Zhao’s First Daughter

Chapter 18 Her n*pples were already pinched swollen, but Yu’er’s underw*ar still needs to be taken off (Slightly H)

“Brother Huo, it’s cold…”

With her upper garments pulled away without warning, Zhao Shuyu nipped her pink lips, whining out a sound.

“I will quickly warm the fourth young lady up.”

Huo Yikun looked down from behind Zhao Shuyu in his arms, she had a slight frown on, her pearl nose and pink lips, her humming nose, her bit then relaxed lips, doing it over and over again.

Her clean white neck all the way down to her completely exposed milk buds followed the carriage’s shakes, trembling and rocking in the open air.


Huo Yikun silently gulped down his saliva, and in the next instant, his hands planted themselves onto her t*ts without the slightest hesitation, vigorously massaging them, as the two br*asts morphed under his palms’ pressure.

As expected, her age was too young, the fourth young lady’s t*ts could only fill half of his palms.

But, the feeling left on his hand was excellent. Her skin was smooth and soft, plump and perfectly round. If she was massaged often, then these milk buds would grow large and round in less than two to three years.

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Due to this question, Zhao Shuyu’s face immediately turned red, “Brother Huo, what are you asking this for?”


Huo Yikun’s eyes were flooded with red, bowing his head to seek Zhao Shuyu’s ear, a hand kneading Zhao Shuyu’s chest, while the other stealthily explored downwards.

“I have to ask more concise questions before I could treat the fourth young lady.”

Zhao Shuyu hesitated and replied in a soft voice, “Eldest brother would use his stick to bump against where Yu’er pees and defecates.”

“Did he bump against you again last night?”

Huo Yikun’s voice had already turned unreasonably husky, and as for the hand that secretly explored downwards, it stroked the undergarments below her skirt, going all the way up to the heat-emitting center of her legs.

Recalling how her eldest brother used his finger and tongue to pierce her last night, Zhao Shuyu’s little face flushed red, lightly biting her lip and chirping, “He did.”

“Is the fourth young lady comfortable?”

At this moment, Huo Yikun extended his tongue to lick Zhao Shuyu’s burning ears.

Zhao Shuyu’s ears were extremely sensitive, and after having been licked, her body trembled incessantly, her legs also couldn’t help but want to clamp and lightly rub together.

Right now, she was sitting on Butler Huo’s lap and her legs were also open, but when she wanted to close her legs, she suddenly discovered that an extra hand was between her legs for who knows how long.

When Huo Yikun saw Zhao Shuyu trying to dodge with her legs, he effortlessly lifted her small body slightly, allowing the hand under her skirt to pull her underwear away, bringing with it her thin indecent underwear.

It wasn’t enough to pull off her trousers between her legs, but he also pulled the thin white underwear away. Then, Huo Yikun’s legs parted Zhao Shuyu’s wide open, his hand quickly covering the center of Zhao Shuyu’s legs.


As expected, that hand became wet.

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