Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 28 It’s plunged all the way in, I’m so bloated ah! (H)

In this room made of bricks, only the small pea-sized blaze of an oil lamp came to be.

On the simple wooden bed, a robust man pressed a petite girl down, spreading the girl’s thin legs wide. He arched his back to slightly close the gap between their waists, rubbing his swollen meat stick back and forth.

Gradually, the small chrysanthemum cave that Huo Yikun entered, opened. His c*ck was as thick as four fingers, with the front being narrow and the base being thick. Inserting all of it inside Zhao Shuyu’s chrysanthemum cave would be laborsome.

Zhao Shuyu issued a low moan, having her waist trapped by Huo Yikun, unable to dodge.

Her small rump continued to pull back, rejecting the pain, so swollen that it was unbearable.


It felt like she had to defecate, but it wasn’t entirely the same.

The place where she defecated was being spread wide open, moreover, the large meat stick still wanted to penetrate her deeper.

“Wuuu… Brother Huo, is it done?”

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“Yu’er, I’ll make you feel good at once.”


Huo Yikun held his breath, his voice unreasonably husky.

He continuously moved his waist, letting go of Zhao Shuyu’s legs and reaching out his hands to massage the pair of small milk buds on her chest, matching the momentum of his plunges, his hands pulling and pinching her cherry tips.

Soon, Zhao Shuyu was starting to feel something.

Her bloated chrysanthemum cave was already adapting, that large meat rod was inserting more force into her body with each thrust, giving birth to a painful itch.

“Wuuu… En… Enahhhh…”

Zhao Shuyu squinted her eyes as she moaned in a small voice, her throat overflowing with kitten-like noises. When he heard, Huo Yikun’s waist felt numb.

Releasing one of her br*asts, Huo Yikun went around Zhao Shuyu’s flower entrance.

“Tsk, you’re such a lewd girl, everything’s wet…”

Huo Yikun’s eyes became eviler, smearing the slippery spring water to his own c*ck, making his thrust easier.

His hand also began playing with the small flower cave that was leaking out water, inserting two long fingers into the dark red cave, while using his other hand to flick the swelling flower pearl.

“Ahh… Ahh… I can’t ah, Brother Huo… I can’t there anymore…”

Zhao Shuyu couldn’t stand the constant stimulation, her screams becoming more urgent. Suddenly, Zhao Shuyu’s waist turned rigid, her buttocks shaking as her body came to a high.


The flower cave kept sucking and contracting, the cave’s entrance seemed like a thirsty mouth, desperately holding onto Huo Yikun’s fingers.

And, even the cave at the back was actively shrinking, squeezing and constricting from the pleasure attacking it. Huo Yikun trembled, closing his eyes, as his waist made two more heavy plunges, finally shooting inside Zhao Shuyu’s body.

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