fly out of the Zhao residence.

“But Yu’er is inside the house everyday. Seeing the high walls in the courtyard and with Brother Xingyuan often away, Yu’er feels lonely.”

Zhao Shuyu pouted her lips while looking at Zhao Xingyuan with eyes full of resentment and expectation, “So when Brother Xingyuan goes away for business, you’ll also bring Yu’er, okay?”

Faced with Jiao Jiao’s soft pleas, Zhao Xingyuan gazed at the small pampered sister in his arms. Her soft boneless body was wriggling in his chest, so sweet, so soft, even a saint would have a hard time sitting still.

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