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  • Zhao’s First Daughter

    Chapter 22 The large meat stick was completely inserted into Yu’er’s body (H)

    The carriage jumped around from the bumpy path on the dirt road.

    The sounds of Little Liu’zi hitting the horse came from outside from time to time. As for the Zhao family’s fourth young lady, Zhao Shuyu, she was being held in Butler Huo’s embrace, who was taking liberties at her and piercing the slippery and tender cave between her legs.

    In the end, with only the large turtle’s head advancing in, Zhao Shuyu was already hurting as if it were life or death.

    Huo Yikun was also covered with sweat all over. Feeling extremely refreshed, he pressed Zhao Shuyu’s waist, further pressing it down.

    The fully grown man’s four-finger-wide meat pillar was gradually moving forward when all of a sudden there was a layer of resistance coming from inside the soft cave. Huo Yikun was stunned, abruptly understanding that Zhao Shuyu’s words weren’t empty.


    She really hasn’t lost her v*rginity to the eldest young master since he was now pressing against the thin layer of film.

    At this time, Huo Yikun stopped moving, gently lifting Zhao Shuyu’s tear-filled face and planting a passionate kiss onto it.

    He was the first man to insert his c*ck inside the girl’s cave. If she damaged her body inside this carriage, she would certainly eat a large serving of suffering.

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    “Jasvbla Tws, esd’v rzyu okvb kv… Zw’la, Zw’la oydvp vs rll…”

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    Huo Yikun could feel the tender meat inside Zhao Shuyu beginning to tightly twist and suck as if it couldn’t eat enough, desperately squeezing the front end of his c*ck.


    Unable to briskly enter and begrudgingly taking it out, Huo Yikun’s heart filled with regret and an unbearable itch. His fingers were holding the small flower bead, intensifying their movement, playing and plucking or vigorously rubbing it down. Zhao Shuyu had never experienced this kind of treatment before, shaking her rump and twisting her waist, panting delicately next to Huo Yikun’s ear, “I can’t ah… Yu’er is going to pee…”

    Even a saint wouldn’t be able to stand it anymore.

    Huo Yikun breathed heavily like an ox, the strength of his hands was getting out of control. Every time he hit the film, he wanted to vigorously pierce through it.

    Suddenly, Huo Yikun took out his pillar and moved slightly back with clear juice coming out.

    He withstood the tightness of the little hole. Amid Zhao Shuyu entering a euphoric state, actively contracting, he quickly diluted the slippery juice from her flower and applied it to the folds of the small hole at the back.

    Then, with one strong force, the erect meat pillar firmly pierced inside——

    Thoroughly running through the woman’s body being attacked by pleasure, Huo Yikun could only sense the fiercely tingling feeling, followed by a ruthless uncontrollable release.

    He had finally and completely entered the fourth young lady’s body, shooting his concentrated essence inside the tender chrysanthemum cave.

    He also knew that he had lost control of himself, so he quickly withdrew himself from Zhao Shuyu’s body.

    At this moment, Zhao Shuyu had creased brows, tear-filled eyes, and flushed cheeks from their passion.

    Biting her already swollen lips, Zhao Shuyu felt wronged and angrily stared at Huo Yikun, “Brother Huo, your words can’t be trusted. It hurt when you handled Yu’er.”



    T/N: For those who don’t know (like me), chrysanthemum cave is her *sshole.

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