Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 25 Don’t use the towel to wipe Yu’er’s little flower pit (H)

Zhou Shi brought up another bucket of hot water, not saying anything in excess or lacking.

Bathing with this was definitely not enough, but it was sufficient for wiping yourself with a handkerchief.

Huo Yikun had decided to firmly play with Zhao Shuyu tonight. The more he gazed at her timid demeanor, the more his crotch burned.

Pulling the Little Jiao’er into his embrace, Huo Yikun undid Zhao Shuyu’s clothes bit by bit, using a hand to take them off while the other ardently rubbed her body.

The two milk buds went from covered to uncovered before being washed by a damp handkerchief. Zhao Shuyu was sitting on Huo Yikun’s lap, her arms gathering on his neck, inadvertently raising her chest as her eyes half-closed, her nose creating a hum.


The two little cherry dots were sucked and bit raw in the carriage this afternoon, and right now, they have slightly recovered. At this moment, they were licked and sucked again by Huo Yikun, teasing the two n*pples as if they were precious rubies, looking quite cute as well as quite pitiful.

As long as one of the tips was being nipped and played with, Zhao Shuyu’s entire body would shiver, and her legs would instinctively clamp shut.

Huo Yikun couldn’t bear it anymore and quickly took off Zhao Shuyu’s clothes. The Little Jiao Jiao was akin to white jade as she was standing naked in front of him.

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With this provocative scene, Huo Yikun actually couldn’t endure it any longer.


He quickly turned around and took off his clothes, cleaning himself with urgency.

Then, he got on the bed, fishing Zhao Shuyu into his hold, giving her a deep kiss like a hungry wolf.

“Wuuuu… Brother Huo, what, what are you doing to Yu’er…”

Zhao Shuyu’s tongue hurt from the frantic dance as she continuously twisted in Huo Yikun’s hold.

Huo Yikun’s breaths were heavy. While he was kissing Zhao Shuyu, his two hands were hidden under the quilt, one playing with her br*ast and the other stroking the place between her legs.

Pulling on the two tender legs, Huo Yikun pulled the quilt off, pushing Zhao Shuyu’s legs upward.

“This place of the fourth young lady has a lot of water. I’ll think of a way to stop it.”

He said as he grasped the c*ck on his crotch, pointing it towards the young girl’s entrance.

The oil lamp inside the room wasn’t extinguished. Zhao Shuyu hooked her head to see the massive meat stick frantically rubbing between her legs.

Her throat overflowed with kitten-like coos from the waves of tingling and numbing sensations coming from her cave. Zhao Shuyu was young, but she could already appreciate the pleasures between a man and a woman.

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