Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 23 Feeling good but still want to do it again

Being adorably accused by Zhao Shuyu, Huo Yikun not only failed to feel ashamed of himself but also had a taste for the sight before him, causing his heart to swell.

“Yu’er, open your legs. Let me see where it hurts.”

Huo Yikun lowered himself and coaxed the girl, leading Zhao Shuyu to shift her position from his embrace, pulling off her outer skirt and drawing the delicate white skin on her legs. As expected, the girl’s intimate place was an utter mess.

The flesh of the flower lips was immensely red as if they were about to burst, with liquid making them glisten and wet.

Huo Yikun’s throat tightened from seeing this, unable to help but extend his hand and cover it. His fingertips were meticulous, pampering, and delicate, softly sticking for an answer.


The two fingers spread the petals open, and the small entrance couldn’t be seen anymore.

How could this give birth next time when it’s so small?

The still nonexistent human soul would die inside this Little Jiao Jiao’s belly.

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Huo Yikun’s words had only reached up until this point before the carriage suddenly experienced a violent jolt.


The sounds of the horse neighing came through as Little Liu’zi urgently pulled on the reins of the horse. After a brief moment, the carriage halted at a crooked angle.

Inside the carriage, Huo Yikun safely protected Zhao Shuyu and when the carriage had settled, he then slightly lifted the curtain and asked, “What happened?”

Little Liu’zi immediately got off and examined the side of the carriage, reporting to his superior with a bitter face after a while, “Butler Huo, the axle is broken.”

This was quite good. Being midway on their route, the axle broke, and there were no villages ahead nor no shops behind, so both moving forward on the road or turning back from their position weren’t the best moves.

Huo Yikun muttered to himself for a short time before fixing his and Zhao Shuyu’s clothes, then carrying out Zhao Shuyu from the crooked carriage.

Zhao Shuyu obediently walked over to the curb and looked for a large chunk of rock to sit down on.

Huo Yikun carefully looked at the broken axle, it was already beyond repair, which prompted him to order Little Liu’zi, “You go and look if there are any homes nearby.”

Little Liu’zi accepted the command and immediately departed. Not long after, he returned with a happy expression on his face.

“Butler Huo, there is a farmhouse less than a mile ahead.”

On that day, Little Liu’zi returned to Jinzhou by himself to search for help.

While Huo Yikun accompanied Zhao Shuyu to the not-so-distant farmhouse to ask for lodging.

He explained their purpose for coming there and provided quite a generous amount of silver.


For the sake of Zhao Shuyu’s spotless reputation, Huo Yikun didn’t indicate their master-servant relationship, only that they were siblings that needed lodging for a night.

The farmer and his wife saw that Huo Yikun was born with an extraordinarily handsome countenance and that Zhao Shuyu was an exceptional beauty.

The clothes they wore were of superb material, and they were also liberal with money, unlike miscreants.

They immediately prepared the side room for the two guests, letting them settle down.

The farmer’s wife was thoughtful, thinking that although these two nobles were brother and sister, they were still of different genders, so inside the small room, she hung a curtain, using it to separate the two beds.

She even took out brand new beddings, setting them neatly for them to use.

Huo Yikun took a look at the room and didn’t say anything, merely thanking her with a smile.

Then, he took out a silver coin, “Today, the axle of our carriage suddenly broke, and my careless sister also acquired some scrapes. Does Aunt Zhou have some ointment at home?”

Aunt Zhou immediately broke into a smile and replied, “My husband sometimes goes out hunting and comes home with dozens of big and small wounds, so the house is always stocked with herbal plasters, all collected from rare herbs. I guarantee that not a single scar would be left on the young miss.”

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