Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 24 Staying in the farmhouse and stuffing the beads inside the chrysanthemum cave (Slightly H)

A little later, the commoner aunt killed a chicken she was raising in their yard to make a big wok of chicken stew with fresh bamboo shoots.

The best plump parts, specifically the leg meats, were placed inside the large unrefined chinaware, and Aunt Zhou knocked on their door to deliver this to the siblings staying for the night.

Huo Yikun smiled and thanked her, pulling out another silver coin to give to the peasant woman, “Inconveniencing Aunt Zhou to boil us some water.”

Zhou Shi’s(1) brows raised in delight and received the piece of silver, “Not at all! My yard is crude, I hope the two nobles won’t mind.”

  1. Shi pertains to the maiden name of a married woman, so Aunt Zhou can also be called Zhou Shi.

Returning to the room, Huo Yikun set the food down, “Yu’er, come and eat.”


Zhao Shuyu was at the back, poking out her head through the window, before shyly crawling down the bed and walking towards Huo Yikun’s side.

Huo Yikun showed an amicable smile, extending a hand to monopolize Zhao Shuyu’s waist and letting her sit on his lap.

His one hand seized Zhao Shuyu’s waist, while the other drew soup using the ladle.

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Today, she had originally slept until noon without eating, and inside the carriage, she only ate a few pieces of the crispy almond pastry. If she still didn’t eat dinner, what if she’d pass out from exhaustion later?


Seeing Huo Yikun use his authoritative voice, although Zhao Shuyu’s heart was unwilling, she still acted well-behaved and ate the meal.

Being fed mouth-to-mouth by him, connecting with his lips and being fed soup, the two people’s mouths were covered in grease.

They were like this for a long time, kissing and rubbing each other, when suddenly, a knock resounded in the room again.

Zhou Shi boiled a bucket of hot water and brought it to the room, seeing the timid young girl leaning against the bed, her face and eyes flushed red.

“Do you need me to attend to the young miss while she washes?”

After all, the two siblings were staying inside one room, which was quite unsuitable, so Zhou Shi offered politely.

However, Huo Yikun didn’t think twice to refuse her, “No need, I can wait on her.”

How could a brother wait on his sister as she freshened up?

Zhou Shi gave a strange glance towards Huo Yikun before tidying up the table with the remnants of soup on the table.

As soon as Zhou Shi left, Huo Yikun immediately walked towards the bed, pulling Zhao Shuyu into his embrace and teased her, “Where could Yu’er have gone?”

Zhao Shuyu felt weak from head to toe, looking at Huo Yikun as her heart felt different.

When Aunt Zhou had left for the kitchen a while ago, Huo Yikun closed the door and pressed her down the bed, peeling off her undergarments and wildly licking her cave for a while.


Licking cleanly away the gooey stains on her lower body, he whipped out the ointment and applied it on her.

Especially the back cave, he smeared a lot more medicine and deeper into it. In the end, he had taken out a string of jade beads, the one that he often fiddled with in his hand. He undid the clasp and stuffed it into her chrysanthemum along with the ointment.

It didn’t hurt, but the swelling was difficult to bear.

Stuffing half of the jade beads in, he then kneaded the front of her flower cave and kissed her, letting her relax.

Later, when Aunt Zhou delivered the food, she sat on Butler Huo’s lap and ate the food with great difficulty.

She begged and even kissed the corner of his mouth softly, hoping to handle Huo Yikun the same way as she did with her eldest brother.

However, she only discovered Butler Huo’s breaths to become heavier and heavier as the tip of his c*ck became stiffer and stiffer. After a while, he merely whispered into her ear, “Fourth young miss, be nice and eat your food. Otherwise, you’ll faint later tonight.”

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