Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 21 The Tip Went In Already (H)

As soon as the pair of lips landed on Zhao Shuyu’s tender ones, Huo Yikun’s eyes completely lost their light.

The tip of his nose was full of Little Jiao’er’s scent. He lightly kissed Zhao Shuyu’s lips, his lips traveling and pecking her misty grape-shaped eyes, his tongue gently sweeping across her long eyelashes. His lips didn’t even miss the tip of Zhao Shuyu’s nose, his teeth nibbling on her small nose, showing his own way of affection.

Zhao Shuyu’s skin felt itchy from the kisses. Butler Huo’s stick on his crotch was stubbornly pushing itself in the center of her legs, but the kisses left by his mouth were extremely gentle and soft.

Although that small bit of fear had still not completely dissipated yet, Zhao Shuyu, who ordinarily got her desired outcome from her eldest brother’s actions, lifted her small face and opened her mouth, softly welcoming him.

Huo Yikun was slightly taken aback but used more force kissing Zhao Shuyu’s lips the next second, his tongue pouring into her small mouth, swiping across her sweet lips, latching and rolling onto her lilac tongue, colluding into her mouth. He continued to tangle and suck on her, creating clicking sounds.


Zhao Shuyu’s kisses were completely devoid of strength as she weakly rested on Huo Yikun’s chest.

The fleshy meat stick embedded into the small seams was silently flowing out water, moistening the stick and giving it a shiny coat.

Huo Yikun could naturally feel the small meat walls pinching him, so his hand reached downwards, already becoming incredibly damp.

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Huo Yikun hesitated, gasping as his hoarse voice said, “Last night, did the eldest young master pierce you ferociously?”


Zhao Shuyu didn’t understand what he meant, blinking her big watery eyes and looking at him, “Brother Huo, what are you talking about? Eldest brother didn’t insert his stick inside.”

She then groaned and squirmed on his lap again, complaining, “It hurts when Brother Huo is handling Yu’er…”

Huo Yikun felt depressed, realizing in an instant that the eldest young master had not tainted the fourth young lady’s body.

Yet, in his heart, he felt that it was unlikely. He had listened through the walls multiple times, and how could he have not tainted her body with those lascivious noises throughout the night? How could a normal man endure that?

With this in mind, Huo Yikun gripped his c*ck. Regardless of whether Zhao Shuyu was uncomfortable, he tried to pry her cave open and push himself inside.

The tearing pain once again came through. Zhao Shuyu was still young, so the most that her small tender cave had received was her eldest brother’s two fingers or his tongue. Zhao Xingyuan had pampered her, he was afraid of letting her feel pain from adding another finger.

When Huo Yikun raised his large donkey-sized p*nis to penetrate the young girl’s virgin cave, Zhao Shuyu’s eyes watered from the sensation.

Finally, that large turtle’s head entered, but Huo Yikun could only feel pain and pinching.

But watching as Zhao Shuyu’s face moistened with tears, his heart turned slightly soft, getting caught up in a celestial battle.

Knowing that she wasn’t feeling well at this moment, he also didn’t feel good. He’s only been able to get his head in, but it was already being grasped by the tender hole.

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