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  • Zhao’s First Daughter

    Chapter 19 Brother Huo wants to pierce Yu’er’s cave inside the carriage (Slightly H)

    Under his palm was the young girl’s soft yet slippery flower, so white that not a single hair could be found on it.

    Huo Yikun’s hand trembled, continuing to press and rub the place. His fingers tightly squeezed the cave’s steamed buns, causing liquid nectar to trickle out.

    Watery and satiny, the young figure raised her neck in cooperation, letting out a soft moan in his ear.

    Her body’s light trembles were like a kitten’s, her entire appearance looked so unripe, but she was tremendously wet underneath.

    Huo Yikun tsked in his heart, this must be from the eldest young master’s training all year round.


    She was fragile and sensitive but was also ignorant of the affairs of life. He was afraid that as the eldest young master was ruthlessly playing with her during the night, she would still assume that her beloved brother was treating her illness.

    At the thought of those lustful and indecent scenes, Huo Yikun’s c*ck turned stiffer.

    From the bottom of his heart, he had always regarded the fourth young lady of the Zhao family, Zhao Shuyu, as a little sister.

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    “Essss… Jasvbla Tws, esd’v… Zw’la qllzp wdolzz…”

    At this moment, Zhao Shuyu treaded her legs amid her light pants. As the teased milk buds were turning red and swollen, her lower flower core was being rubbed open.


    She didn’t know when she threw away the sweet almond pastry in her hand.

    Her misty eyes were half-blinded by her tears, seeing her own br*asts being toyed by Butler Huo while her skirt was also being lifted, exposing her bare legs and butt. Butler Huo’s other hand laid on top of her small cave digging and rubbing her.

    Hearing Zhao Shuyu say she felt unwell, Huo Yikun not only didn’t stop, but he also became more intense and pushed aside the tender lips, inserting two fingers deep inside her overflowing entrance.

    “The fourth young lady should feel better, how could it feel bad?”

    He gave out a low chuckle, feeling the tight meat walls twisting against his fingertips. Being unable to move, he used his thumb to rub the small excited flower pearl, saying, “Last night, did the eldest young master do this to fourth young lady’s p*ssy?”

    Zhao Shuyu couldn’t bear the feeling. Last night, her eldest brother dug into her hole for a long time, toying with her until she ached. Right now, Brother Huo was also doing this, Zhao Shuyu became finicky to no end, moaning, “Last night, eldest brother made Yu’er ache like this. Today, will Brother Huo make Yu’er ache as well?”

    Hearing from Zhao Shuyu admit with her own mouth about her illicit affairs with her eldest brother, the raging fire burning in Huo Yikun’s mind grew wilder.

    He loosened his grip on Zhao Shuyu’s milk bud. His hand continued to pierce and broaden her small tender cave, while his other hand was rapidly pulling his waistband away, fishing out the long been swollen and aching c*ck. He then adjusted his posture, suddenly pushing his second head into Zhao Shuyu’s wide-open flower cave.

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